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nancy claims she doesn’t hate anyone………

If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t hate Trump, as Speaker of the House (Mob Boss) why has she allowed her two biggest goons Schiff and Nadler to run their hearings without due process? It has been pretty much one sided, with most of the witnesses and questioning. This is how hearings are conducted in places like North Korea and Russia.

After Pelosi was asked if she hated Trump, she shouted back she didn’t hate anyone. Then like a female mob boss responded with a scolding of the reporter who asked the question with “don’t mess with me……”.

Because she is Catholic she doesn’t hate anyone. If Catholicism was so important to her she’d be against abortion. Nancy Pelosi worships the Chair she sits in.

Maybe she doesn’t hate Trump. She did also call him a coward. So this non-hateful name caller just treats people unfairly. She is ultimately responsible for this impeachment inquiry, soon to be impeachment upon her forward charge approval. She is responsible for how her goons have conducted these hearings as well. She calls Trump a coward because he hasn’t played along with this impeachment farce. The two biggest cowards are in the House, Schiff and Nadler. The way this has been handled confirms this is not an impeachment but a coup.

You just know, they can’t possibly believe Trump will resign if they keep the heat on him like they have since the day he took the oath of office. I guarantee you, Trump has not for a single moment considered resignation.


liberal professors lecturing we the people because?

Because the Left, the Democrats on this Judiciary Committee’s act II of impeachment believe We the People are too stupid to understand the Constitution. Therefore, the impeachment process must be explained to us. Not DUE PROCESS mind you, but the Left’s process.

Keep in mind today, the four “witnesses” are extreme (extremely liberal) Left Law professors. Which means we will get “their” interpretations and opinions, which also follows a path of their “political” ideals. They will and as we speak are giving us more than a lecture on the constitution. Three are stating they what they want us to believe as factual. That isn’t what they should be doing, but it is what Chairman Nadler hoped for. They are there solely for the purpose of convincing us that Trump is guilty and should be impeached. The problem is a fair process, due process has not been followed. Guess what folks, what they these liberal professors aren’t telling you is that it is unconstitutional to hold an impeachment hearing ‘WITHOUT DUE PROCESS’. These hearings handed off from corrupt Adam Schiff to Jerrod Nadler continue to be a railroad job to impeachment and is one of the greatest scandals in the history of our nation.

You do not get any more liberal than university professors. They are tainting students with their leftist ideas, ideals and policies they wish. They are part of the problem. They lecture us on the constitution, but what they really want to do is throw it out the window and re-write it, or abolish it. What we are hearing today is propaganda from the extreme left. These law professors are as far left as you would think it can get. The gauge still moves.

What a hoax. What a scam. While this crap is allowed to continue, a trade act between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico sits on Nancy Pelosi’s filthy desk. The creation of thousands of jobs are being held up by Pelosi because she is more focused on getting rid of Trump. Key phrase “jobs are being held up”. We are having impeachment hearings, while nothing gets done, jobs are held up, yet they are impeaching because Trump held up foreign aid to the Ukraine. Congress has put a foreign nation and an impeachment hoax before the American, Canadian and Mexican people. Jobs and welfare of our people can wait, so the Democrats can remove Trump from the White House and won’t be around for re-election. Lets make it clear right here. In Nov. of 2020 Donald Trump will be on the ballot for the presidency.

Nadler is hoping we accept these political law professors testimony to justify their impeachment decision. They hope we are convinced the Dems are doing the right thing. They don’t explain the holes. These professors can only state what the constitution says, however, that is based on how they wish to also interpret. These liberal law professors do not particularly believe in the constitution, especially in it entirety. They as I said, would love to amend the entire document.

They want us to believe and accept the “opinions” of these professors and that they are sacred, because they believe they are!

One last point: It doesn’t get anymore liberal than Prof. Pamela S. Karlan from Stanford University, a Trump hater.

arlin report thought of the day: all this from a corrupt whistleblower?

They have nothing, nothing impeachable and they know it. The Democratic Socialist……the Left have been trying to impeach Donald Trump from the moment he took oath of office. Started their planning process before that. This is The Insurance Policy! And guess what folks, the fact that We the People elected this President means absolutely nothing to them.

All of this from a Whistleblower’s statement over a phone call to the Ukrainian President. This is a conspiracy scam, A COUP, unlike anything we have ever seen in this country.

Trump is being impeached because he “may have” suggested another nation look into possible corruption. This is why the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS, THE CORRUPT ADAM SCHIFF, THE CORRUPT JERROD NADLER are manipulating a fraudulent impeachment “inquiry”.

They must get Trump out of the White House before WE THE PEOPLE find out about THE CORRUPTION OF THE DEEP STATE, THE SWAMP.

Remember Donald Trump said he was going to drain the SWAMP.

Adam Schiff lies then covers up the truth by keeping it behind closed doors, only leaking what benefits him. This is our nations biggest SCUM BUCKET!

We the People MUST start sending messages to D.C. NOW!