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Obamagate Shows Biden Is Inadequate in Challenging Trump — Aletho News

By Paul Antonopoulos | May 16, 2020 Former U.S. President Barack Obama is coming under increasing pressure, led by what President Donald Trump is calling “Obamagate.” This comes as Mexico has requested to finally clarify the affair with the secret sale of American weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Mexico is asking for the case to […]

Obamagate Shows Biden Is Inadequate in Challenging Trump — Aletho News

usmca trade agreement: Another victory for trump

Yes a victory despite of the Democrats.

The Democrats could not make an announcement that Mexico, Canada and the United States have agreed on some changes to the USMCA Trade Agreement (they’ll sign agreement today) with out taking political jabs at Trump. The Democrats HAD to point out that Trump’s administration presented a flawed USMCA agreement to them and it WAS the Democrats who perfected the agreement they now have. Basically the Democrats are taking full credit for the USMCA Trade Agreement.

Lets make something clear here. It was Donald Trump who initiated this trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, replacing a horrible agreement called NAFTA (from the Clinton administration) in the first place. At the time Democrats heavily criticized Trump for negotiating a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. Now they want everyone to know or believe that it was the Democrats that improved this flawed trade proposal from Trump, that the Democrats made it better. Of course they want us to believe it is better now because they held it on the shelf for nearly a year “perfecting” it. It will be voted on next week.

It would have been “BETTER” for all 3 countries if this agreement had been acted upon months ago. Interestingly, Pelosi makes the announcement that they have an agreement on USMCA an hour after they announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The articles: 1) abuse of power 2) obstruction of Congress. No article on “bribery”? Were these two announcements stacked one after the other minutes apart to show Americans that the Democrats can walk and chew gum. No, no politics here!

from Wikipedia:

The Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada[1] is a signed but not ratified free trade agreement between CanadaMexico, and the United States.

The Agreement is the result of a 2017–2018 renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by its member states, which informally agreed to the terms on September 30, 2018, and formally on October 1.[2] The USMCA was signed by United States President Donald Trump, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on November 30, 2018 as a side event of the 2018 G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. Each country’s legislature still must ratify the agreement.

Negotiations “focused largely on auto exports, steel and aluminum tariffs, and the dairy, egg, and poultry markets. One provision “prevents any party from passing laws that restrict the cross-border flow of data”.[3] Compared to NAFTA, USMCA increases environmental and labour regulations, and incentivizes more domestic production of cars and trucks.[4] The agreement also provides updated intellectual property protections, gives the United States more access to Canada’s dairy market, imposes a quota for Canadian and Mexican automotive production, and increases the duty free limit for Canadians who buy U.S. goods online from $20 to $150.[5]

liberal professors lecturing we the people because?

Because the Left, the Democrats on this Judiciary Committee’s act II of impeachment believe We the People are too stupid to understand the Constitution. Therefore, the impeachment process must be explained to us. Not DUE PROCESS mind you, but the Left’s process.

Keep in mind today, the four “witnesses” are extreme (extremely liberal) Left Law professors. Which means we will get “their” interpretations and opinions, which also follows a path of their “political” ideals. They will and as we speak are giving us more than a lecture on the constitution. Three are stating they what they want us to believe as factual. That isn’t what they should be doing, but it is what Chairman Nadler hoped for. They are there solely for the purpose of convincing us that Trump is guilty and should be impeached. The problem is a fair process, due process has not been followed. Guess what folks, what they these liberal professors aren’t telling you is that it is unconstitutional to hold an impeachment hearing ‘WITHOUT DUE PROCESS’. These hearings handed off from corrupt Adam Schiff to Jerrod Nadler continue to be a railroad job to impeachment and is one of the greatest scandals in the history of our nation.

You do not get any more liberal than university professors. They are tainting students with their leftist ideas, ideals and policies they wish. They are part of the problem. They lecture us on the constitution, but what they really want to do is throw it out the window and re-write it, or abolish it. What we are hearing today is propaganda from the extreme left. These law professors are as far left as you would think it can get. The gauge still moves.

What a hoax. What a scam. While this crap is allowed to continue, a trade act between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico sits on Nancy Pelosi’s filthy desk. The creation of thousands of jobs are being held up by Pelosi because she is more focused on getting rid of Trump. Key phrase “jobs are being held up”. We are having impeachment hearings, while nothing gets done, jobs are held up, yet they are impeaching because Trump held up foreign aid to the Ukraine. Congress has put a foreign nation and an impeachment hoax before the American, Canadian and Mexican people. Jobs and welfare of our people can wait, so the Democrats can remove Trump from the White House and won’t be around for re-election. Lets make it clear right here. In Nov. of 2020 Donald Trump will be on the ballot for the presidency.

Nadler is hoping we accept these political law professors testimony to justify their impeachment decision. They hope we are convinced the Dems are doing the right thing. They don’t explain the holes. These professors can only state what the constitution says, however, that is based on how they wish to also interpret. These liberal law professors do not particularly believe in the constitution, especially in it entirety. They as I said, would love to amend the entire document.

They want us to believe and accept the “opinions” of these professors and that they are sacred, because they believe they are!

One last point: It doesn’t get anymore liberal than Prof. Pamela S. Karlan from Stanford University, a Trump hater.

Mexican president urges Pelosi to get USMCA trade deal approved | Can She Legislate or Just Obstruct? — Daily Browse

Speaking at a regular news conference, Lopez Obrador said he was encouraged that U.S. Democratic lawmakers were concerned about the working conditions of Mexican workers following a visit by a U.S. congressional delegation to Mexico this week. “There’s agreement, and I took the opportunity to send Mrs Pelosi a letter explaining that it’s in the […]

Mexican president urges Pelosi to get USMCA trade deal approved | Can She Legislate or Just Obstruct? — Daily Browse

[U.S.] Open Border Crisis: “7K Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Texas Border Sector” — GachiYellow

“U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector reported apprehending nearly 7,000 migrants in a single week who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas…” https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/02/28/7k-migrants-apprehended-in-one-week-in-texas-border-sector/ The faster the Great Wall Of America is built the better. Hey I got an idea. Can we trade some of our dumbass socialist liberals for […]

via [U.S.] Open Border Crisis: “7K Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Texas Border Sector” — GachiYellow

But this isn’t an emergency for the Democrats.   This is actually what they pray for.

Mexico’s killer meth is sweeping through America — and ruining lives — New York Post

ASHTABULA, OHIO — Bart Strickler drank his first beer at 9, smoked his first joint at 10. By the time he was in middle school he’d already done acid, cocaine, LSD, Quaaludes and anything else he could get his hands on. “I shouldn’t be here,” he says numbly. He takes a deep breath as the…

via Mexico’s killer meth is sweeping through America — and ruining lives — New York Post

Trump is 100% correct.   BUILD THE WALL or sometime during your life, you will know of a family member, friend or neighbor KILLED by these drugs from Mexico.  Democrats don’t care, not one damn bit.   It’s up to us who do.

Mexico’s new President ends “War on Drugs”


Well, well, well….Mexico’s drug cartels can rest easy now.  The Mexican President has ended the military war on drugs.  So, their life threatening drugs can be manufactured and distributed much easier now.

The Mexican/U.S. border will now be a greater hot spot for drug movement and bad boy traffic.  Why not just set up Meth labs tents in Tijuana?   Attempts to move drugs across the border will escalate dramatically, become more intense.

Trump will surely jump on this, that the need for The Wall just rose……..greatly!


There is a good chance the money being passed out in exchange to join the caravan from Honduras to U.S. is from the Devil’s best friend George Soros.   OR,  some of this cash could be coming from all those funds the Democrats bragged about having raised.  Democrats, the Left, Soros……. all the same!

The caravan, if allowed to pass through Mexico to our border should make it here just in time for our midterm election.   This was all by design, and the idea did not originate in Honduras, but right here in the good ol US of A.   We have a huge deficit to deal with, and this only adds to it, and the Democrats know this!  Illegals are costing us millions/billions.

We must stop the stupidity.  Trump must do anything within his presidential power to keep them out!  We need to create more jobs, improve healthcare, rebuild infrastructure etc., etc., etc.   We can not do this by taking on more to CARE FOR!   Does it look like these people are fighting for their rights in their own country(ies)?   NO!   They come here because they believe it will just be handed to them.   Criminals among them come here because we have more to take.   They will not contribute to making this country greater, they will tear us down.   That is what they did in their native lands.   They did not stand-up for themselves and fellow countrymen in their own homeland.   They will never stand-up with us here.   They’ll carry their country’s flag here, then walk on and burn ours.   Enough is enough.   President Trump should use our military to keep these illegals out.  It is not like they haven’t been warned.  It is time our military here at home defend our land.  This is homeland security!  This is not even immigration, this is an invasion.


Related image


Nobody is protesting what happens to children born and raised in the U.S. when mommy and daddy commit crimes, are imprisoned and separated from their child(ren).  But these illegal aliens, committing a crime the moment they illegally cross over the border, many bringing drugs and their criminal minds, are the protesters (the Left) main topic of the day.  Many bring children with them, some theirs, not always theirs.  The border patrol agents will tell you many come over pretending to be family, when they are not.   This is more about the left just having something to bitch about Trump.

Does it make sense that we give more attention (more support) to illegal immigrants than to our own people?   No, I am not saying parents that commit crimes should get a free pass.  The solution is much deeper than just tossing a parent(s) in jail.  The problem is age-old social problems:  drugs, poor education, unemployment, health care (inefficient), racism, religion (lack of), MORAL DECAY.   We have enough issues in this country, we don’t need everyone else’s.   One of Mexico’s presidential candidates theory/campaign slogan is for all of Mexico’s problematic people should, “take it to the U.S.”.   He is willing to even release criminals (drug dealers/gang members etc.) from prisons so they can go to America, the land of opportunity; to immigrate illegally.  Just go!  This moron, even wants illegals presently in the U.S. to be able to vote, “for him”.

So, Trump is right, without control of our borders we have no country!  It is getting more difficult to tell the difference between what we once were and 3rd world countries.

(ALLENTOWN, Pa.) JUST IN: Authorities say a missing Pennsylvania teenager and a 45-year-old man who frequent ly signed her out of school without her parents’ permission have been located in Mexico, and the man has been arrested but they believe she went willingly with him #AceNewsDesk reports — Brittius

Originally posted on Ace News Services: #AceNewsReport – Mar.18: The Allentown Morning Call reports U.S. and Mexican authorities found Kevin Esterly and 16-year-old Amy Yu in Playa del Carmen on Saturday: They are being returned to the U.S: Esterly was taken into custody and will face a charge of interference with the custody of a…

via (ALLENTOWN, Pa.) JUST IN: Authorities say a missing Pennsylvania teenager and a 45-year-old man who frequent ly signed her out of school without her parents’ permission have been located in Mexico, and the man has been arrested but they believe she went willingly with him #AceNewsDesk reports — Brittius