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There Are NO Leaders Here! — The Lone Cactus

If you want to take a look at what’s bugging America, just log on to Real Clear Politics. They have a listing of the “political leaders” job approval numbers and it’s rather dismal. Yes, it’s no surprise to anybody that Joe Biden continues to fall. The only surprise is how low a point he’s falling […]

There Are NO Leaders Here! — The Lone Cactus

arlin report thought(s) of the day: Queen nancy getting some bad advice?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, but is she really speaking “for” the House? How many Democrats in the House knew she was going to delay sending the impeachment documents (the articles of impeachment) to the Senate? The impeachment is not official until the Senate is in receipt of the articles. Technically the Senate has nothing to do, no need for McConnell to speak with Senate Minority Leader Schumer. This however hasn’t kept Queen Pelosi from threatening McConnell. She wants to know the process and the rules McConnell will play by. Basically she is trying to set the rules, make demands to assure her they’re going to play fair. Fair meaning by rules Nancy approves. Pelosi is trying to influence the Senate. Another words, attempted obstruction! How ironic!

Nancy Pelosi sits in a big chair………she thinks it’s a throne. She is a power hungry witch. Just look at her recent behavior, just a small hand full: 1) lecturing and finger pointing at a reporter, “Don’t say that to me!”. 2) “I don’t care what the republicans say (Rep. McCarthy).” 3) Allows chairmen Schiff to remain in his impeachment chair despite knowledge of his lying. 4) Attempt to control the Senate in the impeachment trial. 5) Spends all this time and money on impeachment to only delay it from the Senate, with no regards to the American people, let alone the President.

Pelosi should stop listening to the liberal law professors for guidance.

pelosi, her mirror has already cracked!

Image result for Mirror image of nancy pelosi

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all. (The mirror has shattered)

We may sit on these articles of impeachment for awhile! We can speculate all we want on Nancy Pelosi’s reasoning for not sending the 2 (weak) articles of impeachment to the Senate. There could be a number of reasons, all of which are totally political. Getting inside the head of Nancy Pelosi would be a challenge even for the best shrinks.

  1. Pelosi wants to see “What the Senate arena will look like first” before she sends her managers (prosecutors). Ironically Pelosi wants to see if the trial in the Senate will be a ……….hold on……… a “fair” process.
  2. Pelosi has a weak case against Trump and she knows it. She knows this was a political set up. So, lets hold on to the articles indefinitely (?) I doubt it will be indefinitely, but McConnell isn’t going to give in to Pelosi. The Senate sets the rules once the articles are sent their way, not Nancy Pelosi.
  3. (who knows what reason three is, only Nancy knows, or does she?).

gov shutdown

Well, well, well.   Your government elected officials just proved that illegal immigrants are more important than LEGAL CITIZENS.   Nothing but worthless bitches and bastards………

It is astounding how McConnell and Schumer can give such prepared statements……in anticipation, knowing how this was going to turn.   Every damn one of them should be removed!

Schumer says, its up to the Republicans to keep the government open.   NO DUMBASS, ITS ALL OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.    IDIOTS!