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Most Americans could care less that Will Smith bitch slapped Chris Rock. I certainly don’t! It has nothing to do with me putting food on the table, cleaning out my closet or picking up my heart prescriptions from the pharmacy. Quite honestly, I would never have known about this celebrity jackass moment if it weren’t for the Main Stream Media. They turned it into an international incident. And, they turned it into a political issue, as only the media can. Privilege? Guess what? It isn’t white privilege. Not really even black privilege, but ELITE PRIVILEGE. I am not going to get into that debate though! As I said, I could care less!

I don’t watch the Oscars anymore (or any other awards programs), haven’t for years. I could care less! I have enough fakeness and BS just watching and listening to our government, all houses and departments/agencies. We get more acting and fiction we need from them!

All that said, the MSM made sure I saw what THEY felt I needed to see, that was absolutely essential to my daily living routine, to take me away from all that government domestic and international BS. Should I thank them for taking me away? NO! Somehow CNN and MSNBC AND YES EVEN FOX wants me to be more concerned and educated on Smith and Rock than on Hunter Biden’s filthy and crime infected laptop! Lets have that highly elected officials PRIVELGE talk! Hunter most likely will not get anything more than a slap on his shaky wrist, no jail time because he is being grossly protected. And JOE? LOL, are you kidding? We don’t hold people in Washington accountable for anything! Only those that they accuse of an insurrection, that wasn’t even trespassing. You don’t trespass within your own house/building. The Capitol belongs to THE PEOPLE, not just the elected officials that smear the system. But according to Nancy Pelosi, We the People from our general and common folks population (peons) have no business there!

There is enough crime that needs to be investigated, PROSECUTED to last an eternity, if only we had honest people in WASHINGTON to carry it out! Hollywood can slap each other around all they want! I could care less!

Arlin Report thought(s) of the day: deadly attacks are hand picked by media

Why is it, whenever we go through these periods of debates, finger pointing and particularly threats on gun control………gun violence seems to ignite. 10 dead in Boulder, and days ago the killing at the massage parlor, and who knows about elsewhere unreported by MSM, who only show interests when they can create a spark. Most killings (non-gun) across the country don’t have enough appeal for the media. They won’t report the death beating of a baby in St. Louis, just not as sexy enough (extreme sarcasm on my part). You can’t confiscate everyone’s fists (or hands) like you can their guns. I remember many years ago a man in Arizona ran around for days with the head of another man’s head in his rear window of his car before he was finally picked up. Not one word of this maniac on the news. There always needs to something to the store that will stir you up, it must be something that can be used POLITICALLY to be of any interests.

perfect example of dumbing down of our educational system to create a mad max world

Gump had it right…….”Stupid is as stupid does”. If you had any American History classes at all, you wouldn’t have to asked this question.

The war ended………. over a century and a half ago. There is not a “Confederacy” to preserve. There is however, an educational system of the history of the Confederacy to preserve. Those who think they can delete history by pulling down and defacing monuments are advocates and terrorists of destruction of a nation. Not even these socialists can do away with history. They just think they can. It really isn’t about preserving………it is about destroying a nation and replacing it with chaotic socialism; a Mad Max world.


we never heard of this on msm

Why not? Because it involved just an Indian, a native American?

There were no protests! So there was no rioting. The neighborhood’s Target or Auto Zone stores were not looted and burned down. Oh there probably was no Target or Auto Zone nearby. Maybe just a local tavern. Nothing big here! There was no Main Stream Media present with cameras to spark a flame.

Don’t feed me this: “We’re protesting in Minneapolis because this is happening throughout our country.” Bull Dung! Your protesting in Minneapolis because the cameras are bigger!


CoronApocalypse — The Kin of Aries

by The Kin of Aries A plague has been unleashed on the world. Is it by the hand of fate, the wrath of God, or human treachery unmatched in the darkest annals of the past? If we look beyond the Matrix-screens of the mainstream media (MSM) we find a consensus of informed opinion that the […]

CoronApocalypse — The Kin of Aries

MAKING AMERICA SAFE AGAIN: Coronavirus Timeline Shows Mainstream Media & W.H.O. Endangered Lives, As President Trump Has Proven To Be Spot On In Protecting Our Nation & Americans — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Evans News Report: By: Brian Evans As the Pro-establishment Mainstream Media continue to try to politicize the Covid-19 Coronavirus to hurt the President by accusing him of mishandling the pandemic, all evidence proves quite the opposite! In fact, the Trump campaign released the timeline of events, which show how their early engagement…

MAKING AMERICA SAFE AGAIN: Coronavirus Timeline Shows Mainstream Media & W.H.O. Endangered Lives, As President Trump Has Proven To Be Spot On In Protecting Our Nation & Americans — kommonsentsjane