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arlin report thought of the day: is j. biden competent to even testify?

Forget the presidency, is Joe Biden even mentally competent to testify at any hearing? Republicans would love to have Creepy Joe testify on his involvement in the Ukraine and Hunter’s position with the corrupt gas company Burisma. As much as a gaffe box that he is, I am not sure anything crazy that comes from his mouth isn’t instead from being senile. Joe would prefer to talk about ‘his hairy legs and how kids like to jump on his lap, which he likes’. This event may have happened a year or two ago, it doesn’t matter; it is totally inappropriate. Also, sucking on his wife’s finger on stage while being introduced isn’t normal. Not even for Joe. At least it was his wife and not another woman or child.

This isn’t funny, and I am not trying to be, it’s sad. Biden isn’t losing it, he has lost it.

Biden getting freakier, talks about his legs & lap jumping with kids, he likes it

If Trump said this, it would be on every media outlet across the world. This isn’t even funny anymore.