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seriously need to watch this………

This is just a little over an hour of viewing. I watched the entire video. It was worth it. Much of it is hard to follow/understand……..because it is about our Intelligence/national security. If you only watch the first 15 minutes you’ll have gotten the main point. If you watch all of it, you’ll come out believing the inside job of our own agencies that are turning our nation to socialism, through deception, lies, corruption. You know doing what socialists do.

No one is held accountable because those who are charged with holding others accountable are corrupt themselves. But we knew that. A hint, Barr and the other guy we’ve been waiting on to make some arrests/indictments are themselves Deep State actors. Oh and our voting machines were hooked up to the internet and numbers sent to Serbia and back (flipping votes, flipping numbers); via Venezuela and Germany as well. The Democrats have been stung and they know it.