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arlin report thought of the day: lewandowski not intimidated by nadler’s lynch mob

First I would like to say, Corey Lewandowski should never have been called before this House Judiciary Committee “hearing” for impeaching Trump over Russian collusion and obstruction. The Mueller report’s final outcome was there was no collusion or obstruction. Mueller was the Democrat’s man to rid Trump once and for all. He (they) fell short of their highly anticipated agenda, which is still lingering because they can not accept HILLARY FREAKING LOST. Lewandowski went before Congress previously, was interviewed by Mueller (team Mueller’s band of Democrats). Still no collusion or obstruction.

So Lewandowski once again gets dragged in before this Democratic stage show/lynch mob. Once again, as we often see, Dems on the committee gave their ranting speeches, campaign like speeches. Lewandowski was not intimidated. In fact Corey slipped in a few of his own questions and comments, some unsolicited by the Committee. The Democrats were outraged. Their behavior was more unacceptable than the behavior of the witness (Mr. Lewandowski). They couldn’t handle some of his answers, occasional non-answers, I can’t recalls and it’s in the Mueller report responses. At one time one of the Committee members ask Lewandowski if he was Trump’s “hit man, bag man and lookout”! Lewandowski’s response “I think I am the good looking man actually”.

So Nadler, at the suggestion of a couple of his Democratic members will consider holding Lewandowski in “CONTEMPT”. Nadler stated Lewandowski was obstructive (that he was aiding Trump’s obstruction) due to his behavior before the Committee. NADLER, READ THE MUELLER REPORT, THERE WAS NO OBSTRUCTION. Lewandowski can not be charged for obstruction (or CONTEMPT).

No obstruction was concluded from Mueller’s report. Nadler initiates this bogus hearing to further prolong their (his) attack on Trump for OBSTRUCTION. Now he wants to pile on the obstruction charges through another victim (Lewandowski) over a situation that was FROM THE VERY BEGINNING INITIATED BY HILLARY CLINTON, THE DNC AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. This is a play they produced, directed, orchestrated and funded from the very beginning and it started the day Donald Trump and Melania came down the escalator.

Corey Lewandowski, for what it is worth you have my respect and support; run for the Senate! Corey Lewandowski was/is not afraid of the power thirsty Congressional members and can not be intimidated. There was nothing wrong with being combative towards this Congressional farce that Lewandowski was tossed before.

What I witnessed yesterday watching this Nadler Circus was political corruption right before the eyes of the American public. We saw the Deep State at work. Nadler’s conduct, control and out-of-control moments from a stage show that should never have been given bill board attention was a comedy show. A pathetically written show that should be cancelled!



Mueller couldn’t (and did not) give the Democrats and the Main Stream Media what they wanted.  They could not create anything believable or provable the frame President Trump.  There will be no indictments against Trump, his family, his administration or anyone associated with him over the FAKE RUSSIAN COLLUSION BS.

Dems and especially Hillary and Obama should have some explaining to do.   Hillary paid for a fake dossier to frame Trump because she and the Dems, along with her co-conspirators, (that cost WE THE PEOPLE millions (30 to 40 million) in tax dollars) refused to accept the 2016 election.  Include the liberal media as a co-conspirator.

For 2 years the media and Democrats have been claiming that Robert Mueller was their man, the man who will find out the truth.  He was what they wanted.   He would be the guy to get Trump out of the Oval Office once and for all.  Now that the outcome does not favor what they “SET-UP” they want to subpoena Mueller.  They must believe he is holding something back, that he knows something.  Truth is, there was nothing there, never was.  The Democrats are demanding that Mueller’s report be made public.  I guess they think by doing that they’ll find out something Mueller missed or is passing on.  They are not accepting (once again) an outcome.  The irony, the Dems accepted Comey’s no indictment against Hillary’s announcement, even with evidence under his crooked nose; but now refuse to accept the Mueller report.

So, idiots like Adam Schiff (Schiffy boy) want to continue to waste our dollars with more hearings and investigation on something already investigated for nearly 2 years.   Schiff will spend his remaining years on earth chasing Donald Trump.

Now the Democrats shift their hopes, with prayers that New York can find something to nail Trump on.   Like everything else, they keep getting Trumped.

Final thought:   The Democratic National Committee should repay the 30-40 million dollars wasted in this fake investigation by their selected special investigator that was from the start a LIE.

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Testify before Congress – just plead the 5th

Getting prosecuted for lying to Congress, depends on WHO you are.  Why take the chance, do as liberal Dems do, plead the 5th.   Unless you are testifying against Trump, you likely won’t be charged for perjury.   We’ve seen this time after time.

Plead the 5th to avoid a trap.

It now appears that the crimes Mueller is chasing are crimes his investigation created.   Lying, only lying.  What color shirt did you wear yesterday, answer “Blue”.   No…..wrong answer you wore “Red”.  You are now being charged for lying to Congress or “Special Counsel” (very special).  That is your crime.

Clinton and Obama run free, they apparently exemption to lying.

Big freaking deal, a real estate proposal that was “REJECTED” between Trump and Moscow (prior to 2016 election).  This is what Cohen lied about?  BIG DEAL.  Hey, but they got another lying guilty plea.

Mueller, simply looking for a trail to get Trump.   All roads turn somewhere else.

Uranium to Russia, during Obama/Hillary administration………no harm here.

The only connection between Trump and Russia……..a rejected real estate proposal (prior to election).  BIG FREAKING DEAL!