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arlin report thought(s) of the day: john bolton …….. jealous walrus and the enemy within (the leaker)

Alex Wong/Getty Images

John Bolton is nothing more than one of the Washington D.C. Swamp members, with credibility issues. Not even the Democrats want him aligning with them, despite all his critical comments and “the book” on Trump’s administration. When you are black balled from the Swamp you have serious credibility issues. John Bolton has not improved on his CREDIBILITY stained image. I believe with the aired interview he had with Brett Baier he has only further exposed and expanded his credibility.

I watched most of the Bolton/Baier interview. Bolton continuously stated that every action made by Trump was only for the purpose of getting re-elected. (my opinion here): Doesn’t every first term president take action, that they believe is positive and would help get them re-elected? Why would any president do things that they know would get them voted out? Bolton’s comments were weak in nature, if not out right lies. Bolton stated “Trump never listened or took my advice.” So, Bolton felt that all of his advice should have been final, that ‘he had the final say’. Bolton with the warmonger reputation was obviously pissed that Trump didn’t take his advice. Bolton came across as a spoiled brat, wanting all the attention within the administration (National Security Adviser). Bolton was nothing more than a power sucker. When he didn’t get his way……..he became the leaker in the White House?

Brett Baier mentioned (in the interview) that Bolton has not had the confidence of many (including Collin Powell, George Bush), all having negative things to say about Bolton. Baier asked Bolton if there was anyone that had a positive opinion (to paraphrase) of him; he couldn’t come up with a single individual. Not one!

John Bolton’s credibility is shot, and he shot himself with a cannon. If you like fiction, buy Bolton’s book………..’The Room It Happened In’. The room Bolton was stifled in?