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Dah!!!! I said that back in the 70s (Arlin Report thought(s) of the day!

In September of 1972 I was a junior at Missouri Southern State College (now Missouri Southern State University). I attended a presentation from an investigative team on JFK’s assassination AND it included an investigation ON the Warren Report (a fake report manufactured by the government, of which notable politicians of the time were involved, wasn’t it Gerald Ford?). The people leading this presentation gave EVIDENCE AND PRACITICAL SCIENCE which contradicted damn near everything the Warren Report wrote. When I left that presentation, I was 100% convinced that Oswald did not kill JFK. Oh, he was a stooge all right. I don’t think he realized he would be arrested. He would be a person of interest, someone the FBI would pretend to look for. Killing Oswald was part of the plot, Ruby was part of the plot. Two dummies that could easily be rid of, and father time could continue to point it’s finger of blame at. Oswald understood he was a willing decoy. CIA, FBI, LBJ (which includes Lady Bird Johnson) and the mob were involved. You can’t see (especially with a corrupt FBI we see today) the FBI being involved? RFK and JFK were coming down on the mob (that was their motivation for joining the assassination plot, LBJ knew this). Oh and that lovely Bush family tree! George HW Bush, head of CIA! Don’t dismiss the real reason for the Bush family’s hatred for Trump (exposing the truth of the Deep State). I do not recall what the name this investigative group went by. I do know, they too were eventually somehow silenced.

America’s most controversial pathologist dissects JFK’s assassination in explosive new book | RT World News — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

My first week attending Missouri Southern College (now University) in 1972 I attended a 3 hour long seminar from an organization that had investigated the JFK assassination and more specifically the government’s weak explanation known as The Warren Report. I do not remember the name of the organization, but, they were thorough, and well documented. They showed video and slides, many of which I have “never” seen since. They showed that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. But more importantly they ripped apart the Warren Report, convincingly showing the governments report to be TOTAL BS! I believed it then, I believe they had it right today. Here is the thing! Those that made that presentation back in 1972 were not people of age that would have had reason to cover-up ANYTHING; unlike those that orchestrated the Warren Report. Politicians! The people on that day back in early September of 72 were in their early to middle 20s. They had nothing to hide……nothing to be secretive about. Like I said they had evidence I have not seen since; until possibly now with this pathologist! I want the book. BTW, there is no reason to hold documents from the public today, except the likes of a Joe Biden are still around……people holding info from us could still be considered part of a cover-up conspiracy. (Arlin Report comment)

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and the Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Texas Governor John Connolly adjusts his tie as President and Mrs. Kennedy, in a pink outfit, settled in rear seats, prepared for motorcade into city from […]

America’s most controversial pathologist dissects JFK’s assassination in explosive new book | RT World News — Truth2Freedom’s Blog



Yes our government, those high-ranking self-righteous lawmakers in Washington D.C. have been swampy for many, many years.   They will and have determined what we should and should not know; they after all are only interested in our safety and mental health!!!

If they, there, was nothing to hide, nothing would go without being revealed.   So, now, because they want to suddenly be honest, these corrupt folks in Swamp Land, spoon feed us, ever so slightly so as not to cause us infantile to choke or breakdown.  Forget that much of our population that would have been the most interested in the JFK assassination, have already died.  And, lets not forget they still will redact what they still do not want us to know.   They will cover up, black-out names…….TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT OF COURSE!!!

Knowing what we know today, about those officials in D.C., the corruption that runs rabid, the government and it’s agencies killed our president and covered it up.   They had to, cover it up that is!   Why else would the facts…..the truth be hidden in documentation in a vault, they was never meant to be open until all have passed.   They are all rotten to the core, and this ain’t Denmark.

Here is another thing………What else do they keep hidden, secretive……….for our own sake?   You know, We the People, the naive and stupid!