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john kerry knows best for you…… lmao


Kerry is on the same level as Biden. Let us not forget his foreign money bribes he received, (same pattern as the Biden family), is Biden and Clinton like. The Deep State. Just another Swamp Rat Biden is dragging back into our lives. This Rat has been as worthless as Biden’s career in politics.

kerry family ………. commie china have a lot of u.s. gov./politicians on the take

Many U.S. political characters have been bought by the Communist Chinese Party. If the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, along with the Department of Homeland Security, DOJ do nothing and let these treasonous ass-holes off the hook (like they have for years now) then our government (not just politicians) are owned by China.

The Biden Crime Family, The Kerry Crime Family, The Clinton Crime Family………….and anyone covering for these people are included. Who don’t we know about yet? The D.C. establishment…………, The Swamp………. All those politicians protecting one another. We need a full list. We need honest people in high places do step up and do the right thing. These families should be in handcuffs already.

joe placed hunter high up the chain……… distrubutor of bribe money

America, how does your rear end feel today? All these DC swamp crime families getting theirs while many Americans struggle. And they pretend to be for the little guy. Well guess who the little guy turned out to be? The Biden family’s “Big Guy”……… Joe.

You take the Biden Crime Family, The Clinton Crime Cartel, the John Kerry Family, Nancy Pelosi Family………..whew, these countries have been putting out some big bucks! Oh……..! The Obama’s, my gosh how could I have let that group nearly slip by. And since NY is releasing cop murders from prison, there is surely some space for all the folks I just mentioned above. These fish need to be fried! NOW!

Report: Bolton Says Trump Tied Ukraine Funds to Biden Probe — whotv.com

Even if this is true, and WE ALREADY KNEW IT MAY BE TRUE, SO WHAT. After everything we are learning about the Bidens and the Ukraine, there is good reason to investigate them. You can toss in John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi as well. Looks like these people and their family members (5 from the Biden family) have been making money from their advantaged government family positions. Pelosi’s a filming co. deal in IRAN! Apparently Bolton is another ambassador that doesn’t like it when the President’s foreign policy doesn’t match his. Guess what Johnnie Boy you are not the President. (ArlinReport)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump told his national security adviser he wanted to maintain a freeze on military assistance to Ukraine until it aided political investigations into his Democratic rivals, according to a report in The New York Times on Sunday. The newspaper said John Bolton’s description of his exchange with Trump appears…

Report: Bolton Says Trump Tied Ukraine Funds to Biden Probe — whotv.com

+Obama’s quid pro quo with iran, but we get screwed

Image result for photos of cash on pallets delivered to iran

This link below from 2016.


The Obama administration, (VP Joe Biden), and Sec. of State (Hillary Clinton and John Kerry), were the greatest appeasement administration of modern foreign policy by the U.S.

Obama’s 150 billion dollar give-away, 1.7 billion in cash delivered to Iran on pallets via cargo plane in the darkness of the night. The exchange: Iran will not escalate their nuclear weapons program. LOL. That part of the Obama QUID PRO QUO, never quite materialized the way he thought it would, or did it? Obama was taken to the cleaners. Let me rephrase that: The American taxpayers were taken to the cleaners, not by Iran, but our own president, Barack Obama! He is on a lifetime retirement run, living the high-life. He and Michelle got theirs, Clinton-like!

Iran got value from their Obama gift of billions. The American dollars were used to fund terrorist’s activity throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East. Our own money used against us. The Democrats have been and still are okay with that! Those bucks aren’t important to Biden, his family have been collecting foreign funds in return for years now.


It would probably be wise, though he lacks intelligence as he has demonstrated with his acts of foolishness, for John Kerry to stop hanging with Iranian officials, especially given the demonstration of our military being able to strike a target within inches.

Image result for photos of john kerry with iranian officials


Convinced more than ever, Dems are impeaching Trump to cover up the Obama Administration.

john kerry: better off in iran! He’d be an ass-et!

Though he is a treasonous jackass!

Image result for Recent photos of John Kerry in Iran
ABC News May 2019

In 2018 while in Paris there are photos of John Kerry with 3 Iranian officials. He denied meeting with them. Pictures prove he did and that he lied about it. That’s nothing new coming from anyone having served in the Obama administration.

President Trump wanted to have Kerry prosecuted for meeting with the Iranians. He may still be secretly be doing it, as is rumored.

If Kerry is meeting with Iranians still, he should go to Iran and stay in Iran. He’d actually be conducting secret talks, believing he is helping THEM. Truth is, John Kerry has NEVER been right about much of anything. If Kerry is giving advice to the Iranians, he’d most definitely be helping us (though he thinks he’d be helping them). Kerry hates Trump. He has spoken badly about Trump to the Iranians in the past. Kerry doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. What is good for us is ………..unless the Iranians are finding this out for themselves, Kerry is an idiot that can only lead THEM to trouble. But Kerry is too arrogant to understand his own ignorance.

So, John Kerry go and stay in Iran. Problem you have is you’ll have to take some of your wife’s money on pallets with you! They are going to expect something other than your advice! You know, something like……cash on pallets your Obama bud gave them. Be careful though John, the Iranians may partially blame you for bad advice that got their favorite general killed.

John it would be beneficial for your health if you learned to lie better. You’re too easy to uncover, you’re too obvious, Mr. Obvious!