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Point is………..he didn’t need one.   Not enough evidence to investigate Hillary Clinton?   IS HE FREAKING KIDDING?!!!!    Comey and the email fiasco, isn’t enough?  There is enough to investigate Comey…….let alone the Queen of Crime.   Sessions is doing what everyone before him has done………… cop-out, run-away.   He is afraid of the Clinton Crime Cartel, he knows people die!    What a coward!  Sessions should definitely be fired.   Immediately!   Sessions is proving to be a part of the Elite Washington Establishment.   He is part of the system.   Protect all that is wrong about D.C.   Sessions is scared to death where an investigation would lead.    Think about this, he just did ask for the DOJ to evaluate if a special counsel should be appointed; and got his answer THAT QUICKLY!   He already had the answer, it was his.



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AG Jeff Sessions should have the busiest job in D.C.   Has anyone seen Jeff Sessions?  If you can’t get indictments now……. it is a sure sign of collusion on both sides.    Do the right thing, actually work for The People for once.

I believe Jeff Sessions’ heart is in the right place, but he does need to grow some testicles.

Is Sessions afraid of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Cartel?   It is beyond time to stand up to the Clintons.

jeff sessions on marxist U. professors?

Originally posted on John A Pappas: You have a son or daughter raised in the conservative values that you as a parent taught them and you know darn well there will be a very good chance they well be harassed for their cultural values that you have raised them with by Marxist professor’s that are…

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Editorial cartoon on Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Vladimir Putin
Sure, there’s plenty of room, or we find another bus………….


I don’t want to toss Hillary under the bus.   I want to slam her under the bus, back up and go again.   I won’t read her freaking book either…… I don’t need to.   People on Fox, are sharing the crap she is claiming, which isn’t a surprise.   Its a blame game, which is the game she always plays.   Hillary is trying to make herself look like the ultimate angel.   She’s never been an angel, so we can not refer to her as even a fallen angel.

Hillary is even slamming poor James Comey.   The former FBI director that kept her from being indicted………probably for many crimes.   When Hillary no longer has any use for you, your tossed in the dumpster.  The longer Comey is there, the stench continues to rise.

Now, it is time for someone (Jeff Sessions) to do something with Hillary and (Bill, Loretta and Barack).  These are just swamp dogs, that need to be taken to the pound.  NOW!

Political user; not a friend! Claire McCaskill



How do you call someone you don’t support a friend.  That isn’t the kind of friend I want; certainly wouldn’t call them a friend and then toss them aside or under the political bus.  Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has called Senator (now Attorney General) Jeff Sessions a friend, someone she could and has worked with across the isles of the senate.   Apparently sticking with the Democratic Party ties is more important.   Sessions is a great guy when Claire gets what she wants from him, support of one her potential bills or programs….but when it comes to everything anti-Trump and the will of the Democrats; the worm crawls away.

I have never voted for Claire McCaskill, but then she is a Democrat, and never will. I’ve always seen through her, she usually sides with the side she believes is the majority, or as in then case if her party is heavily voting one direction; she will follow the path.  She is your typical two-faced politician.  She’s from Missouri, but does not carry Missouri character or back bone.  She is a nice lady in public…..but she’d stab you in the back.

Bombshell: Court Rules Trump ‘Required By Law’ To Pursue Clinton — Give Me Liberty

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Law ‘strictly limits circumstances under which records can be removed from federal custody’ A federal appeals court has ruled that Donald Trump’s U.S. attorney general, which will be Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., will be required by law to intervene in the case of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private…

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