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Science Confirms That Life Flashes Before the Eyes Upon Death

When I was 16 yrs. of age I was hospitalized with pneumonia, had a 106 degree temp. I was packed in ice, (actually overheard a nurse say she was afraid I was dying); at one point I felt like my body was lifting off the bed, the room seemed to be spinning (I think I was also hallucinating a bit), then I started seeing flashes of my life, kind of like a video or film). It scared me, as I had heard your life flashes before you before you die, so I got up out of bed and walked around. Of course I could not get up until the spinning stopped and movie ended. I don’t think this is the final life showing I will see, that is yet to come.  (Arlin Report comment)

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Shortsighted — Live on Purpose

I was changing my new granddaughter’s dirty diaper the other day and I had a thought. If I was not doing this for her, she would just remain dirty. She can’t figure out how to get out of the situation and she doesn’t have the strength or motor skills to do it. Now, she knows […]

Shortsighted — Live on Purpose