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Hm. Remember Back When The Media Had No Evidence Against Trump So They’d Just Make Stuff Up? Something Has Changed… — EARL OF TAINT

Hm. Remember Back When The Media Had No Evidence Against Trump So They’d Just Make Stuff Up? Something Has Changed… — EARL OF TAINT

Stop the steal : More evidence of the cheat machine — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Eatgrueldog: https://theredelephants.com/there-is-undeniable-mathematical-evidence-the-election-is-being-stolen/

Stop the steal : More evidence of the cheat machine — The way I see
things …

Media attempting to rule this country. They are telling us “THEY WILL DECIDE ALL!”.

The rhetoric you hear now from the media……….being all about Biden is their attempt to mold in our heads that their anointing of treasonous Joe Biden will stand, just because they said so. They are hoping we do not have the will or patience to verify/confirm and further proceed with a reversal if proof shows the election was in fact stolen. Think stealing an election is beyond the Democrats……….THINK AGAIN. (Arlin Report comment)

arlin report thought(s) of the day: rights dwindling before our eyes

St. Louis couple charged for pulling, waving guns at protest

The now infamous McCloskey’s (St. Louis) never invited protesters onto their property, but they came. They (the protesters) broke through a gate to enter this gated community in the Central West End (St. Louis). That act alone reversed any claim of a “peaceful” protest. That is destruction of property. That is trespassing. The McCloskey’s never went off their own property. They were threatened by the “peaceful” protesters. Oh and by the way, one thing the MEDIA fails to mention, at least one protester was carrying a gun. These protesters were wearing masks and not the kind for health purposes or concerns but the kind so mommy, daddy and the cops would not recognize them; you now an act burglars and bank robbers wear. Also, law enforcement weren’t interested in protecting the McCloskey’s, they were not present. Were they Ms. Kim Gardner ( Prosecutor who has filed criminal felony charges). This is the same prosecutor (a joke of one) who released arsonists and looters the following day, of these “peaceful” protesters.

The state of Missouri allows you to defend yourself and your property. So we thought! This prosecutor is interpreting the laws (twisting them) the way she wants, to get what she wants. She has done this before.

What we are seeing is LOSS OF RIGHTS, and it is happening before our very eyes.

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Media Suppresses the Money Behind BLM; The Fallacy of White Privilege; Schools Must Open in the Fall — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Rodolfo’s Cafe: Bill O’Reilly; July 13, 2020 Bill O’Reilly here, welcome to the No Spin News for Monday, July 13th, 2020. Stand Up for Your Country. Tonight, we’ll continue our investigation into the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. We have a good guest. You’ll learn things you don’t know. ? But…

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Media Suppresses the Money Behind BLM; The Fallacy of White Privilege; Schools Must Open in the Fall — kommonsentsjane

Media Manipulation, War Propaganda: NBC’s Fake Syrian Kidnapping Story

Old story worthy of repeating due to today’s fake news! It hasn’t gotten any better!

Friends of Syria

Global Research

Richard-Engel-Syria-False-Flag-Kidnapping“Syria is one of the biggest propaganda schemes of our time. When the dust settles, if it does, it will be revealed”
– Professor AbuKhalil

“Journalists are never real journalists if they are agents of power no matter how they disguise that role.”
– John Pilger

As bad as those ‘war theater’ lies by Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly are, this howler by NBC and their ‘trusted’ reporter Richard Engel – is much worse by far.

Keen to help Washington in its all-out campaign for regime change in Syria, we can now see very clearly – to what lengths major US media outlets are were willing to go, by using a completely contrived situation to publicly demonize the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Let’s be clear. We’re not just talking about mere spin here. Broadcast executives knowingly facilitated the concocting of a false narrative which just happened…

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: trump often taken out of context

“I can do whatever I want.” Media didn’t exactly share the entire conversation, did they? (Don’t forget Obama’s message to Putin to paraphrase: “Tell Vladi I’ll have more flexibility after re-election”: Isn’t that the same “I can do whatever I want”?) They seldom do anymore (share entire conversation) to get the spin they want! I think though, Trump’s choice of words are more often intentional than possible gaffes. He isn’t Joe Biden, Trump is in much more control of his chosen words. He knows the media will try and punch holes in everything he says, then spin it as they choose. Trump is so far ahead of the media’s thoughtlessness he uses them to his advantage. After nearly 3 years they still can’t see it!

Need some controversy, to attract, distract……..are just drive the media and Dems crazy, Trump is a genius!

The Democrats have no one capable of keeping pace with Trump. They’re a step to days behind! While he is processing they are still trying to evaluate, which they are slow if not incapable!

not a gun but a social behavioral problem

Image result for photos of the little rascals

Predicting a murder in the City of St. Louis is easier and more accurate than forecasting the weather. If I could place a bet down in Vegas, or one of our local casinos here in St. Charles County, Missouri, I’d be a richer man. My accuracy on a murder forecast would be a 100% probability, and I’d be 100% accurate each and every night.

Blaming killings on the gun is an old, tired excuse. God forbid it could not be a person problem, a behavioral problem if you will. Many of these murders happen in the very late night or early AM morning hours. I remember in the day, we had curfews in our small town of Union, MO. If a police officer saw me and my friends walking the streets after midnight (or maybe it was 11:00PM) they’d stop, roll down their window and say “boys time to get home, do it on your own or I’ll take you”! My mother would often say “…..nothing of any good happens after midnight when you are out and about, so get you’re tail home.” Mom wasn’t always right but she was right about that. Now mind you, my mom and dad (and my friend’s parents) didn’t just let us leave the house late at night to roam around. If we left for some kind of event or activity earlier in the day, they told us when they expected us to be home, and we usually got home on time, or our dads would come looking for us. However, occasionally my friends and I camped out for the night, and yes we might risk an officer pull over. We’d sometimes walk to the nearby laundry mat and get some candy and a soda (some of you may call it pop) from the vending machine. If an officer saw us, he’d see our innocent behavior, confirmed by the purchase we carried in our hands. He’d also see we were walking in the direction of our homes. No harm, no foul! “Just hurry along boys!” I’m not saying we were perfect little angels. Once in awhile we’d raid veggie gardens at night. Some of our neighbors had nice tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. They made for nice midnight snacks. We only did that a couple of times and always from someones garden we knew, so as not to get into too much trouble if we got caught, which we never did. That was pretty much the extent of our juvenile bad behavior. We didn’t carry guns looking for someone to kill for the thrill or because it was a requirement from our little neighborhood gang. If anything, if we saw something that shouldn’t happen, we said something; aside from our few and in between potato and tomato thefts of course. (oh and by the way, we never took that many that could be noticed, you couldn’t even tell any had been taken from the vine).

Back when I was a kid growing up, we more resembled “The Little Rascals” or “Our Gang” TV classics than today’s late night/early morning news. We were more likely to be pulled by the ears and drug home by mom, dad or an adult neighbor/friend, for breaking out a window from a baseball than shooting someone (and certainly not raiding a garden).

Growing up is sure different today than it once was! Our store merchants let us soap their windows on Halloween (they had them prepped for easy cleaning), just don’t throw eggs and you won’t get into trouble. What has happened? Broken homes, low church attendance……….poverty, education system issues (high school drop outs). Could it be we have some really serious social problems, which nobody wants to discuss. Its easier to blame something materialistic or manufactured, than to blame the MIND (individually and collective whole of society). Let’s just continue to blame rather than solve, that way we can still have those news broadcast the media loves to report on. Bad news carries more attention and a greater audience. Bad stuff sells, along with stupidity. Isn’t there a behavioral issue there? I see one.