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Get off the road stupid!


Armadillos have been seen in Missouri, most notably in the 1970s in the southern part of the state having found their way from Texas and Oklahoma.   Over the past 10 years they have roamed further north into central Missouri, south of the Missouri River.   Their population is on the rise.   However, you’ll most likely find this shelled possum like creature with the ringed tail, dead on the highways.

Armadillos follow the interstates, highways and county roads.   They are not the smartest of animals.   The odds of being road kill increases, as the Armadillo jumps when it is startled, into the path or underneath a vehicle.

That said the population continues to rise in Missouri.   Just this past Sunday, on a fifty mile drive to a golf course, we counted 4 armadillos dead on the side of the road.   On a normal road trip, maybe we have seen one in the past……..   As the population is rising, so are the number of “found on road dead”.  It’s not a pretty sight.   It looks like something somewhere between a turtle and a possum…….hit’n-run!

They are interesting animals, and I’d like to see some actually “staying alive”.    Just stay the hell out of my yard.



042917 Flooding 1
Near Neosho, Missouri



Spring’s continuous, heavy rainfall in Missouri means flooding, severe flooding.  It has rained (poured in many areas) for several days, and will continue on Sunday (April 30, 2017).  It looks like we may get a break on Monday and Tuesday, but then the wet stuff returns on Wednesday and Thursday.   Hopefully the forecasters get it wrong.

Missouri has a history of flooding throughout the entire state.   With so many rivers running through Missouri, flooding is inevitable and a way of life for many.   Flooding has affected almost all of us during our lives at one time or another, if not directly with friends and family.   To give you an idea of the number of rivers that flow through our state here is a river map.

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I lived in a flood plain for several years, stayed awake during heavy rain, never got flooded, though it had in the past (before we bought the house).    We sold the house then moved to higher ground.    That house is no longer there…….. government bought it out, its vacant lot, or a little park now.   Currently live in St. Charles/St. Peters area, just a few minutes from the Missouri River.   Went to Hollywood Casino tonight; right near the Missouri River, crossed a couple of bridges to get there, the river is up and rising.

At this moment there are areas experiencing flooding, other areas they know its coming in the next day or two………roads and highways (interstates included) are closing.   Property will be damaged, repairable for the most part; but lives will be lost….

We’ll survive, we always do!




Nope its Missouri!     Yesterday the high in the St. Louis/St. Charles, MO area was 72.5 degrees.   Today’s high around 43 degrees.   Saturday, snow expected.   Expected?   That is a somewhat calculated guess in these here parts as we might say.   Expected…….but not definite.   Nothing is definite weather wise anywhere, but it holds especially true in “these here parts” known as Missouri.

Looks like 40 degree highs and high twenty degree lows have been calculated for early next week……then a gradual creep-up the temperature gauge during the middle of the week.   Next Sunday……..not this week-end but next week-end (don’t get excited) but we are back to “around” 72 degrees again.   The key here for you all with allergies, the gradual climb up may be a bit easier on you than it has been.

Doctor offices have an influx of people coming in with what they think are colds and even the flu………even sore throats; but its allergies in many cases and the up and down temps only makes it worse.   One day its 70 and the next day its in the 40s……other than changing coat or jacket thickness all the time, it messes with your senses.   So bundle up today………though in the middle of January we don’t complain about 43 degrees, feels good even; stay warm ……tomorrows another day; Spring is near.

Have a great day y’all!

Political user; not a friend! Claire McCaskill



How do you call someone you don’t support a friend.  That isn’t the kind of friend I want; certainly wouldn’t call them a friend and then toss them aside or under the political bus.  Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has called Senator (now Attorney General) Jeff Sessions a friend, someone she could and has worked with across the isles of the senate.   Apparently sticking with the Democratic Party ties is more important.   Sessions is a great guy when Claire gets what she wants from him, support of one her potential bills or programs….but when it comes to everything anti-Trump and the will of the Democrats; the worm crawls away.

I have never voted for Claire McCaskill, but then she is a Democrat, and never will. I’ve always seen through her, she usually sides with the side she believes is the majority, or as in then case if her party is heavily voting one direction; she will follow the path.  She is your typical two-faced politician.  She’s from Missouri, but does not carry Missouri character or back bone.  She is a nice lady in public…..but she’d stab you in the back.



Winters in Missouri are not as cold as they were when I grew up.   No, this isn’t about climate change.   I believe climates changing, temp wise anyway runs in cycles over centuries.   I am not scientifically  wise enough to begin to explain it.

It seldom gets down into single digits let alone minus degrees here.   This morning was the coldest day of the year in St. Charles/St. Louis MO.   Yesterday led up to today.  Of all days…..our furnace malfunctions.   I don’t think its the thermostat.   The house temp yesterday never got above 64.  The furnace was on then off, on then off…….then OFF!   We had a similar problem last year with the ignition switch.  The repair man will be there today, before noon.

Through the evening the temp gradually dropped a degree about every half hour.   I tried to calculate how cold it would get by the time I got up in the morning……6:00 AM.  My prediction was 50 degrees.   I checked it when I got up, wearing my sweats…….which I slept in; it was a whopping 53 degrees.    Hey, if I’m outdoors this time of year, that’s beautiful.

I woke up  occasionally in the middle of the night…..fairly comfortable but thinking, you lucky ass, you could be homeless.   Don’t complain!

By the time I get home this evening hopefully the house will be a toasty 69 degrees.

Baby its cold outside………this morning the outside temp read a frigid 18 degrees, but rising.  I think it is supposed to get up into the 30s today….mid to upper.

Stay warm!


Missouri is one of the states using SMARTMATICS voting machines.   SMARTMATICS is now owned by George Soros.   George Soros has stated it is his life goal to destroy the United States.  Voters, ask for a paper ballot.   It is Federal law that a paper ballot must be provided if requested by the voters.  Do not trust the Soros voting machines.

Soros funded much of the violence in Ferguson, Dallas and since, other places.   In an interview Soros recently stated that Donald Trump would win the popular vote by a landslide; but it won’t matter, Hillary Clinton will receive the Electoral College votes for President.  He also stated the Electoral College has been bribed to cast their votes in favor of Clinton; with Soros money.   If they are bribed, and I am not saying they are or they are not; whether you cast your vote via paper ballot or the Soros machine, it wouldn’t matter.



Leaving today, headed for Clearwater, FL for a half day of deep sea fishing on Friday with my oldest son and grandson.  So, I won’t have many posts for the next few days.   Stop applauding!

This will be a new experience for the three of us.  Hopefully the weather holds up, looks like it might.   Florida is like Missouri, the weather changes from one minute to the next.

I’m sure I’ll have a story or two to share when we return; we’ll be right in the middle of spring break.   Hope my son and grandson can behave themselves.  I’ll show them the way.  🙂



I’ve been watching the body language and facial expressions of the 2016 presidential candidates with the exception of Hillary Clinton.    I can’t stomach looking at this corrupt, treasonous Democratic favorite daughter.  If the FBI and DOJ do their jobs the only path for Hillary should be a jail cell.

Enough about the Benghazi Witch, for now.

Body language, facial expression and unusual sounds from the mouth of Ted Cruz:   Often after Ted Cruz makes a statement, he gives us this smirky grin, sometimes with a puff of breath.  Its kind of a “take that you idiots………they’re buying my bull shit” moment.   He is snake like, sneaky; sometimes reminds me of a rat or weasel.   Not exactly reptiles and rodents you want in your back yard.  If you live in Karl Rove’s Redneck Missouri, you don’t want them preying around your hen house or barn.  Yes Redneck, Rove’s words, we’re not just a state where Ferguson is located.

There is something very unsettling about Cruz, maybe that is why he has so many enemies on both sides of the aisle; few if any political allies.  To be frank, I don’t trust him.  I am not sure I have seen anyone twist facts about others to make them appear like lies better than Cruz, then you get the smirk.   That’s what snakes do, remember the one in the Garden of Eden?   Don’t trust the snake.



Dictionary definition of a REDNECK:  a white person who lives in a small town or in the country especially in the southern U.S., who typically has a working-class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive.

Karl Rove is a frequent guest on Fox News, especially during the campaign year.    While they were waiting for the Missouri late results to come in, the discussion was about the tight race between Trump and Cruz.  Rove mentioned all the precincts in and around Springfield (territory favoring Cruz) were in, and that St. Louis, which probably favored Trump, was still out; but not before referring to Missouri as “in Redneck Missouri”.

Karl Rove is and has for quite a long time been a part of the Washington Establishment, the same Establishment that Trump and Trump supporters are fighting.   St. Louis, Kansas City and other smaller cities throughout our state have a sizable population of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and even Muslims. So don’t refer to our state as Redneck.   Now there are, in fact I know there are sections of our great state where the Redneck term may be somewhat accurate; you may even find some hillbillies (country mountain people).

We have our share of white collar and blue collar working class, hardly uneducated.   We are definitely opinionated and yes at times our attitudes may be offensive; especially to a Washington Establishment from both parties that attended schools of higher education.  That didn’t make you smart, because the likes of you and all the other career politicians elected to do something….. have done nothing, except scam the American people.   You all have furthered our education and we are wising up.   The party all you elite brats in D.C. have enjoyed for years is coming to an end; and it will be the Rednecks, Hillbillies and middle class low lifes you ridicule that will end it.

What really scares you, the Establishment Republicans and the Democrats; we have raised our voices and going to the polls.   Your preferred choices aren’t just being given a free pass.   The possible outcome frightens you.   Its no ones turn, no one is entitled……..We the People will decide.

The Democratic voter numbers are down, the ones that do cast a ballot, have only a socialist and a corrupt former senator and Secretary of State as their choice.   Republican numbers are way up, some Democrat and Independents have crossed over.

Getting back to Rove, and his Redneck Missouri reference:   The media, their news shows and guests are as about as smart and offensive as all the candidates during this campaign and primary season have been.   One can not survive without the other…….. they feed off one another.  Rove, go back to school, reference the dictionary before you shoot your mouth off.  The link below may get you started.  You can’t get away with it, your not Donald Trump.

These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Missouri

Some of these towns, Branson in particular, we prefer the term Hillbilly.