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The Clinton Cartel: It makes people in power do things they would not normally do. James Comey got sucked in to the witchery spells of Hillary Clinton. James once he gets nailed for his crimes, will he wish he had indicted Hillary?



https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-true-story-of-the-bilderberg-group-and-what-they-may-be-planning-now/13808,      Their priority is a one nation, no borders world.

While you’re at it, take a look at the membership list of the Bilderberg Group.  The members are listed by category.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_participants#United_States

A little clue here, Bill and Hillary Clinton are listed as members.   This group of powerful, wealthy politicians and friends of politicians with world influence is one reason I believe Bill and Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted for any of their crimes of rape, murder and who knows what else.   They are protected by the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and the Council of Foreign Relations and of course the Democratic Party (Socialists).

The above organizations mentioned above are greatly responsible for the stench from The Swamp in Washington D.C.    How often are there corrupt connections to the Clinton’s with everything that happens from sex trafficking, pay for play events, a murder trail from Arkansas to the White House (no shame here, a man very close to Hillary was shot in the back of the head in the White House, and dumped in a D.C. park), to Benghazi, as other mystery deaths abound?   The Clinton Body Count is not fictitious!  Wherever there is a Clinton connection, there is always someone and usually many that are in place to protect/cover-up Bill and Hillary.   Comey for one, but the list is long.   Oh and interestingly, James Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor in the Jeffrey Epstein case.   See my point, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane at least 26 times, many of those flights to the sex island.   Bill and Epstein are tight, real tight and Comey’s daughter just happens to be in place.   For her to protect Bill, will she have to also protect Epstein.   This should be interesting to watch. How long can these people keep protecting the Clinton’s.   Wouldn’t this habitual pattern make for a great Alfred Hitchcock movie.   This is not coincidence.



Chuck Schumer is screaming for Secretary of Labor Acosta to resign and if he does not Trump should fire him.  Senator minority leader (a joke of a leader) Chuck has not said one word about Maurene Comey (daughter of JAMES COMEY) as the prosecutor in the new case against Epstein (child sex trafficking).   Chuck blows hard on Acosta but not so much as whisper on Comey.   You know the daughter of the Comey that let Hillary Clinton totally off the hook.   At least Acosta (along with others in the decision) got a deal that put Epstein in jail for a little time.   Now these new charges could bring up more significant time (possibly 45 years);   IF TRIED UNDER A LEGIT PROSECUTOR.   How much influence will DADDY COMEY have on DAUGHTER COMEY?

I don’t usually pay much attention to the Tea Party website (half their crap is exaggerated wishful BS), but, see the link below, I believe it to have some merit.

Prosecutor In 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter Of Fired FBI Director James Comey — Who Participated In 2017 Pussy Hat March


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If you have been wondering for the last 15 months why it was that former bi-polar FBI Director James Comey, who had worked his butt off to help Hillary Clinton get elected in 2016, suddenly notified congress just 12 days before Election Day that the investigation into her illegal email server had been re-opened, The […]

via Gateway Pundit’s New Comey/Weiner Revelation Explains So Much — DB DAILY UPDATE


No, get your mind away from that direction…….. But what I am talking about really is filthy, a filthy mess.   One of our greatest obstacles and its been this way for quite some time; those in position to hold people accountable for, what is now an overwhelming corrupt, massive lawbreaking society are themselves corrupt, lawbreaking individuals and often organizations.  James Comey is the new poster “child” of what our government and its agencies of accountability have become.   Ask yourself, who do I trust?  It doesn’t matter who our Attorney General is…….. there are things that have happened, happening that he/or she sets by and does nothing despite tons of evidence.   Evidence that is easily shown/proven in a social media world.   Hell, morons leave traces and trails of evidence behind…….but certain elite individuals get by with crap you and I would spend life behind bars for.   HILLARY!     Why are we putting up with scum bags destroying our nation and get rich by selling us out…..treason is at an all time high.   HILLARY!

Can we not see the circle of corruption, I’ve got your back, I’ll cover for you……and its a big circle of corruption at the highest level.   Its a club, its a criminal political cartel.  It won’t change…….unless we stop it.   The Swamp should be in prison by now!

Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

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Source: Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

Great example of how Washington poor folks become millionaires, like most in Congress.  Get down and dirty with everyone else, then get that book deal from liberal publishers.  Why do you think Hillary Clinton, writes or has someone ghost write, which she claims to be author……. (nothing straight and honest here) following all her loses and/or experiences.