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arlin report thought(s) of the day: saturday may 2nd, the kentucky derby

Charlatan's sensational debut has sparked early comparisons to ...
San Gabriel Valley Tribune Charlatan

Should have gone to the Oaks yesterday and going to the Kentucky Derby today. This first weekend in May combo got postponed due to COVID-19. Now waiting for September, for The Run for the Roses. Better late than never.

Charlatan gets more prep time this way………but I don’t think he needs it. This horse is literally a stud, a beast. I think he runs today in Arkansas.

Above is a photo of Charlatan………..


Power, speed and beauty = SECRETARIAT

Some may argue, but to me the most amazing racehorse  was Secretariat.  There weren’t enough words to describe this beautiful thoroughbred.   There has never been another like him, and I can not imagine there ever will.

I lived in a college athletic dormitory in 1973, the lobby/TV room was packed, everyone standing to watch Secretariat sprint around the Churchill Downs track as if he were the only horse in the field.   We had about 300 students residing in the dorm, it seemed as if all were in that one cramped room watching.   We had heard of this powerful animal, but this was the first race we’d see him run.  Run, that really isn’t the right word.  A locomotive with the speed of a jet it seemed.

I remember the cheering, not for any other horse, but for this horse to continue stretching his lead……….there was never any doubt.   The further into the race the further the lead would extend.  It was his track and so it was with the Preakness and Belmont races.

College athletes cramped into that room for all the Triple Crown races that year; all for that one beast of an Athlete, Secretariat.   There was no talk of any other horse.   It was exciting just watching Secretariat coming on to the track and enter the pre-race parade showing his colors.

The Kentucky Derby is the most exciting 2 minutes in sports.   You’ve heard that before.   I became a Derby/Triple Crown fan because of Secretariat.   What an amazing animal he was!

It’s a tough race to win, the field is crowded.   The fastest horse can get pinched in and not find an opening, then there may be too much ground to make-up.   The fastest is not always the quickest out of the gate.   My pick for this years Derby is Firing Line rode by Gary Stevens and trained by Simon Callaghan.   Firing Line has morning odds at 12-1.   The pre-race favorite is American Pharoah at 5-2.

That is my call, my bet:  Firing Line.   Once I see the horses parade just before Post Time, I may see another………and say “oops”!   It should be fun, it is an American Classic!