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corruption is nothing new for the Fbi…….just ask j. edgar hoover, master of deceit

Read between the pictures……..not the lines. Or maybe we should have been doing both. 🙂

J. Edgar Hoover - Wikipedia

Corruption in the FBI is nothing new. If J. Edgar Hoover could drop down from heaven or rise from the depth of hell, if he were honest he’d tell you that. Or ask Martin Luther King Jr. ………Hoover illegally monitored Dr. King.

James Comey and Co. (FBI boys and girls that played along with Comey), which includes Mueller set up/framed Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn accused of lying……… Comey lied……protected a guilty Hillary Clinton (of who knows what all, emails just a fraction of crimes). We should be taking a very close look, play back Comey’s testimony before Congress. NOTHING BUT BS.

The crimes of James Comey and his corrupt gang of FBI boys & girls were far more serious than anything they charged Flynn with and TRIED to convict him of. They were willing to destroy a man all of which was a part of the coup to remove Donald Trump……..as the love birds sang out.


The deep state now works for the 'good guys' | USA | Al Jazeera

Talk, talk, talk…….. both sides do it. it is time to put up or shut up.

Judicial Watch……., always has an update, a “this just in” moment. We hear ‘this and that……look for this to happen soon’. They claim to have all these bombshell findings (much like the Main Stream Media) that just continue to linger. How many times have we heard this “more Hillary Clinton emails have been found by the FBI”? Then nothing! No consequences.

They tell us to be patient. How much more patient can We the People be? The Swamp, the Deep State, whatever we are calling them today, always seem to skate by. Oh once in a Blue Moon one of their lower dogs may take a slight hit, a slap on the wrist. When are the big boys and girls going to finally be held accountable, punished? When are the Hillary Clinton’s and her cartel going to start falling? We know the answer to that. The Deep State protects their dark princess, even after she messed up her election(s). After all she knows too much. She has a book on them, a hit list if you will. Snitches get lost or commit suicide.

I am suspicious that many of those that claim to be working on the side of righteousness……good guys, are only putting up fronts. They are the information seekers. Then there are the operatives, (and they include former/and current CIA and FBI agents) that make all of it go away. This is nothing new. This has been happening for years. Even J. Edgar Hoover was no saint. You could ask the Kennedy brothers if they were still around.

Oh and we have had presidents put up these false fronts. One of the greatest was Lyndon B. Johnson. Remember him? While First Lady Jackie Kennedy stood by his side he took the oath of office. JFK was assassinated literally moments before. LBJ turns with a huge grin on his face, Lady Bird (the new First Lady or I should say First Bitch) expresses her joy and LBJ gets a wink from a Senator. The significance? They weren’t mourning the death of a president, they were rejoicing. And LBJ just the night before mentioned to his mistress “soon the Kennedy’s will never embarrass me again”.

The point: Our country is as corrupt as any! I am not sure where it falls on the list, in front of or behind the Ukraine (3rd). It may be hard to say, our corrupt are just very good at it.

Michael Bloomberg is not the answer. HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! He wants to position himself as he did in New York, so he and his money can “control things”. It’s the Illuminati way!