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Legislative hypocrites on border wall

Listening to these legislators who state they are against Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the U.S./Mexican border is at a massively high level of hypocrisy and stupidity.   The Democrats and a few Republicans don’t believe the flow of illegals, drugs  human trafficking, and criminal gangs and disease are a threat to our nation.  These fruitcakes believe Trump is abusing the constitution declaring such an emergency to use funds to build the border wall.   They totally disregard that Obama declared a number of national emergencies, to get his way, and none of these people who are barking at Trump never so much as sneezed.

Lets not forget many of these elected jackassery officials once voted for funds supporting building a border wall in the past.   Now that Trump is president, they’ve had a change of heart. Possibilities are: 1) They either voted for it in the past “just for looks” when they were truly against it, because they knew it wouldn’t get built (they knew the then president would not pursue it); which is deceit (they lied).  2) They really do favor building the wall,  just not under Trump, they know “Trump would get it done” and they don’t want THIS president to be successful at anything (more deceit).  3)  They don’t want the wall, so illegals can enter our nation vote fraudulently (or they’ll pass legislation allowing illegals to vote; since they, the Democrats don’t understand the definition of “ILLEGAL”.

All scenarios are deceit/lying period.  That is your Democratic (Liberal/Socialist) Party today.  Yes today, its been bad for a long time, it’s just gotten so much worse.

Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote

Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote.

Had they been given more time, they’d have never read it.  The thing is, it wouldn’t matter; they already made their deals to vote for or against without reading it.   That isn’t how its done, there is their trade offs, deals, promises and threats, “vote for this or else”.   No need to read it………..if you want yours!



It doesn’t matter what flags are flying above state and federal legislative buildings!    Whether they both fly together, fly one and remove the other, doesn’t matter which, the problem in this country isn’t “A Flag” or “The Flag”.     It’s the crap flying around below those flags in those legislative buildings.   A more appropriate flag over government buildings would be one with the 3 stooges as its emblem, but they are all stooges.

It is a shame we can’t feel pride in our legislatures like we do our  sports teams.   It’s an even greater shame we make more noise about how offensive a flag from our history is but are silent and accept the worthless representation we get or I should say don’t receive.   Millions of tax payer dollars or being wasted on salaries of individuals that are giving little.  The Confederate flag was not costing you the tax payer anything other than the night lighting.

We can argue for eternity who is offended, is not and who should or should not be over the Confederate flag.   We can also argue for eternity other political correctness issues.   The point is we are not addressing the real problem(s) with the same vigor.

We don’t stand up for or to much these days.   We have truly become sheep and we are being led by hyenas.


Impeachment NOW
Impeachment NOW

I originally had mixed feelings on impeachment.  I thought it was too late and only a waste of time and money.  Even if the House impeached Obama, Harry Reid and his band of idiots would only protect their savior.   But then, what has Congress done for several years now anyway, but wasted time and money.  While they have impeachment hearings, we could find out how are representatives stand on Obama’s antics.   Not that I need to know which ones need to go, I think they all need thrown from the halls of where real leaders assemble.

Personally I would rather see Barack Obama arrested for treason than impeached……..there is plenty of reason for both.  Neither the Legislature or Judicial systems in this country have the nerve or integrity to charge treason.   I’m not sure they have it for impeachment.   What is unique about this situation with our self- proclaimed King is, at one time I would have said they won’t do it because they have to be politically correct).   However, if they did impeach, it could now be both politically correct and the right thing.  The way I see it, it is a win-win for the Legislature.  But they don’t think like the rest of us or me anyway- do what is right not politically correct.

Just because Obama is a lame (and the term could not be truer) duck half way the through the term doesn’t mean Congress takes a vacation from their responsibilities (tongue in cheek there).   Not doing their job, makes them as guilty as the accused.

The differences between Republicans and Democrats are quite often for show.  They are supposed to disagree, right?  Don’t believe that so much, issues are decided in backrooms away from the media, and in many cases the few honest politicians that are sprinkled in the crowd. These actors then come on stage and put on their finger-pointing performances.  Obama’s fate has probably already been decided.   I only say probably because, I can’t prove it and I hold a glimmer of hope I could be wrong.

Impeachment or treason?   I am only going to mention two events.   No. 1, Obama released 5 dangerous terrorists, and gave them back so they would eventually be reunited with comrades.   Obama created an unnecessary threat to the security of this nation the instant he opened their cell doors.    That is treasonous.   No. 2, Obama allows a flood of immigrants to illegally cross the border into our country, carrying all their problems with them (too many to mention here) in violation of the law.  Obama turns his back on this problem, he was only miles from the border just this past week, but would not go.   Barry wants to blame Republicans for holding up the 3.8 billion of your tax money for the crisis getting worse.    No…..he pushes blame in another direction to avoid the issue himself.   Does Obama get immunity from violating the law?   I suppose Biden could always pardon him later.

These were just 2 events, there are many more, at which the very least are impeachable.   The point is, we must do something to rid the most arrogant, destructive individual to ever reside in our White House.    Impeachment or treason…….my vote would be treason, but that’s just me.