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Claire McCaskill is in a fight for her Senate seat, a liberal, far left seat (Democrat, as if I need to remind you).   Claire’s campaign ads are designed to convince Missouri voters that she is a “moderate” (an in the middle, independent thinker).   That could not be further from the truth.   Claire McCaskill is a Hillary/Obama follower, one of their lost puppies.   Undercover videos now show Claire’s own staff saying “…….people can’t know that.”, on Claire’s position on gun control, telling voters one thing but supporting the opposite; she is far to the left on gun control.    Claire is not in the middle, not a moderate.

Claire McCaskill is a far left, liberal as it gets Democrat.  A vote for Claire is a vote for Chuck Schumer.   Yes Schumer and McCaskill, the do anything it takes to keep Brett Kavanaugh from be confirmed to the Supreme Court fake moderates!

O’Keefed! Sen. Claire McCaskill BUSTED over views on guns, immigration —


KOMMONSENTSJANE – Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s Hit on Kavanaugh — kommonsentsjane

Senator Tom Cotton dropped a bomb this week on The Hugh Hewitt Show. Cotton blamed Schumer’s political operation for being behind the Christine Ford operation from the very beginning. Christine Ford and her close “beach friend” Monica McLean. Cotton pointed to Ford’s friend Monica McLean who worked for Preet Bharara, an outspoken Trump hater and […]

via KOMMONSENTSJANE – Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s Hit on Kavanaugh — kommonsentsjane

Is He Draining The Swamp? — The Lone Cactus

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, one of his campaign promises was he was going to “drain the swamp”. It’s one of the campaign promises he has failed to deliver on. But, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing has certainly shown all of the weird and utterly useless critters that are populating the […]

via Is He Draining The Swamp? — The Lone Cactus

Expose it,   It is then up to us to vote the scum buckets OUT!

To Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill: Something for you to see………….

See the video below, but for you Claire, you should have gotten this before hand, the understanding.   Getting it now?  Too late to save your Senate seat.  Enjoy your final days in Washington.   Gas up that plane, it’ll be a long ride home.


Claire McCaskill’s gained wealth as U.S. Senator

Now is the time for Claire McCaskill to be voted out of the U.S. Senate.    By the way just moments ago McCaskill voted against proceeding with Judge Kavanaugh’s seating to the Supreme Court.   She first stalled in her vote, then stayed true with the Democrat’s vote.



Give credit to Chuck Schumer, he is relentless.   Not real bright but relentless.    Just moments ago, he gave a news conference, then went on the Senate floor and cried foul!  He continues to defend Dr. Christine Ford, despite an ADDITIONAL background investigation by the FBI (that Schumer demanded), that did not confirm Ford’s allegations.  Ford either flat out lied, or was horribly mistaken in her story against Kavanaugh.

Sen. Graham was right, the DEMS will never be satisfied, it will never be enough.  They got what they wanted in a seventh investigation, but not the results they wanted.  Sen. Feinstein pointed her old, crooked finger at Trump, that he tied the FBI’s hands from giving a complete investigation.    Lets see, Trump gave the FBI until Friday, but they apparently didn’t need all that time, as nothing led to confirming Ford’s story.

If Schumer and Feinstein want to expand the FBI investigation, then it should also include an investigation of Ford.   She appears to have lied about flying, her front door and giving tips on taking a polygraph.   Investigate her for perjury………..  Chuckie, Dianne, is that what you want?   And by the way, Feinstein created this mess.