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hunter biden email from burisma to introduce daddy authenticated


Proof Joe Biden lied about “I never spoke to my son about his business!”

And he got rich from Burisma and CHINA, and Moscow mayor’s wife (3.5 million). JOE BIDEN IS A CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIAN!

Joe Biden and the Democrats (especially lying Adam Schiff), have a really big problem, that try as hard as they might, will not make this go away. It started out just as a question as how Hunter got on the board of Burisma without any experience? Trump mentioned this during his impeachment. NOW…….. it has grown into something much bigger, probably bigger than even Trump suspected. It has gone to millions for the Biden’s (now we know as the Biden Crime Family), from Russia and from China. Talk about being compromised…….set up for blackmail. How do we know he hasn’t already been blackmailed? And with the filth that has been found on the laptop (from the one he left behind), we know inappropriate activity runs between father and son alike.

It makes me sick to think there are people willing to ignore all this about the Biden’s and have no problem casting a vote for a corrupt career politician for the highest office in the world. Hate for Donald Trump is greater than any disdain for treasonous Joe Biden.

BREAKING NEWS: Here’s Why the Mayor of Moscow’s Wife Paid Hunter Biden $3.5 Million… And Likely More! — The Gateway Pundit

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Hunter Biden, Yelena Baturina

According to US treasury documents provided by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees, Hunter Biden was paid $3.5 million from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife.

The report by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees was released last month and it was devastating.

Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Yelena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

Until today we didn’t know why Yelena Baturina paid Hunter millions of dollars.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec has the answer.

Jack Posobiec met up with Matthew Tyrmand, the investigative reporter who had received a tranche of emails from Hunter Biden’s associate, Bevan Cooney.

According to emails and documents, Yelena Baturina laundered funds into the US in avoidance of sanctions, Devon Archer claimed the firm received $200 million.

Emails provided by Matthew Tyrmand come directly from Hunter associate’s Gmail account. They are…

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joe and hunter biden international business (scam) partners

What did they sell the Ukraine, China and Moscow (Russia)? Joe had to give them something for all that money that Hunter received and then floated a chunk down to daddy! This won’t go anywhere……..this is how business has been done in D.C., it’s the Swamp. If the curtains came down on the Bidens’; Joe would pull the rug out from under all those swamp rats. They scratch each others back, what ever it takes to carry on. They just pray Trump will be gone soon.



The congressional elect’s like Adam Schiff have no clue about what their responsibilities are; investigate, investigate, INVESTIGATE!

All Adam Schiff has ever done, is show up and vote along party lines………. essentially play “follow the leader”.

Schiff does like the camera, but will still repeat and repeat what his brothers and sisters from the Left say and use language predetermined like “MANUFACTURED”!

If Schiff were actually in a position where he could do some good, he’d still be a little slivering, belly crawling snake!  Picture Adam as an EMT, he’d be an ambulance chasing (“please let me drive”) every little accident, every little fender bender.  Hell, he’d be right there for little Nancy every time she fell over on her tricycle.

And, finally getting to it, lying to Congress?!?  He wants to continue to investigate the Trump Tower proposal in Moscow because he is praying Cohen lied to Congress.   Schiff is obsessed with getting Trump out of office.   That folks, is the only thing Schiff has occupied his time with on The Hill since Trump took office.  Possibly because Schiff’s fellow Leftist Democrats know he is incapable of anything else (and he is not capable of achieving this either).  So, Adam is first up every time there is a false or unproven story where more mud can be slung at the President.  On that subject of lying, especially lying to Congress, lets see, Hillary rings a loud bell!  Every time Hillary opens her mouth a lie comes out, and she most certainly has lied to Congress.   Where was Adam?  Oh yeah, kept his mouth shut to protect his presidential hopeful.  The “I don’t recall” response, is in itself a freaking lie.  At least take the 5th, but saying “I don’t recall” is a lie.  Nobody cares that Hillary and Comey lied to Congress.  But, little Adam Schiff will continue screaming about Cohen lying (at the direction of Trump) and chase that narrative like a dog chasing its tail; at tax payer expense.  Schiff will disregard anything from Mueller’s tag team unless it finally can support impeachment proceedings.  Schiff is looking for Santa to fall down the chimney with his every wish.

Schiff’s pants haven’t dried ever since he heard that false story about Trump directing Cohen to lie to Congress.  It made watching Adam get off the bus so much more fun to watch though.

Testify before Congress – just plead the 5th

Getting prosecuted for lying to Congress, depends on WHO you are.  Why take the chance, do as liberal Dems do, plead the 5th.   Unless you are testifying against Trump, you likely won’t be charged for perjury.   We’ve seen this time after time.

Plead the 5th to avoid a trap.

It now appears that the crimes Mueller is chasing are crimes his investigation created.   Lying, only lying.  What color shirt did you wear yesterday, answer “Blue”.   No…..wrong answer you wore “Red”.  You are now being charged for lying to Congress or “Special Counsel” (very special).  That is your crime.

Clinton and Obama run free, they apparently exemption to lying.

Big freaking deal, a real estate proposal that was “REJECTED” between Trump and Moscow (prior to 2016 election).  This is what Cohen lied about?  BIG DEAL.  Hey, but they got another lying guilty plea.

Mueller, simply looking for a trail to get Trump.   All roads turn somewhere else.

Uranium to Russia, during Obama/Hillary administration………no harm here.

The only connection between Trump and Russia……..a rejected real estate proposal (prior to election).  BIG FREAKING DEAL!

Thousands evacuated after bomb threats in Moscow — Brittius

Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: AFP © AFP | Passengers wait in front of the closed doors of the Yaroslavsky railway terminal in Moscow on September 13, 2017 MOSCOW (AFP) – More than 15,000 people were evacuated Wednesday from several shopping centres, universities and train stations in Moscow after a series of bomb threats, Russian media…

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