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biden or covid-19 ………..they’ll both make you sick

this is the democrats nominee for potus????


Biden shortens speeches as gaffes pile up | Disrn — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

This is much like Hillary in 2016……… she appeared not to be well. Joe can run but he can not continue to hide. There is no cure for what ails him. His wife and staff can not prop him up for ever. (Arlin Report comment)

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s speeches have grown noticeably shorter in recent weeks, a possible indication that his campaign is working to limit the former vice president’s frequent habit of embarrassing gaffes on the campaign trail. — Read on disrn.com/news/biden-shortening-speeches-to-limit-gaffes

Biden shortens speeches as gaffes pile up | Disrn — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Bernie Sanders supporters, progressives sound the alarm on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’ | Fox News — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Attacks against former Vice President Joe Biden have escalated from the left as many are accusing the Democratic frontrunner of suffering from a “cognitive decline” and some are even claiming without evidence that he has “dementia.” — Read on http://www.foxnews.com/media/bernie-sanders-supporters-biden-cognitive-decline

Bernie Sanders supporters, progressives sound the alarm on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’ | Fox News — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

arlin report thought(s) of the day: this occurred to me after 3 sips

Image result for cartoons of democrats on a merry-go-round

My first thought upon waking this morning was to ask Alexa what the weather would be like in the St. Charles, Missouri area today. Mid- upper 50s with a chance of rain. 2nd thought of the day, rain……..perfect for another day of trout fishing. These mild days in January are giving us days of opportunity for a little outdoor activity. It’s a bit wet and muddy in these parts, so I’ll shy away from golf, especially with possible rain. I know you aren’t really interested in how I spend my time (I can’t really say spare time since I am retired). But, this post is about my thought(s) of the day.

After my 3rd sip of coffee, it occurred to me that the Democrats, pretty much all of them including the presidential candidates, are like a bunch of clowns on a merry-go-round. They just keep going round and round and round in circles. They stay in this spin with nowhere to go. That is their platform, if you’re looking for one. They keep coming back to the same place they started. They don’t even attempt to get off and move on to something productive. They must really like this playground. This best sums up the Democrats of the past 3 years. They’ve circled back around to another Russian hack story.

Yes the Democrats are back bringing Russia back into their playground. Its pretty much the same story. Only this time they are trying desperately to keep Joe and Hunter Biden from entering any further. According to the Dems, the Russians are/have been at it again. They hacked Burisma. You know that corrupt Ukrainian gas company Hunter held a board position with, thanks to daddy and VP Joe Biden. This is that same company the Ukrainians were investigating/possibly to prosecute for corrupting until daddy Joe threatened to…..wait for it…….withhold funds from the Ukraine unless they dropped the investigation. So, now, though I don’t have all the details as information is still coming out, the Democrats are claiming this Russian hack job will clear the Bidens of “any” wrong doing. A Russian hack story from another “source”. At this time it appears to be an unverified source. So, HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Did the DNC not learn anything from their past? Have they gotten dizzy riding this merry-go-around? Appears they learned nothing. Will there be another dossier paid for by the Democrats? I wouldn’t even take Hillary Clinton out of the playground yet. She likes the merry-go-round. Shes the Democrats go-fund-me account, she has plenty of dirty money, probably some from the Ukraine and Russia as well.

The Dems are looking to compound crap on impeachment. One reason Pelosi withheld sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate was to pile on. When it was announced the articles would be delivered today this “new” (gag) Russian hack story pops up. THIS ISN’T GOING TO WORK. Russians hacking Burisma (even if true) doesn’t mean Joe and Hunter didn’t have their claws inside of the corruption. The Democrats are making a desperate attempt to distract attention from the Bidens. They are protecting the activity of Joe Biden.

TRUMP DID THIS (they’ll claim). Trump colluded with Russia, and here we go again………..”spinning around in circles”. The American public are the ones getting dizzy. We don’t want to play anymore. GAME OVER!

Yep, I’m going fishing. Not watching this crap today.

arlin report thought of the day: is j. biden competent to even testify?

Forget the presidency, is Joe Biden even mentally competent to testify at any hearing? Republicans would love to have Creepy Joe testify on his involvement in the Ukraine and Hunter’s position with the corrupt gas company Burisma. As much as a gaffe box that he is, I am not sure anything crazy that comes from his mouth isn’t instead from being senile. Joe would prefer to talk about ‘his hairy legs and how kids like to jump on his lap, which he likes’. This event may have happened a year or two ago, it doesn’t matter; it is totally inappropriate. Also, sucking on his wife’s finger on stage while being introduced isn’t normal. Not even for Joe. At least it was his wife and not another woman or child.

This isn’t funny, and I am not trying to be, it’s sad. Biden isn’t losing it, he has lost it.