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George Soros, paying protesters……..apparently has found plenty of people in St. Louis to spread his hate and agenda of division to destroy this country.   For nearly 2 weeks now on a daily basis protesters and rioters are in the streets of ST. Lou and  the county; even neighboring St. Charles County following the Jason Stokely trial.   Gather up all the unemployed and lazy, give them a few bucks to march and smash and Soros has his own low paid army.

George doesn’t even have to race in with out of towners like he did with Ferguson.  Protesters aren’t going to be happy until laws are changed that 1) cops don’t chase their darling little thugs when they rob a convenience store at gun point 2) to make robbery and murder legal, because too many of their children are being arrested and shot by cops 3) make vandalism and looting legal because its a gang, protesters thang now and for some a hobby.    Hobbies shouldn’t be illegal.

I need to go for now, to get my work done, so I can get out of the office on time……..there’s another protest scheduled for five PM this evening.   Need to be off the street so the little bunnies can play!