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Another Migrant Caravan Leaves Honduras En Route to US Border — The Gateway Pundit

And what is Kamala Harris doing about it? NOTHING! This is the destruction of America! This is by the Left’s design. Turn America into a 3rd world country. How do you do that? By allowing people from 3rd world countries that watched their nation sink to the bottom and they come here to spread their expertise on destruction.

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migrant caravan; stock photo

Another caravan of migrants set off in Honduras this weekend en route to the United States border.

Hundreds of Hondurans and Nicaraguans left San Pedro Sula on Saturday and a smaller caravan departed the region Sunday morning.


Hundreds of Hondurans and Nicaraguans on Saturday left the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula to march toward the United States, the first such migrant caravan to be formed this year in Central America.

The caravan set off days before leftist President-elect Xiomara Castro takes office in Honduras on Jan. 27. She has vowed to revive the economy and combat corruption that stokes waves of mass migration to the United States.

The migrants, mostly young people carrying backpacks on their shoulders and women with children, left a bus terminal in the northern city of San Pedro Sula for the border post of Corinto in an attempt…

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