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Seriously!   You are married to Melania…….it doesn’t get any better than that.   Why in the world would you need or want the likes of a Stormy Daniels?  I know……I know, men right!   No, it doesn’t make sense, it may not even be true, but still it makes no sense.    Guys think they can get away with anything…….but why would you risk losing Melania.   I said it, because some guys think they can get away with murder.     Actually, some gals too………..   Its crazy!

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Melania Trump vs. Bill Clinton

Stories are surfacing that Melania Trump posed nude, back in 1996 in a lesbian shoot.   It is well known the one time model posed nude some 20 years ago approximately three years before marrying Donald Trump.    The liberal media and the Democrats are firing on all cylinders exposing the nude photography of the potential First Lady.

I will not call it forgetfulness on the part of this same media and political party, of the potential First “Gentleman” (which is a joke) of Bill Clinton’s womanizing and sexual misconduct while President or the many, and I mean many, accusations of sexual harassment and rape; covered up by Hillary.  No it is not forgetfulness, it is pure hypocrisy!

I am amazed they, the media and Dems really want to go there.   Melania did nothing illegal.  No one forced anyone to purchase the magazines in which she posed.   Slick Willie on the other hand has forced himself on other women.   Lets also not forget, strong speculation that Hillary has had her own lesbian affairs.    With the Clinton’s we will continue to get more of the same.  That you can count on and take to the ballot.

If we are to elect the next President based on the First Lady or First “Gentleman”, this is no contest.   I will support Melania Trump (Donald)  over Slick Willie (Bill) Clinton  (Hillary) hands down.   Why would we place ourselves in a position where Bill Clinton will again embarrass this nation in addition of for all the reasons against Hillary’s corrupt past.  Melania Trump has hurt no one.  The spectacles of the Clintons are repetitious, never ending.  We know how Bill will act in the White House……….all those interns.




Melania Trump last night gave what many of us thought was an authentic and beautifully delivered speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. Sadly, this morning the headlines are dominated not by Melania’s poised debut on the big stage; rather, they’ve been hijacked by accusations that Melania plagiarized several passages in her […]

via Look who Michelle Obama was CAUGHT plagiarizing DNC speech from… — Everybody Loves Trump


It didn’t take long for the liberal media and the left to find fault with Melania Trump’s speech last evening at the Republican Convention; claiming much of the speech mirrored Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

First of all, the potential First Lady speech is about the spouse’s relationship with the potential President.   Its about what kind of husband and father they are.   Its about introducing yourself to a nation, with a little history.    How many ways are there to do that?    If you look back in history on the Republican and Democratic side, speeches from the candidates wives all sound the same…….my husband is a wonderful husband, a wonderful father, he’ll be a great president.   The liberal media is trying to paint Melania’s speech into something controversial.   That is your media!   That is what they do!   Don’t report the news, make it!   This is classic media and leftist stupidity.

Thought 2:   Hillary stating Donald Trump would be the most dangerous of all presidents?   This after she has been caught with her pant suit down risking the lives of Americans and the security of the nation with her loose, unsecured emails.   Who is dangerous?   Hillary’s irresponsibility cost Americans their lives in Benghazi.  She placed national security at risk with her email use.   Hillary Clinton is a reckless, insensitive …………….go ahead finish it!