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I’m sorry — The way I see things …

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I’m sorry — The way I see things …

what doesn’t matter! arlin report thought(s) of the day

What really doesn’t matter? You don’t. You really do, but you don’t matter to the government or the Biden Administration. All they want is your money. Oh they disguise it by giving you a stimulus check now and then. How many have you received in a lifetime? A lifetime of paying taxes? After sending out checks, Biden tells us we must pay higher taxes…………for infrastructure. Only about 5% goes to infrastructure. Then he gives infrastructure additional definitions to make it appear to cover more……..infrastructure. See, this is Joe Biden being Joe Biden. He has always been about deceit. I am not making this up! Plagiarism! He has been caught several times. If the current……..joke of an administration cared about Americans, cared about ridding COVID-19, why would he open the border to allow infected South Americans in? It is like they want this pandemic/panic BS to continue on for………..forever it seems! Common sense! Now you understand why Biden criticized Trump when Trump shut down flights from China early on. China Joe didn’t want his buddies being cutoff from entering the U.S. We already know China owns Biden!

People are counting the days the border czar, Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border since being put in charge! I believe it is around 20 days now. What does it matter? She can go there, take a look, take some pictures, shake some hands, talk to the babies, eat a few tacos, giggle with the illegals, BUT, at the end of the day………she will do absolutely NOTHING about the crisis. They have no intention of doing anything. What is happening is exactly what they wanted to happen.

I imagine Kamala would rather spend most of her time in the coming days getting rioters from Minneapolis out of jail. Oh wait! Do they have a no bail policy in MN now? Speaking of police and prisons, the idiot Rep. Tlaib (I don’t know if I am even spelling her name correctly, if I had any respect for her I’d Google it to check, but frankly I don’t care, you know who I am speaking of) wants to do away with police and prisons. So, if we do what this moron suggests, who does she call the next time there is an INSURRECTION at the Capitol? Or who does she call if she gets mugged or robbed! I don’t know! NOBODY! Careful, you may get what you ask for. If she is in need, maybe the cops just let her be, let her experience what it would really be like without them. ‘Oh officer that man just stole my purse……..my bag (whatever she carries), get him. ‘ Ummmm! Sorry can’t help you! You don’t want us to exist……….REMEMBER?

It is simply amazing, but pathetic we elect people as stupid as Rep. Tlaib. Understand though……..where she comes from: a third world country, and it is a goal of hers to turn the U.S. into one as well. You have someone like this who supposedly came to this country for all it’s opportunities, for a better life, religious freedom, etc., etc. etc. ! When they have it, they want to destroy it! Do you think, she would get away with saying some of the things in her homeland she does here? Not a chance, she would have little to no voice………she’d be stoned or beheaded there! Those countries are about constant chaos. We’re there!!

Have a wonderful day!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: this is what attacks on our nation looks like……from two different enemies

9/11 a foreign hate group……..under radical Islam. Today from Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and spreading from an enemy within, brainwashed Americans. Tell me again we are not in a civil war! Peaceful protesters don’t destroy and kill. Until those that love America stand-up to those that hate America this will continue and only get worse. We need to put an end to this now, and with WHATEVER it takes.


Videos of alleged Antifa members instigating violence go viral on social media | LifeZette — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Truth2Freedom’s Blog: As nationwide protests combined with violence continued across America in the wake of the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, many observers have caught on video what appears to be members of the far-left extremist group Antifa (anti-fascist) instigating the mayhem. A…

Videos of alleged Antifa members instigating violence go viral on social media | LifeZette — kommonsentsjane

tearing it back down after building it back up. nothing learned, nothing gained in ferguson or across america

Some protesters watch as other protesters and police exchange lobs of fireworks and smoke grenades across South Florissant Road Saturday night May 30, 2020.

Businesses trashed, burned, jobs that were alive during a virus pandemic are now gone. This isn’t 2014 Ferguson, this is 2020 Ferguson. The questions are the same! The answers are the same. The rhetoric has not changed, we hear the same discussions. In reality NOTHING has been learned, nothing has been gained. We continue on a down hill spiral.

Ferguson set the blueprint for protesting and spinning it to rioting 6 years ago, and these protesting/rioting groups (Antifa and BLM) learned well. We see it in Minneapolis, New York, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Seattle, St. Louis…………nearly all the big cities across America.

I have been slow to blame Democrats for the destruction, the idea that Democrats want to tear down America……..lead it to a 3rd world country. But, I was awake at 1:30 to 2:00 AM Central Time last evening (actually early morning), that is 2:30 to 3:00 AM Eastern Time/NEW YORK TIME. America’s largest police force was NOWHERE to be seen while looters (criminal thugs) were going into and back out of Chanel and other businesses carrying merchandise after breaking out (vandalizing) windows. They weren’t even rushing to get away, they could not have been more casual. It is as if they knew the cops weren’t coming. They were right, they never did. The thugs, which included blacks, whites and Asians gleefully stole the night away. Where was this bragging ass mayor of New York (De Blasio), bailing his daughter out of jail perhaps? She was arrested on Sunday during the protests/violence. It isn’t just/all outsiders to blame. I guess the good mayor was going around asking people to coronavirus mask on! He was more concerned of that than saving businesses. By the way, the businesses were an easier mark because most were still closed due to the virus. It was De Blasio and the greatest police force in the world’s responsibility to protect these businesses. They did not, there was little to no attempt. Maybe there is something to the Democratic Party standing by planning, watching and praying for destruction of our cities and country.


Obama started all of this division in the U.S. and now is giving us this “sad sack” story. Until AG Barr puts him in jail for the coup, nothing will be right in this country. He is the instigator, plain and simple. All of this was staged after Biden make that statement “if you don’t […]


we never heard of this on msm

Why not? Because it involved just an Indian, a native American?

There were no protests! So there was no rioting. The neighborhood’s Target or Auto Zone stores were not looted and burned down. Oh there probably was no Target or Auto Zone nearby. Maybe just a local tavern. Nothing big here! There was no Main Stream Media present with cameras to spark a flame.

Don’t feed me this: “We’re protesting in Minneapolis because this is happening throughout our country.” Bull Dung! Your protesting in Minneapolis because the cameras are bigger!


arlin report thought(s) of the day: george floyd surrendered!!!

Is the chaos we are now seeing in Minneapolis part of the NEW WORLD ORDER? Chaos with no justice.


I don’t condone what George Floyd may have done to get himself arrested. But he wasn’t arrested was he??!!!!! I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. Above is a new video I just viewed. It is now the 2nd video I have seen. My question is what aren’t we seeing? There are gaps from the time he got out of his car, the time he was cuffed on the sidewalk and lifted up and moved to the police car. There are gaps! What is happening in those gaps? However, when he was cuffed, and the 3 police officers were holding him down, one with his knee pressing his neck against the street pavement; Floyd was pleading with them he could not breathe. He (Floyd) had surrendered. Why didn’t the three pull him up and put him in the police car? Why?

I am also hearing statements, rumors Floyd died of a heart attack at the hospital. People are now trying to say the pressure placed on Floyd’s neck by the cop did not kill Floyd; he died of a heart attack. BULL! If Floyd had any heart trouble, then this pressure, this act that brought on panic……..may have absolutely triggered the heart attack. Who brought on the panic? His fear of being choked to death! The man had surrendered!! There were 4 cops there……….3 kneeling on him and a 4th standing by watching. You can not tell me 4 cops aren’t capable of pulling him to his feet and putting him in the car. If they aren’t they shouldn’t have been cops!

Now, all that being said, if, George Floyd were a law abiding citizen he would not have been in is this situation. NO THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE COPS! People break the law. Some crimes are not violent. From what I understand Floyd was not suspected of a violent crime. The cops appear to be the ones being violent. But, we haven’t seen the entire episode. There are those gaps. Whatever happened in those gaps, if it ever comes in focus could only make things worse for the cops. Will we ever know?