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illuminati members


Not an anyone can join membership.   They pull new members from around the globe.  Global is a popular word for the Illuminati; it’s what they are about; and achieving one ruling class globalization is their goal.   They really love celebrities, The Madonnas, Beyoncé, Clooney, Gaga    Yes they go gaga over Hollywood liberals, with their wealth and easy control of their minds.  They use these brainless celebs to spread their bullshit.

The original high-octane families of the Illuminati come from all corners of the earth; spreading their doctrine of global dominance.   They will not go away, but they can be slowed, even disrupted.  Trump was not their chosen one.   Though some will say Trump is part of the Illuminati; not necessarily by choice.   Some believe U.S. Presidents automatically become a member; to be controlled by the NWO, influenced by the money families of the organization.   Trump is his own man, with his own ego…….not as controllable as Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama.  He may be a big roadblock for this elitist global group.  They have the sources to remove him, one way or another.   Trump is no JFK…..look what happened to him.



I think its safe to say the CIA is not a fan of President-elect Donald Trump.  They made an attempt to keep him from winning the Electoral vote as we know.  What is next from the CIA?   JFK was not exactly beloved by the intelligence agency as well.   Rumors and suspicion have circled around the CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination for….many years.   To what extent will the CIA act to favor their will?


LBJ (Conspirator) AND JFK…..



I have come across a new book; The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone.    Normally, I would not mention or recommend a book until I have finished reading, then only if I find it a good read.  After reading the introduction, just starting chapter one, I can tell it’s one I will have trouble putting down.  I learned things about LBJ and a few others, surprisingly Nixon; yes RN himself.

On my Nook, the book is 444 pages, so it will take a few days to read; that’s why I thought I would present my discovery to you now, if you didn’t already know.

The JFK assassination has had many theories, tales and a lot of speculation since November 22, 1963 on conspiracies vs. the Lee Harvey Oswald lone assassin.   Personally, and I have friends, including blogger friends who do/will not agree with me; I am convinced more than one individual was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

In 1968, Roger Stone  mentioned to former Attorney John Mitchell that he might someday write a book on the controversy surrounding JFK’s assassination.   Mitchell suggested that Stone wait until the 50th anniversary.  Roger Stone agreed.

In 1972, I attended a presentation by an independent investigative team on the JFK assassination while a student at Missouri Southern State University.   This team, had all the video, photos….etc and gave a very convincing accounting of the killing.   They believed it was a conspiracy and that Oswald did not act alone, it wasn’t possible.  They didn’t know who fired the shots, but their presentation pretty much blew the Warren Commission’s findings out of the water! I have been fascinated ever since.

I only mention this book now, for those interested.


JFK…..I was only about 9 years of age, when he gave a speech about the press and their responsibilities to the American people.  I am paraphrasing here, but he said “He had confidence in the American people when they were fully informed. ”

Kennedy believed the press was obligated to report the mistakes made by government and our leaders and that they were not to be kept secret.


If you are around the age of 60, okay I am 61, click on this link and listen to the speech by JFK.  You won’t remember the words, but you will remember the voice, how he made you feel, what drew us to him, unlike any leader of our time.  The first part is humorous as he spoke to the press, but half way through it becomes very somber, serious, with some of the most intelligent and sincere words I have ever heard spoken from a U.S. President, or anyone.

President Kennedy, was warning us against a conspiracy, a secret society, a new world order.   It was this that he spoke to the press, that they were obligated to report to the American people.

I grew up in a family that voted Republican.  As a 9 or 10-year old, that meant nothing to me.   John F. Kennedy was my president,  even though as young as I was, when he spoke he had my attention.   I was too young to understand at the time…….but I liked the sound, the tone, he really cared.  We related with him, there was Jackie, John Jr. and Caroline, real people, wealthy but just like us.

It is said that the speech of April 27, 1961 was the words that got him killed.  He said before he left office he would expose the conspiracy against the U.S. by the “Secret Society”.   I believe that to be true.   I believe he had more to say, but that he was silenced.

I was in grade school at Union Elementary in Union, Missouri, when Vernon the janitor stuck his head in our class and told us the President had been shot.   What seemed like only a  few moments later, Vernon returned to tell a class of 11 year old’s, their President was dead.  To me, John Jr. and Caroline’s daddy was now gone.  The only political matter that had meant anything to me prior to that was, I had heard him speak about the Cuban missile crisis, and my mother thought we were about to be  involved in another war.

I had no politics as a young boy, I was a Republican…….during most of my adult life.   I am neither Republican or Democrat today;  they’re really hard to tell apart.   I won’t vote for a specific candidate just for the sake of voting.   Yes, I may choose not to vote, that is my right too. I haven’t seen many JFK’s come around lately, have you?

I know I have kind of jumped around with the subject a bit……my point is, JFK warned us about a secret society out to control and enslave us, and that it was up to the press to inform us.   Today, when someone speaks out about a New World Order, they are looked upon as being an extreme radical or a nut.   Back in the day…….no one and I mean no one, would have ever thought President Kennedy as nuts.

The link below is the speech to the press.  If you are around my age, open the link and listen, this time really listen; it will make more sense to you now.   If you are young, please listen, they are words of wisdom unlike any you have heard.  http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2010/08/26/john-f-kennedys-new-world-order-speech-full-unedited/