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NOT a likely combo!

What does Ohio Governor John Kasich expect?  What is he hoping for?   The path to the Republican nomination is a dead end for the Gov.    He can’t possibly be wanting the VP nod, he has burned too many bridges…..less than Cruz, but enough that he can’t return and cross back.  It would be difficult for either half of the Cruz/Kasich Pact to join forces with Trump, when they tag teamed him to destroy his chances at the nomination.  On the other hand crazier things have happened in this 2016 Presidential Campaign.   Trump, I am guessing here, will select a female running mate.  Of course any of the 16 other competitors, as Trump now refers to them, could say “Oh, all that feuding among us was just politics,  we’re all after all actors. Keeping Hillary out of the White House is our main objective.”    Keeping Hillary out I will agree with, most definitely.

Hillary Clinton is the most undeserving of all the candidates for the White House.   Hillary Clinton is the most SINISTER of them all!

Sinister:  threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble; ominous: a sinister glance. 2. evil or malevolent; base: sinister purposes. 3. unfortunate; disastrous; unfavorable.  Hitler like!


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No I am not endorsing John Kaisch for the Republican nominee to take on the fixed candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.  It is Kaisch not Trump hanging in as a candidate with no possible path to the nomination outright.   Kaisch is there for one reason, possibly two reasons.   He is still goofy enough to think he can win the 8 mandatory states in the primaries in order to gain the nomination taking the long road through an open convention.   Or, he remains to take enough delegates away from Trump to keep him from the 1,237 magic number to nomination.  Kaisch hangs in as an Establishment plant, favor………he is part of the good ole boys D.C. army.  Kaisch has an anybody but Trump mentality; which also means he doesn’t give a damn what the American people want.   Oh he talks a good word……..he is as deceitful as Cruz.   Kaisch has an ego, close to Trump’s…………I, I, I.   How many times do you hear…….I did this in Ohio, I did this in Washington…..I,I,I.  You can’t argue with that he is a part of the Washington Establishment, he is correct, he has been saying I for many years.  He has lots of friends in Washington, he is not an outsider.   He is not wanted as Commander-in-Chief by the American public.   He continues to stay in this race for one purpose, to divide the votes, which divides the party at this point even further.   He is hoping for one outcome, which won’t happen, but will settle for the other; keeping Trump from winning outright.   Then the Establishment can REGAIN CONTROL of the convention.   The Republican Party will be finished……if it happens.   Lets face it folks this Party has totally lost touch with We the People.   They do not make logical or smart decisions……..their own stupidity is bringing it down.


There’s been play talk about a grand compromise which could save the Republican Party from civil war or even implosion this summer, and I want your thoughts about it. The hypothetical deal is…


Hypothetical is right!   I doubt Kasich would be willing to team up with Trump.   And, Cruz would never get confirmed by Congress for SCOTUS.




The gangs all here:  How about a group hug, show a little love.

The 2016 Presidential Candidates  and former Candidates don’t need to be beat up each other, their doing quite the job of bashing themselves and committing political suicide.

Hillary’s puffs are not gaffes, she really doesn’t acknowledge 4 people died in Benghazi……..she said we didn’t lose anyone in Libya.   Coal miners losing their jobs………not important to Hillary.  She can’t blame Trump for this, its all Hillary.

Kasich, basically said “depending on whether I win Ohio or not will determine if I go after Trump or not.   If I win oh yeah……If I lose, not so much'”     No wishy washy stuff from the Governor!

Bernie, ………..talk about a clown… goofiness everyday.

Rubio, he is lost, might as well have said…. “This arena is to difficult, no one is playing fair; I’d rather run for Governor.”   Politics is a dirty game isn’t it Marco?

Cruz………  Like a little white rat….

Trump………  seems immune.




Its time to party, we finished in 4th place, we’re moving on to South Carolina!!

I understand that it isn’t likely any candidate in any election is going to sweep every state in primaries.   Geographically speaking you aren’t going to win some areas.  I wouldn’t say that getting doubled up, tripled or greater is much of a victory.   Tip your hat and go to the next state.   Its kind of like losing teams, like the L.A. Rams finding  something to get excited about after you just got your ass kicked by an expansion team.  What?   Donald Trump, an expansion team rookie to politics just kicked the established Washington career politicians to the curb, or more accurately the voters of New Hampshire did.   If anyone should be excited to go to S.C. it would be Trump.

All that being said, if you are Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Kasich……..the others not worthy of mentioning, you have many back to back loses, you are out of contention, you don’t make the playoffs.

It is easy to see why Washington and government in this country is sooooooooo screwed up.   These people can not add and subtract.   Trump more than doubled Kasich, but Kasich, the I have balanced budgets candidate, did everything but crown himself last night.   Ohio, do an audit, the man can not count.

Jeb, sorry but being back that far, and being quadrupled in votes can not possibly be encouraging to the man that was supposed to be the Republican answer to Hillary.

Seriously, some of this campaign money could be used to better mankind, rather than give professional politicians ridiculous false hope.  Go home Carly and Ben and Jeb.


It amazes me, time after time, debate after debate, the Republicans and Democrats neither one can follow the rules of debate.   You get 90 seconds to answer, not 100 sec., not 120 seconds, 90!   The time limit bell rings, but they keep rambling on.   They don’t just finish their thought, they ramble on and on……Kasich!    Hillary does the same.    This isn’t just Republicans.

Maybe that isn’t a big deal to many of you.  No it isn’t life threatening or a threat to national security.   It is annoying and inconsiderate!     Tonight, Trump and Carson were the most considerate  with the rules of debate.

PLAY BY THE RULES.   I needed to rant on this just a bit.   Had I been back stage at the debate tonight, I would have searched for a roll of Duct Tape, walked behind Gov. Kasich and placed a strip over his freaking mouth.