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James Comey: I don’t know or I don’t recall (total BS)

Nearly two hundred times “I don’t know or I don’t recall”.  Then this jerk lectures the American people to vote Democratic to stop the lies.  James Comey becomes more ridiculous by the moment.

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bi-polar Comey

If you have been wondering for the last 15 months why it was that former bi-polar FBI Director James Comey, who had worked his butt off to help Hillary Clinton get elected in 2016, suddenly notified congress just 12 days before Election Day that the investigation into her illegal email server had been re-opened, The […]

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No, get your mind away from that direction…….. But what I am talking about really is filthy, a filthy mess.   One of our greatest obstacles and its been this way for quite some time; those in position to hold people accountable for, what is now an overwhelming corrupt, massive lawbreaking society are themselves corrupt, lawbreaking individuals and often organizations.  James Comey is the new poster “child” of what our government and its agencies of accountability have become.   Ask yourself, who do I trust?  It doesn’t matter who our Attorney General is…….. there are things that have happened, happening that he/or she sets by and does nothing despite tons of evidence.   Evidence that is easily shown/proven in a social media world.   Hell, morons leave traces and trails of evidence behind…….but certain elite individuals get by with crap you and I would spend life behind bars for.   HILLARY!     Why are we putting up with scum bags destroying our nation and get rich by selling us out…..treason is at an all time high.   HILLARY!

Can we not see the circle of corruption, I’ve got your back, I’ll cover for you……and its a big circle of corruption at the highest level.   Its a club, its a criminal political cartel.  It won’t change…….unless we stop it.   The Swamp should be in prison by now!

Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

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Source: Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

Great example of how Washington poor folks become millionaires, like most in Congress.  Get down and dirty with everyone else, then get that book deal from liberal publishers.  Why do you think Hillary Clinton, writes or has someone ghost write, which she claims to be author……. (nothing straight and honest here) following all her loses and/or experiences.

The Comey Brothers & Clinton — The Jaded Swine

@wikileaks James Comey’s brother does the taxes of Clinton’s foundation. James received money from the foundation! https://t.co/9SbL5REdDW — Anyelina (@ImAnyelina) November 7, 2016 There’s more to the story when the director of the FBI ignores multiple facts in the self-serving home-brew server scandal and states that there was no criminal intent as far as Hillary’s […]

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