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Hunter Biden is the Trojan Horse for the Biden Family (corrupt) Business; Joe in the center. Arlin Report thought(s) of the day!

NY Post

Joe Biden: ‘I know nothing!’

$31 Million to the Biden family business, thru Hunter, you know the business that Joe knew nothing about. RIGHT! Joe’s hidden placement in Hunter’s dealings centered him directly, code name forJoe, THE BIG GUY! Joe Biden’s arrogance springs the code name and leaves no doubt who the BIG GUY IS!

This is not Hunter’s business solely. Hunter Biden would never have had the connections on his own to ever meet international businessmen, especially to partner up, not even to meet casually. THIS IS JOE BIDEN’S SET UP. Joe simply hid himself in the middle of it all, and pretended to be an “I know nothing” kind of guy.

Hunter did what he was told, when he wasn’t stoned, or partying with naked little girls. He always reported back to daddy (you know the Big Guy). Hunter was like the Trojan Horse, got the foreign businessmen inside to meet and deal with the Big Guy (19 visits at the White House while Joe was Vice President). Oh and by the way, you would absolutely believe that Obama knew about these meetings as well. Hard to believe Obama would not know what Joe was up to (with all those meetings with the Chinese) in the White House at that time. Word would have certainly circulated around Joe had some Chinese interests and business being done in the White House. You can not tell me Obama didn’t know!

It is not Hunter’s business. He is the front man, the Trojan Horse, a big part of the business, the go between. This is Joe Biden’s business, his family business of which Hunter is part of, along with Joe’s brother. It is only stated as Hunter’s business to shade Joe’s Business, his connection. And the connection and business meetings Joe had with the Chinese has certainly compromised him big time. It compromised him while VP and certainly compromises him as President. This is treason!