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Democrat Terrorism and Washington Money Laundering — Liberals Backwards Think

Say it, Mr. President! Say you condemn all leftist Democrat terror groups – KKK racists, neo-Nazi haters, Antifa fascists, and Black Lives Matter communists who have been terrorizing and murdering people. CONDEMN THEM ALL! Joe Biden won’t condemn Antifa/BLM rioters, looters, and murderers just as he not only never condemned or denounced but befriended and […]

Democrat Terrorism and Washington Money Laundering — Liberals Backwards Think

White liberal “worst enemy that the Negro have ” Malcolm X, Tucker Carlson: “Liberal policies are failing black Americans”, Democrats: Slavery Secession KKK using Blacks — Citizen WElls

White liberal “worst enemy that the Negro have ” Malcolm X, Tucker Carlson: “Liberal policies are failing black Americans”, Democrats: Slavery Secession KKK using Blacks “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it […]

White liberal “worst enemy that the Negro have ” Malcolm X, Tucker Carlson: “Liberal policies are failing black Americans”, Democrats: Slavery Secession KKK using Blacks — Citizen WElls


CNN mouth pieces are telling people (Trump supporters) to stop wearing the MAGA hats.  ‘The hats send a racists message and well just aren’t who we are.’   They haven’t exactly said it…..yet, but they think it’s the same as wearing a white KKK hood.   I am saying “No, no it is not”.   The message is exactly as it reads.

I have a MAGA hat, which I bought before Trump took office, at the beginning of the campaign.  It is sitting here in my home office as I type these words.  Its been more of a collection item……but maybe its time to start wearing it and doing so publicly.

The only thing wrong is liberals and media morons of the likes from CNN telling us not to wear the hats because of what they represent.   It is CNN that misrepresents the purpose of the hats.  They twist the message, but hey, that’s what Trump warns us about…… the fake, lying media.  The hats to the Don at CNN are a reminder that Trump won.   They can’t stand the reminder.  Something other than their liberal BS is in front of their faces everyday.



The media makes Trump the story.    Certainly they do!   Their mission is not to report news, if it was they’d show what really is behind the riots.   Their mission is to continue to tear down Trump, find a way to get him removed from office.   Blame him for everything, anything.   Hell, Trump is the cause for litter along Interstate 70, just because it’s there.    Riots, Trumps fault, because damn it, it happened!   Trump drove that car that killed that woman in Charlottesville.  Trump is vandalizing monuments, not some illiterate group of thugs.

The Media shows the video, the pictures…….. its real evidence.   Then they accuse Trump, like he created all this.    According to the Main Stream Media the world and the U.S. were just fine, until Trump came along.   The only world Trump is ruining is theirs.

What you see in the cities, in the streets IS CIVIL WAR.    Opposing groups fighting one another from these United States.    There is no civility, nothing united, not one, not two but multiple groups.    Each fighting for their own purpose with one common denominator ……….HATE, and they don’t even know why they hate except the others color is wrong, or religion isn’t their religion.   The KKK, Nazi’s, and Black Lives Matter and who knows who else, all have that one ugly characteristic………hate for anyone different.    This didn’t start over a Confederate statue, this is from deterioration of society, failure of society,  parental failure, school failure, church failure, GOVERNMENT FAILURE.   Every facet of society is failing.   We have pulled away from God and we are collapsing.

What is going on today is worse than civil war, it’s a chaotic free-for-all.   We can not be a united nation before the world when we are divided at home.   Division?  Think about it, who supports division in America…………. ISIS, Terrorists, Russia, North Korea……….they’re all smiling, laughing along with George Soros………and in my opinion Barack Obama.


They all say and repeat the same dialogue:   He delayed in his response, he should have commented sooner, and why did it take him so long.    Really?  That’s all they’ve got?   I don’t even have to mention here this is on Charlottesville, you know what I’m talking about.   The late night hosts think they’re funny with it and that they are drilling daggers into Trump. Like Trump is responsible for the Confederacy and our history, the KKK and Black Lives Matter.  Lets see they popped (Black Lives Matter) in during Obama’s White House stay.

Flip the channel, you hear the same thing.   Listen in again the next day, either someone else is repeating what others have already said……..or the same hosts are repeating the same lines.   Condemn Trump for delaying…………. hammer Trump.   The Media and Late Night Hosts have as much hate for and possibly more for TRUMP than is being expressed by the multiple extremists groups in Charlottesville, Durham, Seattle and New York, just to name a few, for one another.

The Media and the likes of Colbert and Fallon can’t think for themselves or its the liberal agenda that gets passed around amongst them all.   Here!   Here is todays line.  It all sounds the same.   Trump didn’t respond quick enough to satisfy us.  AND WHEN HE DOES, IT WON’T SATISFY US.   WE MUST RUN HIM OUT OF OFFICE; THIS CHAOS IS JUST WHAT OBAMA, CLINTON AND SOROS ORDERED.


Image result for photos of Hillary Clinton and Robert Byrd

  • Photos from reddit.com


  • “Ku Klux Klan values, David Duke values, Donald Trump values are not American values,” says Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine.    Kaine recklessly shoots his mouth off about KKK values and Donald Trump sharing the same?    Mr. Kaine, your main squeeze Hillary R. Clinton brags about her relationship (close friend and mentor) KKK member Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia (deceased).    Apparently Mr. Kaine, senator….. Hillary’s KKK values are more evident than those of Donald Trump.    Trump can not control what David Duke or other Klan members say or support.   However, your mate certainly had control over who she aligned herself with, and that would be one Robert Byrd of the KKK.
  • Mr. Kaine should have been well aware of the Byrd mentorship and relationship of Hillary Clinton.   To attack Donald Trump, when it was clear there existed a  Byrd/Clinton team shows poor, reckless judgement on the part of Kaine.
  •   Is that the Hillary Clinton campaign strategy going forward; accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of?

VIDEO=> KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton — The Daily Buzz

For some reason this didn’t make it into her racism speech yesterday in Reno Ku Klux Klan leader Will Quigg endorses Hillary Clinton for president. This interview took place after a KKK rally in California in March. Reporter: Who do you like for president, sir. Will Quigg: Hillary Clinton. Reporter: Do you think whites are […]

via VIDEO=> KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton — The Daily Buzz

There may very well be something wrong with Hillary’s brain (memory)!  Someone may want to inform Kaine, he thinks it is Trump with KKK values.


DISGUSTING! Marco Rubio PAC Is Running KKK Ads Against Donald Trump in Missouri (VIDEO)

Republican Establishment bosses and their puppet, Marco Rubio show their true colors and desperation.   What this really says is they have lost control of what once was a political party.   Corruption and and unethical practices surface!



Rubio on Con Artists:   The pot calling the kettle black!  If that is politically incorrect……so be it.    Marco would know a lot about being a con artist; he is after all a U.S. Senator.   The term senator and representative have become synonymous with the art of the con.  Rubio doesn’t get it; that is why the American voter is angry; we’ve continued to be had by the elected political promises.   His campaign stage act is a con.   It is pretty much like that with all the candidates on both sides.   Hillary is queen of the con, deception, she has been practicing it her entire adult life.

Another thing on listening; they don’t listen.   How many times does Trump have to say/disavow the KKK before Rubio and Cruz and the media tag team hear it?   Why keep asking the same question, that has been answered, I guess until they hear what they want?

Cruz………you have know right demanding anything being made public that was done in private.   Nothing!  I bet we would all like to hear some of your whispers?  The tapes you want aren’t security emails……..

Have a Happy Super Tuesday