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HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 4) — THIS IS: Gunny G: BLOGGIN’ BAD!

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 4)

via HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 4) — THIS IS: Gunny G: BLOGGIN’ BAD!

NOTICE TO BOTH HILLARY CLINTON AND DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS:   THIS IS A MUST READ.   This may be the most important piece of information available to you prior to voting for POTUS.   Read as much or as little as you wish, it is a long list.    It doesn’t just expose Hillary Clinton but everyone connected in government (including the Administration) along with the Mainstream Media, foreign governments and big corporate America.   The fact that any of the endless issues discussed or included in conversation among them (all those I just mentioned)  in emails or recordings on this list is more than criminal but treasonous and should spark a political all out revolution by We the People.


Hillary Clinton will say and more importantly do ANYTHING to move back into the White House.   Hillary desperately needs back in, she has an immense list of favors/paybacks (pay to play) to settle with her foreign contributors.  The Great Bribe candidate, the bought candidate.   She can not and has not done this alone.  Approximately 80% of the mainstream media has assisted in the corruption of electing Hillary Clinton as POTUS.

The desperation of the Clinton campaign are flooding the nation with false accusations (many already disproved) and the media carries the torch.   They completely ignore the Wikileaks releases exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.   This is extreme collusive corruption.  The media and Clinton are a corrupt, criminal syndicate and Hillary is their crime boss.   She is right at the center, where the Clinton’s are usually found.   They fail to address the truth.   They want Hillary Clinton to be president, and they’ll do anything to get her elected.    They know that reporting, whether truthfully or falsely, Clinton supporters/liberals will believe anything.   Even when proven false they’ll still believe whatever a corrupt media will report.   They are counting on deceiving those undecided to believe all the negativity they report to convince them to vote H.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt candidate in the history of the United States.   This media is the most corrupt to report on any political/presidential campaign in our history.  It will only get worse.  If Clinton is elected, she and the media will continue their barrage of corruption, lies and false reporting, to keep America and the world in the dark as to what is really going on.   This is an extremely dangerous combination.   Then take away our borders…..unlimited illegal immigration with no vetting.   We need to wake up……NOW!

Never in this countries history has there been such widespread corrupt collusion.  The President, the Administration, the DOJ, the Attorney General, the FBI Director, the Hillary Campaign, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media…..teaming up to get HRC in the White House at any cost.   MAJOR LEAGUE CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: What if the media reports election winner how they see fit?

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.15.57 PM

Yes, I believe this nation has had many conspiracies.  I’m not going to list those I believe to be conspiracies and those that are not here today.   That story would take a year or more to write.   But here is one to think about, a thought I had as I awoke this morning.   No, no dream this time, just a thought.   Here it is:

Millions of Americans will go to the polls and vote for their favorite candidate, if there is such an animal this year.   Animal?  That may be exactly what are choices are …….   One we know to be; Hillary.   The other could be a surprise.  Many believe Trump to be just that, an animal.  But, what if, if given the chance Trump were to become just what the country needed…..turned things around, but isn’t given the chance.    Lets say Trump wins the popular vote, whether ever so slightly or by a landslide and it doesn’t matter.   Is it possible those votes are not reported correctly by the Mainstream Media, the dominate media?  What if the media announces the projected winner to be none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton?   Is it possible that we the people will be lied to, that Hillary wins the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, when in fact she didn’t but we won’t know the better.

There are many that believe the election is fixed.   Hillary is the chosen one!  The elite society, the Illuminati, the George Soros’ of the world have the fix in, scam on!

The scheme I gave above, is it even possible?   It would seem there would have to be a lot of folks involved.   The communities, counties and states, would they be in on the fraudulent results?   That seems unlikely…….how would they get away with that.   Turn in the wrong voting results across the nation?   I am sure there will be some cheating, some fraud…..there always is; but enough to sway an outcome?   Not likely………I don’t think. Too many checks and balances in place.   So, how does the group behind this conspiracy pull of such a scam?   The media!   They may already control the media.   It is hardly a secret, the media supports, courts, loves and protects Hillary Clinton.   They always have!  On November 8th, after an hour or two of special broadcast of election night, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and yes even Fox News announce, proclaim that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been elected the first female President of the United States.   The numbers may not have added up, but its the numbers the Media want to show us.

The media reports what they want, when they want and how they want now!   Why is it impossible to think they wouldn’t on election night report the results exactly how they want it?   Our government lies to us all the time.

I am not saying there is a conspiracy out there to pull this off; this is just a thought, a what if thought?   No, I do not trust the media, no more than I trust this government.   Both have given us plenty of reason not to.




obama 138
With his brothers!

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign team which would include most of the Mainstream Media; are pressing Trump to answer the Birther question on Obama……again, rather than hear it from his campaign team.  Seriously folks, what is the point in this at this stage of Obama’s final term?   The best way to get Obama out of office is to wait it out.   What difference does it even make what Trump believes.   Trump obviously feels inclined to simply “wait it out”; Obama will be out of office soon.  What was going to happen even if it were proved Obama was from Ten-Buck-Two, Africa?   Nothing! We have a do nothing Congress!

Is this all the Dems have left, to jump on Trump about something that is totally meaningless at this point?  Hillary and the Clinton campaign are desperate; they’re bringing up old garbage!

Here Are Four Lies the Media Has Been Telling You Since the Orlando Attack… — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

The media, the government, pretty much all one and the same today.. They have an agenda. Source: Here Are Four Lies the Media Has Been Telling You Since the Orlando Attack | RedState

via Here Are Four Lies the Media Has Been Telling You Since the Orlando Attack… — Freedom Is Just Another Word…


Wouldn’t it be nice if the mainstream media, just reported what was happening in the world, accurately.   Politics, I get it, there are various roads to go down, different philosophies, etc.    Political scientists and commentators give us their take.   That is okay, however, it should not be the medias’ purpose to sway public opinion, to sway a vote or an election, or create the news.   We the people, most of us anyway, don’t need things explained to us, just reported.   Believe it or not we can make up our own minds as well as the media.

Prior to Monday nights caucus, Iowa was very insignificant, kind of a practice run if you will, until someone other than Trump won, and another did better than predicted……..suddenly the media makes Iowa very significant and Trump is finally finished.   That is what the media hopes for, a Trump exit from the campaign.   To hear the media, finishing 2nd is worse than finishing 3rd, if your name is Trump.   If your name is Rubio………..finishing 3rd is better than 2nd.    Okay, if this is not leftist liberal stupidity I don’t know what is.   In American schools, its okay to say 1 + 1 = 3, as long as you try.

Some of these Fox and CNN political commentators and analysts look like they just got out of high school, (and for the most part young girls wearing as little clothing as they can get away with, some really do sound like bimbos- Trump has that right) giving their whys and why nots, when they have no clue.  Really?   All their world experience made them experts.   You can certainly tell the liberal professors in the colleges and universities got to them with their BS.

You want to see the product of the dumbing down process in America, watch the NEWS.



Published: June 7, 2015
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 From Blacklisted News


On Monday, the world stopped turning to focus on the recent debut of Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic athlete formerly known as Bruce. Jenner, the ex-husband of Kris Jenner and stepfather to Kim Kardashian, took a bold step in announcing her completed transition into the woman she always felt she was. She posed on the cover of Vanity Fair to premiere her new identity. This a monumental step forward for the transgender community that many hope will help foster increased tolerance in society. While this is a positive development, the degree of media attention devoted to the celebrity news story left many other equally important stories ignored.

While the world was debating whether or not it was Jenner’s right to become a woman, here are ten significant stories that deserve equal, if not more, attention:

1. Rand Paul received widespread coverage for delaying the Patriot Act’s renewal at the end of May. As a result of his filibuster and congressional inaction, the Patriot Act and its Section 215—one of the NSA’s justifications for bulk data collection—expired on Monday. Though this was lauded as a victory, this week the Senate pushed through the USA Freedom Act, selling it as a bill to respect the privacy of Americans. In actuality, it renews and arguably strengthensthe government surveillance apparatus.

2. On Tuesday, news broke that the FBI has been conducting warrantless surveillance across the United States using a fleet of planes disguised as private aircrafts. It was responsible for mysterious planes flying over the Baltimore protests in May and surveilled as many as 40,000 people in one flight over Anaheim, California. In similar news, it was revealed this week that a single local police department conducted over 300 warrantless searches using highly secretive and controversial Stingray technology.

3. This week, NBC was caught manipulating footage of a witness interview to make the police shooting of unarmed college student, Feras Morad, seem less sinister to its audience. His death was one of nearly 400 police killings logged this year, alone.

4. In what appears to be good news, Congress moved this week to require police to report all killings and uses of force committed on duty. There has previously been no requirement and only 750 of 17,000 police departments voluntarily report such data. The law also requires reporting of police deaths on duty (this was already codified in alaw passed in May) but nevertheless, signifies a growing shift toward police accountability.

5. A Department of Homeland Security investigation found that in 95% of cases, the TSA failed to find weapons and mock explosives smuggled through airports. Undercover DHS agents managed to sneak through 67 of 70 incidents without any hassle from the TSA, the administration that claims its services are necessary to keep Americans safe.

6. A “high value” Guantanamo detainee, Majid Khan, alleged this week that he was tortured by CIA agents with tactics worse than previously revealed. Though the Senate’s December torture report detailed gruesome techniques including forced rectal feeding and sleep deprivation, Khan claims he was sexually abused, hung nude from beams, and had his genitals dipped in ice water—among other offenses.

7. In a continuing, unsettling pattern, three more stories came to light of bankers meeting their death. The executive of American Express died mysteriously on an international flight while another jumped off the 24th floor of his apartment building in an apparent drug-induced suicide. Another story released this week detailed a Goldman Sachs employee found dead in her car in April. They join a growing list of bankers whose lives have ended prematurely.

8. In an all too common pattern, news surfaced this week that local police in Palm Beach, Florida engaged in illicit activity. As Anti-Media reported, “At least one minor and at least one sex-worker were invited to a private party on a golf course that was held by members of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department in 2012. Witnesses reported that members of the party were openly using cocaine and that the woman who attended the party was walking around the golf course fully nude.” This parallels the DEA’s recent drug cartel-funded prostitute party scandal as well as a plethora of cases where police use and sell “illicit” substances.

9. In a “once-in-a-century” discovery, archeologists in Russia discovered 2,400-year-old golden bongs. They contained trace amounts of opium and marijuana, suggesting (as the Palm Beach cop cocaine soiree does) that seeking altered states of consciousness is not a crime, but human nature. The findings further prove the failed war on drugs to be futile and obsolete.

10. A declassified Pentagon report revealed this week that Western governments helped to create ISIS, the infamous terrorist organization. According to the Defense Intelligence Agency report, “US and other western governments allied themselves with al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups to oust Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad. They suspected the consequences of this tactic would lead to the rise of an ‘Islamic State.’”

While Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into femininity is a newsworthy and ultimately positive story, the media’s incessant focus on celebrity gossip leaves a vast majority of relevant stories on the sidelines. If in a matter of several days this many stories could go uncovered by the mainstream media, consider how many have been sacrificed over the years in the name of covering celebrity deaths, weddings, breakdowns, and divorces—which come without the social progress of Caitlyn’s debut.




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Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, March 14, 2015, 3:10 PM

St. Louis held its 46th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade today in downtown St. Louis.

The St. Lois Police were right up front in the parade marching and riding police vehicles.
The St. Louis crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Thank you Jim Hoft for sharing this information and photo.

With all the problems viewed nationally from nearby Ferguson, the nation needs to see the real St. Louis.


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Photo and caption from Badass Military Pics @badassmilitary

An actor has an auto accident, is in the hospital with injuries for a week or two…..you get updates on their condition nearly everyday.  When they are released all in one piece the bulbs are flashing and the video is running, we hear about it for days.  If Labron James were  to twist an ankle……OMG!

Soldiers come home missing limbs, severe deformities, PTSD, cameras not at the VA hospitals, mainstream news media gives us nothing.   Media caters to the elite…….soldiers are from the middle and lower classes of our country, just peasants and servants appreciated only by the same.