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The DNC should pay for the Mueller Report, the investigation, wasted government time.  DNC good at burning time, burning YOUR MONEY.   Why?  Because they are too stupid to do anything else, anything productive or what they were sent to DC to do in the first place.



Little Adam Schiff is only a fraction of the problem. But he needs to be lifted from his seat.

So now the Democrats have another outcome they will not accept.  This really shows their inability to understand reality.  One name Adam Schiff, now you know what we are talking about here; the single-mindedness, can’t chew gum and walk at the same time Adam Schiff.

Democrats are crying foul over the Mueller Report, even so much as claiming there must be a conspiracy and that Attorney General Barr is covering-up the special counsel’s report on Russian Collusion.   See, the Democrats can not accept the truth and will cry corrupt play, because this is how THEY think.   That is something they would engage in and have, look at the fake dossier, look at the DOJ and FBI during Obama’s administration. Lies, lies and more lies.   So, who covered up?   Hillary is notorious!

Corruption, cover-up conspiracies are business as usual for Democrats, so everybody else must do it too.  These cats have gotten away with it for so long they no longer even attempt to hide it.  Its time all perpetrators of illegal activity in D.C. are held accountable and prosecuted.   Interfering with an investigation or prosecution should be included, don’t you think Mrs. Obama?



Mueller couldn’t (and did not) give the Democrats and the Main Stream Media what they wanted.  They could not create anything believable or provable the frame President Trump.  There will be no indictments against Trump, his family, his administration or anyone associated with him over the FAKE RUSSIAN COLLUSION BS.

Dems and especially Hillary and Obama should have some explaining to do.   Hillary paid for a fake dossier to frame Trump because she and the Dems, along with her co-conspirators, (that cost WE THE PEOPLE millions (30 to 40 million) in tax dollars) refused to accept the 2016 election.  Include the liberal media as a co-conspirator.

For 2 years the media and Democrats have been claiming that Robert Mueller was their man, the man who will find out the truth.  He was what they wanted.   He would be the guy to get Trump out of the Oval Office once and for all.  Now that the outcome does not favor what they “SET-UP” they want to subpoena Mueller.  They must believe he is holding something back, that he knows something.  Truth is, there was nothing there, never was.  The Democrats are demanding that Mueller’s report be made public.  I guess they think by doing that they’ll find out something Mueller missed or is passing on.  They are not accepting (once again) an outcome.  The irony, the Dems accepted Comey’s no indictment against Hillary’s announcement, even with evidence under his crooked nose; but now refuse to accept the Mueller report.

So, idiots like Adam Schiff (Schiffy boy) want to continue to waste our dollars with more hearings and investigation on something already investigated for nearly 2 years.   Schiff will spend his remaining years on earth chasing Donald Trump.

Now the Democrats shift their hopes, with prayers that New York can find something to nail Trump on.   Like everything else, they keep getting Trumped.

Final thought:   The Democratic National Committee should repay the 30-40 million dollars wasted in this fake investigation by their selected special investigator that was from the start a LIE.