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Cindy McCain absolutely sounds like the illogical Democratic Party.

Criticizing the Republican Party, especially about the border and illegal immigrants. Dear Cindy, John was in the Senate for many years and did nothing to secure our border or prevent what has taken place there.




Politically and financially motivated scam artists!

John McCain, pretended to be a REPUBLICAN, and a patriot.   Did little John survive North Vietnam’s prison by feeding them information and future promises? Did he stage his own capture?    It’s a good question when you’ve seen him hanging out with ISIS members; and now we learn he tried, probably did, influence the IRS to cause audit havoc.   Oh I can hear the left now smacking me around for bad mouthing such an outstanding American.   The worse of them, once a true patriot, who does a 180 degree spin.

And Claire McCaskill ……… the so-called Senator from Missouri.   An extreme left-wing democrat as you can get.   She’ll ride your coat-tails, anyone’s coat-tails……….. I could go deeper than that, but I need to keep it clean.    She pretends to be on the right side, not the conservative side……… she wants to give the image of purity.   It’s an act, she is only interested in whatever benefits her.   I’d be looking into her highway to wealth too!   How is it, so many, elected to the U.S. Senate and House come out so wealthy?

John McCain’s wandering orthopedic boot — Fellowship of the Minds

Remember this pic of Sen. John McCain on November 6, 2017, wearing an orthopedic or walking boot on his right foot? We are told he needed the boot because of a “minor tear” in his right Achilles’ tendon. Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton also has an orthopedic boot on her right foot, ostensibly because she had broken […]

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Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually ankle bracelets? — Fellowship of the Minds

There is a buzz in the Alternative Media that the orthopedic boots worn by Hillary Clinton and John McCain may actually be ankle bracelets, worn to prevent them from fleeing the United States. Remember Hillary Clinton saying she broke her big toe while “running down stairs wearing heels and falling backward” and so had to […]

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Looks like Hillary and McCain were tended to by the same law enforcem………..I mean doctor.


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