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lin wood allegations against chief justice john roberts, affidavit filed: child trafficking

This video by Tru News is 1 hour 4 min. long. It is very interesting to say the least. Lin Wood has filed an affidavit with federal court against Chief Justice John Roberts for child sex trafficking, and claims to have evidence. Also alleges Mike Pence is a traitor. If you make these claims in an affidavit (a signed sworn statement), and they are falsely made, that is perjury. Lin Wood could be disbarred, and jailed. You would not make these claims to a court without solid evidence.

peophile extortion and blackmail schemes controling world………..obama included

Also while we are at it, an Italian IT Tech claims he flipped votes from Trump to Biden in U.S. election and he claims Obama was in on the scheme. Hacking ! He testified in an Italian court of law, under oath.

Also Wikileak’s (Assange) has dropped a bombshell that Obama ran a pedophilia ring from the White House!

The gloves are off.

make it so massive, they won’t bother to contest it

The cheating not just behind closed doors, under our noses, when the lights are turned off……..but even before our eyes. Make it so chaotic, so massively chaotic ………..the American people won’t want to be bothered by it. Truck loads of ballots shipped in (from out of state even). It will be too much, so overwhelming, they won’t know where to even begin to investigate; then the judges won’t want to deal with it……..they’ll just claim no evidence. Nothing to see here!

BS! They didn’t count on the little people……who are bigger with more integrity than they have coming forward. How dare they question our corruption! As Lin Wood said yesterday…….”It is 1776 all over again”!

When this is said and done……..and it may be awhile, people must go to prison! Lots of people. There should be plenty of room after some of the liberal governors released inmates from prison earlier this year. THANK YOU! We have a place for the Swamp Rats! We have a place for those who knowingly cheated in this election. I only wish Sidney Powell was the AG. The socialists would be shaking in their own filth!