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Wordless prayers

If you are struggling with your prayers and don’t know what to say or ask; just focus on God and thank him.   He knows what you are trying to say.   Be sincere!


The Messiah

Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV: Apr 28, 2017 The Messiah is a very well done film as a educational religious drama. The story takes place approx. one year after the death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). Rabbi Yehudah, who was once a skeptic of the gospel of Christ, comes to believe and realize that Jesus is…

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Just a reminder for the day– Our Savior loves us! He lives with us! And He is always there for us! We just have to trust Him! For we “are not skilled to understand… What God has willed, what God has planned we only know at His right hand Stands one who is our Savior”

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This is my opinion, many Christians may share the same, it is just my opinion; and I am not a religious scholar; but non-Christians seem to be missing-out.  They have nothing to compare to Good Friday and the following Sunday, the Resurrection.   How could they have, if they don’t believe in what we Christians believe?