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arlin report thought(s) of the day: rights dwindling before our eyes

St. Louis couple charged for pulling, waving guns at protest

The now infamous McCloskey’s (St. Louis) never invited protesters onto their property, but they came. They (the protesters) broke through a gate to enter this gated community in the Central West End (St. Louis). That act alone reversed any claim of a “peaceful” protest. That is destruction of property. That is trespassing. The McCloskey’s never went off their own property. They were threatened by the “peaceful” protesters. Oh and by the way, one thing the MEDIA fails to mention, at least one protester was carrying a gun. These protesters were wearing masks and not the kind for health purposes or concerns but the kind so mommy, daddy and the cops would not recognize them; you now an act burglars and bank robbers wear. Also, law enforcement weren’t interested in protecting the McCloskey’s, they were not present. Were they Ms. Kim Gardner ( Prosecutor who has filed criminal felony charges). This is the same prosecutor (a joke of one) who released arsonists and looters the following day, of these “peaceful” protesters.

The state of Missouri allows you to defend yourself and your property. So we thought! This prosecutor is interpreting the laws (twisting them) the way she wants, to get what she wants. She has done this before.

What we are seeing is LOSS OF RIGHTS, and it is happening before our very eyes.

st. louis prosecutor kim gardner has gun seized

St. Louis prosecutor: Racist interests try to force her out

Friday night (around 8:00 PM Central Time) a search warrant was executed by St. Louis police officers at the home of the McCloskey’s, the couple that defended their property a week ago in the Central West End (St. Louis). The purpose of the search was to confiscate the rifle Mr. McCloskey showed after protesters broke through the gate to this gated community. Mr. McCloskey did not fire his weapon, nor did he take it off his own property.

The Circuit Attorney of St. Louis, Kim Gardner authorized the search warrant. This is the same prosecutor that a few weeks ago released looters and vandals the following day after being arrested. In the past, Gardner has been criticized for her politically motivated actions. Apparently she is staying true to her character. The McCloskey’s did nothing wrong, they have a right to protect their property. For weeks/months they have seen protests turn violent and property destroyed. They trashed a gate to get into this community. It is understandable the McCloskey’s could not trust the protesters to remain peaceful, they demonstrated they would not, and they threatened the couple’s lives.

The rifle was confiscated. The handgun according to the McCloskey’s was in the possession of their lawyer.