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arlin report thought(s) of the day: they have their hands on biden’s strings


Bernie sander’s lived on a kibbutz in israel

Bernie Sanders graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. Degree in Political Science in 1964. After graduation he lived on a kibbutz in Israel. Since I am not Jewish, I wanted to know what a ‘kibbutz in Israel was. To me it sounds like a commune, an agricultural commune. After leaving the kibbutz it is unclear what Bernie Sanders did for a living. Union carpentry and freelance writing….. is all I came up with, before he was elected mayor of Burlington in 1981.

Bernie is and has thought of himself as a socialist, conveniently calling himself an Independent Democratic Socialist. He needed a party ticket to run on……….independents seldom win and socialists, little to no chance, not in America. Right? Sanders has lost more political races than he has won. He has run for governor of Vermont and lost. He ran for House of Representatives and lost as well as the Senate. Eventually winning a House seat, then the Senate. I am not going to go into the years he lost and won……. it would look like a checker board, or some type of puzzle (a maze). Bernie politically speaking is hard to keep up with. One thing is certain, he has very little accomplishments. He is more of an activist than a representative. Bernie represents Bernie, and wherever his socialist ideas take him. We do know Bernie favors free stuff for everybody! Literally! Bernie wants to see everyone equal across the board, except for the most elite decision makers, the wealthy. He’d like to take from the billionaires because he hasn’t yet reached that plateau. Take from them, drag them down to his level of millionaire status. The rest of us, the serfs, the commoners, to be ruled by the elite. Bernie is very jealous of those who have accumulated more wealth.

Bernie has a lot of unexplained time on his hands………we know some of it was spent in the old Soviet Union, where he thought the bread lines were amazingly wonderful.

kibbutz (Hebrew: קִבּוּץ / קיבוץ, lit. “gathering, clustering”; regular plural kibbutzim קִבּוּצִים / קיבוצים) is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. … A member of a kibbutz is called a kibbutznik (Hebrew: קִבּוּצְנִיק / קיבוצניק; plural kibbutznikim or kibbutzniks).

People, Bernie is a communist.


  1.  If you know the history between the Palestinians and Israel, to blame President Donald Trump for “any” unrest/fighting/terror/war because he declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel is absolutely ridiculous.   They have been fighting for ever, will fight forever.   Peace talks have been going on forever, sort of.  Palestinians use talks as a way to get further inside……… They’ll use anything and blame anyone for acts of terror.
  2. To Marshall Faulk, (the most arrogant player to ever put on a Ram’s uniform), St. Louis doesn’t need you.   We have many very generous, very polite and caring professional athletes in this community.   You’ll not be missed.  Oh, and from what I understand you won’t be invited back to a certain charity golf event because the chairman of the event witnessed you refusing to sign a little boys shirt.   Your attitude of “I’m Marshall Faulk, don’t you want to kiss my ass”, now has you out with the NFL Network”.
  3. Lois Lerner……… low public interests (which is false) is not a defense!

This president Is NO Friend – 10-Year-Old Girl Used as Human Bomb — Brittius

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Dershowitz dishes the real Obama Dirt — karlspain

Dershowitz dishes the real Obama Dirt I thought about attempting to explain this point about the UN “Christmas Surprise” where the US government ambushed the Israeli government — but I think everybody knows how I feel, so here is a take on it from Alan Dershowitz, one of the smartest guys in the world. Alan […]

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So, is Obama sending a message when he refers to the ISIL (Levant, to include Israel)?    Why does he really refer to them as ISIL and not ISIS?   What is really going on?   Is there more to this, is Obama saying Israel is connected to ISIS?


What he does best...the most powerful man in the world, accountable for absolutely nothing!

Stop that darn it, and I mean that.   Don’t make me come over there!

The Obama statement of the recent Palestinian killing of Israelis on the streets of Israel:  “Palestinians should just stop and Israelis should just stop.”   Translation:   Palestinians just stop that and Israelis stop defending yourselves.

I guess the chicken shit had to say something.


Sports teams, those ranked number one have targets on their backs.  Everyone is out to defeat the best, the strongest, long running dynasties.  Being on top represents power.  Number one sets the bar.

Everyone wants to knock you off the top spot, bring you down a few notches, and rise above you.  To the rest of the world you are the bully, the arrogant, inflict too much of your influence.

The United States has been on top of the world, the super power, world policeman, savior of good (questionable), wealthiest of nations.   We have been the envy of many.   Most influential of nations, too often too much so.  We have stuck our noses where it didn’t belong, but that is what being number one does.  Our leaders become arrogant, invading, pushing their influence and ideals around a world without knowing or understanding cultures and history.  History repeats itself, we don’t learn our lessons very well.

We have become the modern-day Roman Empire, and “et tu America  falling”.   We have very few allies anymore.  Those we have, have become shaky, such as Israel.   Obama has done his best to rid us of any friends.   We may be (are) the most hated nation on earth.   The target is on our back.   Not only do our enemies want to knock us down, they want to eliminate us.  We sleep with wolves in sheep’s clothing constantly; that comes from lack of/no leadership.

Our enemies and they are many have us in their sites, they don’t just come from abroad, they come from within.   Some of those wolves reside in Washington, DC, in a White House and Halls of Congress.