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Maxine Waters smacked with ethics complaint for urging ‘confrontations’ — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Flurry of Thoughts: U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., now is facing an ethics complaints for her advocacy to the violent protesters demanding former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin be punished for George Floyd’s death in 2020 whether or not he’s found guilty by a jury. Source: Maxine Waters smacked with ethics complaint for…

Maxine Waters smacked with ethics complaint for urging ‘confrontations’ — The way I see things …

Hey Maxine… Shut Your Mouth! — Elliott’s Nest

I’ve never seen Maxine Waters as having a superior intellect. In fact, I think she is one of the dumbest representatives in Congress. The past few days has done nothing to change my mind. Last week, she told Representative Jim Jordan to “Shut your mouth” during a subcommittee hearing on COVID-19, after he challenged Lord […]

Hey Maxine… Shut Your Mouth! — Elliott’s Nest

VIDEO: Maxine Waters blasts out ‘warning’ to Senate about Trump impeachment — WEATHER INTERNAL


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VIDEO: Maxine Waters blasts out ‘warning’ to Senate about Trump impeachment — WEATHER INTERNAL

arlin report thought of the day: presumed to be the case……….ah but!

It must be nice, if you’ve been called as a witness by Adam Schiff several days ago, and upon Schiff releasing the transcript of the hearing the witness can say ‘oh wait hold on I just remembered something, I presume Trump had a quid pro quo…….or Trump did this, but I presume it happened’. So now the Democratic Socialist are wetting their pants with excitement that now they have something. IDIOTS, presumed means something may have happened because there is a possibility or even probability something you claim to have happen “may” have happened. Let’s even say probably happened. That isn’t proof. Presumed is very similar if not synonymous to assumed. There is a gap here though presumed/assumed leaves doubt. You must prove something to be true with out a reasonable doubt to be convicted of a charge. That is how its supposed to work though and that is not a presumption or an assumption.

Rep. Eric Swalwell-CA, accused Trump of extortion on Fox News this evening, because of the above mentioned presumption. Why is it all of these representatives and senators from California are the biggest whiners and idiots. I mean, Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein, Kamala Harris, and Maxine Waters…………wow what a crew!

trump is setting some of us up to be killed–maxine waters

Outlandish, ridiculous but always entertaining, Maxine Waters says “Trump is setting some of us up to be killed” “He is dangerous!”, and to paraphrase ‘In a civil war some of us will be the first to be killed.’ Ummmmm, this woman is crazy, says ridiculous things, has trashed talked Trump from the beginning. However, I’d have to agree with her about one thing if “In a civil war some of us would be killed first”. Isn’t it interesting that Maxine Waters would bring up CIVIL WAR. This came from her mouth. She says she receives death threats, can’t go to the grocery store without hiring security because she gets threatened. Maxine I have a solution. Watch what you say………. and if you can not, keep your mouth shut. Do you think maybe you bring it on yourself? You after all make threats against the POTUS. You have a right to freedom of speech like we all have. However, be careful, you appear to be on the edge of committing HATE CRIMES. She has in the past suggested people be violent towards Trump supporters.

Below is the link to Maxine Waters’ latest rant, stomp and public cry-out. Maxine should be a stand-up comedian. Appears she is just that.



Image result for a photo of Adam schiff, nancy pelosi and Maxine Waters together

They are so excited, they could almost wet themselves.  Nancy had to show her newly gained power by throwing a victory conference/speech after her party, of which she  believes she is top dog, won back the House.  Her fellow House Dems will have to vote her in as Speaker, but she assumes that is automatic.  I FOR ONE HOPE SHE IS RIGHT!

These three California nut balls, will give me plenty to write about.  Their priority from their agenda is to impeach Donald Trump.   Nancy has avoided saying so, during the midterm campaign in fear of losing voters.  Now that the election is over, you’ll hear her follow the impeachment hounds and fall into the nut bowl.   There is definitely something wrong with the water in California.

Pelosi mentioned they now have our government back to Checks and Balances and can keep Trump in line.  Dear Nancy, that applies to all, you are held in check as well.  Try to explain that to Maxine and Adam, if you even understand it yourself.  Your House is not the only house, there is the Senate (Republican control) and the WH (Trump = VETO).  Go ahead, waste tax payer money, investigate, investigate, investigate.  Just be careful what you ask for, you have some dirty little partners this can all backfire on!  Some of your Senate buddies (Dianne) may get bit too!

Good luck!


Originally posted on NOBLE MEDIA: Democratic Representative from California Maxine Waters attended a Nation of Islam convention that featured Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the leader of this particular hate group. Farrakhan was defending Palestinian suicide bombers. The convention took place in California in 2002. This is another tie to emerge between the Nation of Islam…

via KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Maxine Waters at Nation of Islam convention w/ Farrakhan-Defended Terrorists”. By: Noble Media — kommonsentsjane


Image result for photos of Maxine Waters and Pelosi together


People like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Schumer, John McCain………..(I could go on and on) could raise their intelligence levels or the perception thereof simply by keeping their mouths-shut.  Zip it!   Retire!   Are they only allowed behind a podium and microphone for entertainment?  These people are pathetically laughable.  They are old re-runs.  Cancel them!

Maxine Waters Worries That 700 BILLION People Will Lose Health Coverage Under Trump VIDEO — wwlee4411


This just to show you how much of an idiot this woman really is ‼️ The number she quotes is more than the number of people in the entire world ‼️ http://occupydeplorables.com/maxine-waters-worries-that-700-billion-people-will-lose-health-coverage-under-trump-video/ William W. Lee

via Maxine Waters Worries That 700 BILLION People Will Lose Health Coverage Under Trump VIDEO — wwlee4411

MAXINE WATERS is admits this one thing…   She does not know what they are talking about.