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elizabeth warren: the never specific candidate, the accuser

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Hillary’s twin, Elizabeth Warren.

A speech was given at an Elizabeth Warren rally tonight by the candidate herself. A lot of words come from the mouth of Warren. She is the classic Democratic Trump hater. Elizabeth Warren has become quite the accuser. She’d like to see Trump impeached and prays he would be indicted for something, anything. That would make the road to the White House easier for her, if she can get beyond her own party, most likely Biden.

Warren the accuser: Warren said Trump’s administration was the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Once again the Democrats and this most certainly includes Warren ignore the Mueller Report. Trump committed no collusion. In fact, we are learning Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration aided by a CORRUPT DOJ and upper officials of the FBI COLLUDED to keep Trump out of the White House and/or if elected conduct a coup. Another words frame Trump. Warren also stated Trump was only interested himself, stealing the wealth from the American people. IS SHE FREAKING CRAZY? The Obama’s and the Clinton’s became wealthy from their time in the WH. How many senators and representatives have become wealthy while in office? THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOU ELIZABETH! Trump donates his salary and Warren knows it. Trump’s net worth has decreased due to his decision to run for and serve as president. Does Warren donate her salary? No she does not. Has Warren’s net worth gone down since being in government? NO!

Warren is a speaker that often makes generalities. “Trump is corrupt.” Elaborate Elizabeth, get specific. You don’t, probably because you can’t! You want to see corruption, just stay on board with the rest of your party that is only interested in smearing Trump, impeaching Trump. You are one of the leaders of dragging Trump, his family and administration through the mud. Many of the players involved with framing Trump will have a lot of explaining to do. I doubt Warren can defend that, as she is one of the great accusers.

This fraud, Elizabeth (fake Native American) Warren is either bold or just plain stupid to be accusing anyone of corruption.

What is really very sad and should be criminal, these people like Warren make accusations without proof! The Dems, (Warren included) are screaming for Kavanaugh’s head again. Simply because a couple of morons printed a story that even their said victim can’t recall an incident of sexual misconduct. The said victim says she is not a victim, and can’t recall the misconduct. We’ve heard this before from the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Party.

The Dems continue to try to destroy Trump with false accusations and conduct they themselves are guilty!


Claire McCaskill is in a fight for her Senate seat, a liberal, far left seat (Democrat, as if I need to remind you).   Claire’s campaign ads are designed to convince Missouri voters that she is a “moderate” (an in the middle, independent thinker).   That could not be further from the truth.   Claire McCaskill is a Hillary/Obama follower, one of their lost puppies.   Undercover videos now show Claire’s own staff saying “…….people can’t know that.”, on Claire’s position on gun control, telling voters one thing but supporting the opposite; she is far to the left on gun control.    Claire is not in the middle, not a moderate.

Claire McCaskill is a far left, liberal as it gets Democrat.  A vote for Claire is a vote for Chuck Schumer.   Yes Schumer and McCaskill, the do anything it takes to keep Brett Kavanaugh from be confirmed to the Supreme Court fake moderates!

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Expose it,   It is then up to us to vote the scum buckets OUT!

To Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill: Something for you to see………….

See the video below, but for you Claire, you should have gotten this before hand, the understanding.   Getting it now?  Too late to save your Senate seat.  Enjoy your final days in Washington.   Gas up that plane, it’ll be a long ride home.


Claire McCaskill’s gained wealth as U.S. Senator

Now is the time for Claire McCaskill to be voted out of the U.S. Senate.    By the way just moments ago McCaskill voted against proceeding with Judge Kavanaugh’s seating to the Supreme Court.   She first stalled in her vote, then stayed true with the Democrat’s vote.