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Liberal law professors……. (their poster child is, read below)

I don’t even know how to complete the above headline. After receiving my B.A. Degree with a major in Political Science in 1974, I took the Law Schools Admissions test. I do not remember what my score was from that beautiful Spring day, though it was long and wasted. I do know my score was not great but not poor. I did not pursue law school. Yesterday’s lecture at the coup hearing made me realize I made the right decision. Liberal law professors would have drove me insane. Yes they were even liberal back then. My professors in political science were also liberal. They had arrogant personalities. If you disagreed you were the one wrong, another words they were always right.

I was in college during the Nixon Watergate era. I had one class in which that is pretty much all we discussed was Nixon and Watergate, day after day. I was quiet most of the times, it was obvious there wasn’t a lot of love for Nixon in this class, especially from our professor. She hated Nixon. The class seemed to follow along with her wherever she may go. I liked Nixon, so I kept my mouth shut. I went to Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, MO. A very conservative area, except for those Political Science classes. I seemed to be the only one that did, I didn’t need to feel like i was taking part in a gang beating. I already felt it. My instructor wasn’t a law professor, but she carried the same arrogance as these law professors we saw yesterday.

Political Science is a weird field, they preach on the past but mix in present day ideas, political thought…….which is highly scattered and comes from scattered brains, who think they are just thinking out of the box.

Yesterday was interesting though, these law professors lectured us on the constitution and our founding fathers. They lectured us on what they meant when they created our Constitution, each article, each that came up anyway. So lectured us on what it meant, what the founding fathers were thinking and how the Constitution applied to today and especially that items were thought out to meet today’s issues in particular. So according to 3 of the 4 professors Donald Trump was the exact president the founding father’s addressed (had in mind) when the created our Constitution. They were protecting us from a Donald Trump (according to these 3 geniuses). What is interesting, these professors constantly criticize our constitution. If given the right, they would throw it out the window and re-write it or abolish it. Then they would just make their own laws. Liberal law professors are not the most democratic group around. They are hang out in our colleges and universities and poison our kids with extreme liberalism. Prof. Pamela S. Karlan is the poster child of a liberal law professor. No doubt about that. She is frightening. Do you really want to go to law school?