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No wasteful spending and just plane waste did not begin with U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan but it certainly continued. Apparently equipment was destroyed at the Kabul airport with withdrawal (SOME equipment). Much was left abandoned in fields throughout Afghanistan that had become old and parts unattainable, maintenance ignored. Billions of equipment was left for the Taliban to control……….operable equipment. Government just wants to admit that which was not operable. Waste did not begin during the withdrawal. A large complex was built and never used, costing billions. Another training facility basically melted away, poorly constructed……….but hell we only spent $500,000 on that one. Take a peak at the list of wasteful spending in the link below.


Here is a thought: Biden (well maybe not an incoherent Joe Biden) and the Pentagon had to know prior to the Afghan withdrawal that Putin was eyeing the Ukraine. All that military equipment left in Afghanistan could have been moved to the Ukraine, IF the U.S. and the Biden puppet masters were serious about helping the Ukrainians defend themselves. Some of that aid we are providing now could have been used to transport equipment from Afghanistan to the Ukraine and they’d be better equipped than they are now, possibly even prepared for a Putin invasion. BUT no………..we leave all our equipment in Afghanistan. We’ll just give the Ukraine some additional American tax dollars. The Pentagon and Biden administration are acting out a response, just a weak response. They know, they knew that the Ukraine was going to fall to Putin months ago. They don’t care. That is part of the act.

NATO and the U.S. are merely standing by like spectators. The real underlying plan is a movement towards globalism. Biden and his Left (Democratic Socialist Party) are globalists. Wasting millions of tax dollars watching it all play out.


The Scotsman.com

Above is a photo of the 40 mile long Russian convoy headed towards Kyiv.

The convoy has been stalled for whatever reason, who knows? Putin himself may not even truly know. From stories/rumors some Russian soldiers with no will to fight have walked away crossing back to return to Russia. I am sure a handful have, but I have my doubts that many have taken that route, as they would probably be met by Russian authorities and dealt with, hung or shot! Too, I have read where some Russian troops have punched holes in the vehicles fuel tanks……..again no will to fight.

What I see in this 40 mile convoy is an easy TARGET…….especially if it is stalled or moving slowly. If possible the Ukrainians, could gather and swarm the convoy…….overtake them with their numbers. That may not be practical……..how would you organize such a scheme at this point. My point is, they appear to be a sitting duck. Something doesn’t seem quite right with such a long convoy bunched together, especially one that stretches 40 miles. That doesn’t seem like good military strategy, having so many troops, equipment and weapons together; with little food and water. Why is no one attacking this convoy? It maybe because the Ukrainians don’t have the weapons to take on the weapons in the convoy. They are after all fighting alone. I’d say about 20-30 NATO bombers could wipe this entire Russian convoy out. But, NATO and the world are only giving the Ukrainians verbal support……….along with some weapons that are to little to late. The Ukraine needs help, actual military troop assistance from somewhere. The Ukrainians are finding out who their friends are……….they appear to have none. Ohhhh Joe Biden said “we stand whit the Ukraine!” Bull shit! Biden knows without military intervention from somewhere (NATO or the U.S. ) that the Ukraine has little chance. He should be cognitive enough to understand at least that. Putin is just Biden his time!

Not fighting the Russians in the Ukraine……..but maybe later?

So Jen Psaki, Biden’s mouth piece, reiterated that we (the U.S.) were not going into the Ukraine……that we were not going to fight the Russians! QUESTION: Then why did we send more troops to Europe? I know so we can support and build up the NATO forces to protect the Baltic states. So, if Putin decides to carry on further, with his RUSSIAN military, how do we avoid not fighting the Russians? Psaki said we do not want to fight the Russians. Are our troops just for show? Just to satisfy our NATO obligations. Are the American forces going to stand down if Russians show up and invade the Baltic states?

Be careful Jen on what you say today…….and then have to defend those words on another day!

On a sidebar: The U.S. has offered Pres. Zelenskyy safe passage out of the Ukraine. So, the Biden Administration has given Zelenskyy the opportunity to abandon his country. To offer that is an insult. Is that what Biden would do………flee? Yeah probably! Zelenskyy said he needed weapons not a ride! Good for you Mr. President!


Joe Biden, like everything else he has done believes he is doing a great job. Nancy Pelosi says he has done a wonderful job regarding the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Jen Psaki………same! But she has to! These are the delirious fools we have running our country.

Like a lot of other events in history, especially ours……we are going to find out there is much more to the Ukraine story than we know now, then we have been told. This invasion has been planned for years. All the signs of what Putin would eventually do were in front of us. He practically told us. It was no secret he was angered when so many territories of the USSR split off, what was left became Russia. Putin wants those territories back despite being independent nations, sovereign nations. Ukraine is the biggie!

Leadership in the U.S. is weak, weaker than ever. Putin’s time to follow through with his plan is in prime time. It isn’t just U.S. weak leadership, leadership is across the board internationally. Look at the U.K, look at Germany. Europe is afraid of Putin………not so much of him invading them. Their arms are tied too, when it comes to the Ukraine. Sanctions by Europe will not stop the oil flow from Russia to them. The sanctions aren’t full, but partial sanctions. Full sanctions take away all. Oil is huge. They are funding Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. But hey, it’s just the Ukraine really. We aren’t going to sacrifice for them! So the Ukraine find themselves alone. European countries (and the U.S)/NATO member countries will only help defend NATO countries. They wouldn’t let the Ukraine in, so they can’t/won’t go there. It really is the won’t answer………not can’t. Of course Russia did not want the Ukraine to be allowed to join NATO for this reason.

Here is the irony: NATO will protect NATO member nations. Russia belongs to the United Nations, a totally different organization/entity. Now the real irony; NATO wants to follow their guidelines. The United Nations will go through all the political BS, then do nothing. Russia has broken international laws. They invaded a sovereign nation while being unprovoked. They broke international law! Yet! The Ukraine is the victim, but no one is protecting them. NO ONE! Not the United Nations, not NATO, NO ONE. So who is to enforce international law? The Security Council of the United Nations is a worthless joke! Oh that is right……….Russia vetoed any action by the United Nations yesterday against the Russian invasion. Wow that was fair. Russia had a conflict of interest in this vote……….they should not have been allowed to participate in that vote. Good to know this though……….when the UN wants to send troops into the streets of the U.S. to help enforce martial law or whatever, we can just simply veto that action and put an end to that! However, LOL, our fools would probably vote in favor of it. It would probably be their idea. We are governed by the biggest fools in the history of the this country…….possibly the world. Suddenly they all want to play by the rules, except to enforce them on one breaking international law………..PUTIN! CHINA SEES THIS!

So we have Russia breaking the rules, the laws and no one wants to enforce international law! They will only do so, if and when it is convenient for them. The POWERS THAT BE THEY ARE NOT LEADERS………THEY ARE FOOLS!