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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy’s Missing Investigators Found — FreePressXpress

USA Politics, April 24, 2017 The two investigators who went missing after traveling to Arkansas have been found in a shallow grave in a wooded area more than 100 miles from where their truck was found. The two men, deputized agents of the federal government, were interrogated, tortured, covered with garbage bags and buried while […]

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Gowdy’s pedophile investigators missing amid Clinton Library subpoena


How many more murders and missing people must there be surrounding the Clinton’s before we put an end to this crime cartel, Clinton Crime Cartel (Arkansas)?


Share this:Two men working for the congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy have mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. According to phone records, the men were headed into the area with congressional subpoenas to search the private residence attached to the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library. The men, whose identities will remain […]

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