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Have a great day!

Psalm 73:26

Psalm 73:26

Lots to be thankful for:

We had the heating and air conditioning guy come yesterday to do an annual inspection on the furnace. 3 of the 5 burners are cracked. Had to shut it off, too dangerous. Having someone come and fix sometime today, may only be a temporary fix. New furnace clearly down the road; maybe soon. Home warranty covers a fix, but ……….. how long will that last. Homeownership, always something. But, I have a home, am not homeless out in the cold. Had a very good safe room heater that kept us warm (enough) to sleep last night. Thankful for the fireplace and firewood I had accumulated. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t been burning that wood. Usually only light the fireplace once or twice a year. Amazing how well it heats up the living room.

Also thankful my sister-in-law survived a bad auto-accident the night before last. A (12th) vertebrae was crushed. Surgeon said the fragments did not fly towards her spine (away from it). Had they gone into the spine, she would have been paralyzed. He said surgery went well, she has some new hardware in her back however. Surgery was yesterday. He said he was confident she would be up and walking a bit TODAY! Amazing! My sister-in-law has deep faith in our Lord. He clearly was looking out for her. She had come to a stop to make a left turn, when a pickup truck rear ended her. The pickup did not even brake at all, was at full speed (not sure how fast exactly). He did not notice she stopped. The police never checked him for intoxication. Never ticketed him for even careless and reckless. Of course he comes from a very prominent family in the community. Insurance papers were not in his vehicle. I understand he did return with them to the station later. As I said, we are thankful she is going to be okay. Probably some therapy I am sure, and lots of soreness……….in pain as you would expect now. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Have a great day you all! Hug your family!