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Media once again trying to convince/use with their everyday vocal pipes to leave a specific condition, a condition that they want us to believe, one of their making and one they are in sync with the Liberal Left. Because Kevin McCarthy is now (after multiple ballots) the Speaker of the House. And that because it took more than a single ballot, he has inherited a dysfunctional Republican majority in the House. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THE HOUSE WAS EVER FUNCTIONAL, where the business was for the good of the people? Certainly not under Speaker Pelosi! She was only interested in getting rid of Trump and she failed more than once! The media is a poor teacher about preaching to us as what is dysfunctional and functional. When it comes to truth, the media is totally dysfunctional.

Lets talk about STATUS QUO! Status quo would have been to elect the new Speaker on the first ballot, to have everyone/are most vote for that individual. That would have been status quo. A little fight, a little inner battle…is kind of good to see. The Democrats, oh they all stayed on board. That was status quo. However, they’d call it unity. It’s unity alright, but who are they listening to? Their folks back home? Nope! They huddle up, and because they weren’t going to win the Speaker’s position, they agree to show unity by sticking together 100%. They do that a lot by the way. Not much going on in real solutions. Whatever Biden and Nancy want, was 100% okay with them. Stick together, if you sway off line so much as 1 degree, you were off Nancy’s bandwagon and out of her committees. THAT is STATUS QUO. THAT IS THE DEEP STATE. Oh and by the way, a little spark, a little emotion and the pulling apart of a couple of bodies last evening was not all bad to see. If you don’t agree, don’t cave too soon. Make them work for it, was not all wrong. If you want to see some change, you can not just do things like it has been done before. Oh sure, some will say, doing your arguing after the Speaker has been chosen, we can do our infighting then. Sure, but who will see that? The public won’t, those are usually behind the scene battles, behind closed doors. Nothing wrong with the public seeing a little battle from the start. We needed to see some folks we elected, that don’t want to do business as usual. Seems it took many ballots for the Republicans to get that message. Dems never did, never will.

There needs to be some fight, some bucking of the status quo.

Status quo: The existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues.

“they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo”

Oh and by the way! Rep. Jeffries lied to us yesterday. Speaking of all those officers killed on Jan. 6. Biden lied to. An unarmed Ashli Babbit was killed by a House cop. He was called a hero. Ashli Babbit’s mother was arrested by D.C. police yesterday for protesting (peacefully by the way). She was arrested for J-walking. The lies from D.C. are certainly Status Quo. So, it is business as usual in our corrupt capitol. So, nope, nothing has changed has it? Not yet anyway.

There Are NO Leaders Here! — The Lone Cactus

If you want to take a look at what’s bugging America, just log on to Real Clear Politics. They have a listing of the “political leaders” job approval numbers and it’s rather dismal. Yes, it’s no surprise to anybody that Joe Biden continues to fall. The only surprise is how low a point he’s falling […]

There Are NO Leaders Here! — The Lone Cactus



Kevin McCarthy may be a member of the House, and a Speaker wanna be.   However, McCarthy does not represent the Benghazi Investigative Committee.   McCarthy is not a member of the Investigative Committee.  McCarthy’s comment that the Benghazi Committee helped drive down Hillary Clinton’s numbers in the polls, gave Hillary and the Democrats an opening to discredit the committee and its purpose as a farce.   “That” is grasping for life support from a party and lead candidate desperately in trouble. Hillary and the Dems are taking a poor choice of words from an individual with no authority to make such a statement(except his own opinion) and twisted to their benefit.    But……….  see below.

The next two paragraphs are quotes from an article by David Hawkings in May of 2014.

“Speaker John A. Boehner is insisting the only assignment for his appointees is to uncover the facts about what happened before, during and after the assault on the Libyan diplomatic mission, during which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died. Still, fewer than half his picks have any prior exposure to the matter through committee work. Gowdy and Ohio’s Jim Jordan are on the Oversight and Government Reform panel, while Georgia’s Lynn Westmoreland is on Intelligence, all three of which already have conducted inquiries. (No Republican member is from the other panel that probed the response to the attacks, Armed Services, although Alabama’s Marthy Roby was on that committee when it investigated the attacks.)

Despite Boehner’s stated charge, Republicans have made no secret about their principal political objective: exposing so many egregious State Department failings that Hillary Rodham Clinton is dissuaded (or effectively disqualified) from running for president.”


Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want the Benghazi Committee to go away…………..Of course they do, especially Hillary, it isn’t looking good for the Arkansas “self anointed” Princess.   Damaging her chances of being president is not what Hillary’s main concern should be, its PRISON.

The Benghazi Committee did not hurt Hillary in the polls.   This Trey Gowdy led committee has not made a final report, they aren’t nearly finished.   Its been lengthy, too lengthy admittedly, not all from their part, but from stalls, from the DOJ, the State Department, lawyers and probably judges.   Hillary Clinton is responsible for her numbers sliding in the polls for president.

The Benghazi Investigative Committee should hold someone, if that someone is Hillary Clinton (lets throw Obama in the ring, he certainly deserves to be there) accountable for her incompetence and reckless action (or non-action) and possibly criminal behavior.

So what?  If that is all the accountability that comes from a committee is to dissuade (disqualify) someone from running for president, so be it.   It is the doing of the individual, not this committee.   If the individual, in this case Hillary Clinton had been more responsible and accountable for lives that were lost in Benghazi, this Committee would not have been formed.

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Redirecting Blame.   It is what she does, it is what she has always done and will always do.   She has had many years of practice.