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it took two fools: arlin report thought(s) of the day

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reignite battle over busing - CNN Video

Kamala bashed Biden, implying he wasn’t fit to be president, that he was a racists. She got both those points right! Then, she couldn’t even win a primary election, yet JOE chose her to be VP running mate. No he didn’t make that choice on his own, he was alone in his basement remember? He announced what he was told to announce, what he was told he would do. Choose someone that called you racists, but hey she’ll accept, even though she despises you! Not to worry, she’ll be following your tail around, waiting for you to collapse. Hell Joe was even told the election was about to be stolen for him. He dumboundedly some how was able to inform us that they, meaning the DNC, had the most corrupt election/campaign organization in place in history! He was right, but, the ass he is, admitted it! One thing about Joe Biden, he can’t keep his mouth shut! Most of the time he lies and deceives. But that he got right!

It has never been clearer, at any time in this nation’s history, that the knuckleheads in the presidential and vp positions are only for show and IT TOOK TWO FOOLS, that would easily comply. Hey Joe stay in your basement, keep your mouth shut, speak or read only when we tell you. Let us worry about how we get you elected! We’ll have another fool lined up to follow you, that will do the same; she’ll do anything for the recognition. She’ll be fine being totally directed/CONTROLLED by us! NEVER has it been more clear that we are being controlled, I hesitate to say governed by a Deep State, a Cabal, of which most are not elected. Some belonging to the Deep State, THE SWAMP are elected officials, like Nancy Pelosi. That is just one! They do still fear the American people though! That is why they want our guns. That is why they are making such an ordeal over the Jan. 6th attack on THEIR SPACE, yet don’t mind turning looters and arsonists free during riots (you know what they called peaceful protests).


Close the Keystone Pipeline down, destroy 11,000 jobs. Shrink our oil supply. Don’t worry about Russia hacking Colonial! No big deal.

Totally open the southern border, doesn’t matter while Americans are lockdown from a pandemic and you preach to take your experimental vaccine. YET YOU CONCERN YOURSELF WITH OUR HEALTH? Illegals crossing by the thousands daily UNTESTED!

BUT THE TWO FOOLS WILL FOLLOW THE DEEP STATE AGENDA, DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN using illegal immigrants as a weapon (just one way of helping push the destruction). We can’t provide, we’ll be unable to maintain this influx of people that we’ll be expected/have to deal with. They are doing what socialists do, class destruction! Take from the middle, create one large serfdom, one class. Only the elite will remain above it all. Here is the thing! Most Democrats, your everyday people and those that have somewhat a degree of morals (a few left in government) don’t understand that eventually they will be eliminated, pushed out! Some of you are turning away on your own already! Most of you won’t be ELITE ENOUGH. You’ll eventually be treated as outsiders! Only those that are actually members of and meet at their annual events of the Bilderberg’s, Council on Foreign Relations etc.

The World Economic Forum was scheduled to meet in Singapore, however the article I tried to paste here was disallowed by: Asia Pacific Security Magazine. Remember the name Klaus Schwab. He founded the World Economic Forum. This is the globalist piece of shit (excuse my language) clown that said we “……..will soon own nothing and be happier for it”, paraphrase.

http://www.asiapacificsecuritymagazine.com refused to connect.

How much are you already paying at the gas pump to fill your car? It will continue to rise. The cost of everything is going up!

Pandemic? They don’t want it to end! They are talking about locking us down again, because of this Delta Variant!!!!! Umm………yeah, I have read this VARIANT has a 99.9% recovery. That is better odds than a common cold. BUT HEY, we’re stupid because we just accept everything they say, do and order us to do. I think many are waking up to their BS. But, we don’t seem to have the will, not like our forefather’s had. Do we have the will to fight a revolution, for our own rights, just to keep them? The unruly are fighting a civil war in our streets, and we the good, have done little to combat it. We rely on our government to do it. THEY ARE PART OF, A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM.

All these world organizations have annual meetings, and their agendas are on the same page together, and it is their own interests, NOT OURS. GLOBALISM!

I think it is time, the American people have a CONVENTION of our own! Their needs to be a reset alright, but NOT THE ONE THE GLOBALISTS WANT!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: the jackass in the white house

The knucklehead known as Creepy Joe Biden is bending over for someone else and it is not the American people. We knew, or most of us did, it would be this way. The sad part is, we let the Chief Moron get away with it all, up to now anyway.

The first thing Biden did as the pretentious Chief Executive was shut down a pipeline nearly half constructed, which provided thousands of jobs. More than 11,000 jobs were lost, but more than that, an oil supply was lost! Another oil company was hacked, shut down for a bit, by Russians. What did the Creep in charge do? NOTHING! This same knucklehead watches Russia tap into a pipeline, thanks to Germany. The knucklehead is okay with that…..”As he said “they were more than half way into it”…..to paraphrase. OH you mean like Keystone, the one the idiot shut down! That wasn’t a question. It makes a difference as to who is “half-way” through completion with their projects. It shouldn’t have mattered regardless. The pipeline in the U.S. should have and still should be completed. BUT! I guess Creepy Joe needed a reason to import oil from Iran!!! Close our supplies down, then go elsewhere! Go to other foreign countries……does Hunter have interests in them? Does the Creep? He has had! Hunter got 3 million bucks from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. We are also learning Creepy Joe lied to us (imagine that) that he did in fact know of and about Hunter’s business dealings in the foreign companies on energy (which he has no expertise). All along he claimed he had no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings. We knew better. What father doesn’t know what his son or daughter are doing in business, at least something. Hunter was just the front man for the crime family led by JOE! It wasn’t Hunter’s knowledge of the energy industry these foreign companies sought, it was introductions to people like daddy Joe and John Kerry, and who knows who all.

The Chief Knucklehead in the White House is more interested in lining his pocket, assisting other countries and is quite willing to take the United States down the drain. It isn’t about America prospering, it is about what the Creep can get out of all things he does for those he has been bought. It is more than being “compromised”. Creepy Joe Biden is a traitor! He should be impeached, and when found guilty………..executed!

In the Executive Order Joe Biden Used to Cancel the Keystone Pipeline he Violated the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Jim Campbell’s: By Jim Campbell March 18th, 2021 When China Joe Biden signed the E.O. to abolish the Keystone Pipeline he violated the Tenth Amendment. It would seem by now that his handlers would have taken a look at the documents, even studied them, to keep running afoul of the law.…

In the Executive Order Joe Biden Used to Cancel the Keystone Pipeline he Violated the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights — The way I see things …



Please read the above link on the Keystone Pipeline donors to the Clinton Foundation.   Hillary silent on the matter, because it is a current issue of the present administration, so she should not comment.   Wow, I guess until Obama is out of the White House, Hillary the candidate won’t have anything to say about anything.   How is that going to work Hillary?   I guess you won’t participate in any debates either?

The truth is, Hillary has a position, she favors the pipeline.   She and the foundation have had millions contributed to them, from proponents of the pipeline, mostly from out of Canada.   Foreign donations accepted.   Hillary and Bill have had many of their speeches funded by Keystone.  But, Hillary can’t be straight about it.

It must be difficult when so many foreign countries and companies own a piece of your ass.

No one in the history of this country has an individual/couple profited by selling out the interests of this country like the Clinton’s.  We the people see little to no benefits, the Clinton’s rake it all in.