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arlin report thought(s) of the day: china made

If China was unhappy with the trade deal with Trump before, they’ve put themselves in position to really hate it for the future. We shouldn’t be making a better deal just to keep the peace any longer. Look where that got us.

Everything, nearly everything comes from China. Look in your closet. Take an inventory of everything made in China. It is ridiculous! Look around you, pick an item up from in your house………..MADE IN CHINA! There is a better chance it is made in China than the USA, or nearly any other nation for that matter. Go to your kitchen, open the cabinets, or your medicine cabinet……..it’s likely made in China. Want a real education on the ratio of made in China vs. USA go to Hobby Lobby. I’d bet 90% is from China. It’s disgusting? This country (China) only uses us, now using us to death, literally.

We don’t need China, everything we need we can produce/manufacture. They need us!

This coronavirus/COVID-19 should change things. When this virus is over, mostly over, there should be business opportunities for many of us. Made in the USA products (new companies) should multiply like never before in the history of our nation. We are capable, we are more than capable. We are proving what we can do together, we can recreate capitalism in the USA………American made capitalism. Thats the New World I’m looking for, where the USA is more independent. We’d be putting more Americans back to work. Not dependent on anyone, especially China.


When was the last time we were on an equal playing field with trade and the rest of the world; if ever?   Colonial days……..maybe?   My knowledge of the economy and trade from that far back is not good.   Not taught much in school.   Oh, world history taught what each countries industrial strengths and resources were but not about fair or equal trade.

If you think we’ve been on a fair/equal playing field look in your closet.   Made in China, dominates.   You’d be hard pressed to find Made in the USA.   I would love to be visiting an average working Chinese home, look in their closet for “Made in the USA” clothing.   I doubt it would reflect the USA.   It isn’t just clothing, turn something over in your living room, what’s the label say?   Made in China or another foreign country.

I’d rather have a president trying to equal things out, and make some mistakes along the way………rather than do nothing; which has been our nations status quo for way too long.

Something is worth trying vs. nothing!