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Convert to Islam they say.   Learn to kill for Islam!   ISIS will recruit anyone they can manipulate to kill on their behalf, anyone, anywhere.  Come join us!   Help us eliminate the West!

They recruit plenty of non-Islamics who say they will convert……and use them.    There are enough wackos out there that are easy prey.   Recruits are too easy to find for ISIS.   Then they will use them just like the children.   The women they recruit, they will self destruct after they’ve been raped numerous time.   Islamic children will stay in the brotherhood, grow up with it, it’s their way of life.   ISIS’ are heroes to many.   But oh what to do with the Europeans, and Westerners.     They are not one of them!   But they are a weapon, until they are of no use……….then off with their heads as well.  They want to kill us all.    Why can’t these wackos see that?    I guess because they are wackos.



Ponder this thought if you will:  Obama, our government has no interest in going after ISIS.    If he/they did, we would be.   So why not?  Because you don’t destroy what you create, when what you created is doing its job it was created for.   Obama is raising his step child of which Bush gave life.

Obama was perfect for raising this Baby, ISIS, ISIL or whatever he calls it today.  His Islamic roots made him the logical father of this terrorist nation.  Obama hides behind the walls of the White House, a president in disguise, his real purpose is to destroy the United States.   He has done a masterful job. 

Obama has left the door (the border) open so his children can find free passage to come and destroy those he has deceived.    Obama may not be Satan, but he is Satan’s tool.   What is even more frightening is while Obama does his work, we are distracted so Satan can do his. 

You hear nothing from Congress.   Congress is not sleeping they are following.  




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Why are so many so obsessed that Obama call ISIS Islamic terrorists?   We should be more outraged that the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s brothers are in our White House.

Obama the Muslim, won’t call them terrorist, they’re his people.  Obama is an illegal!  There are many other adjectives I have, but, I wouldn’t be politically correct.  I may offend the Muslims and probably the liberal left Dems.

Now seriously, who do you think these activists give their loyalty?  It certainly isn’t Americans, they aren’t American.  Neither is their leader, Barack, his allegiance is towards Islam.   HE HAS SAID SO!

Wake up America!



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The White House occupant who was elected to two terms by an obvious overwhelming number of naive voters, represents Islam, which would include all their terrorist cells.  He is not representative of  Americans and that most certainly includes those that supported him in the voting booth.  To him you are suckers he leached on to.

All that Obama does is in favor of Islam, not Americans.    A president leads his/her country, has the country’s best interest at heart.   That is not true with Obama…….and most of us know this to be true.  He is leading his Muslim people and plotting against us from the Office of Our House!







National mainstream news chose not to air the protest of a Muslim event in Garland, Texas.   Local news around Garland aired the story, but unless you hear the word over the internet from organizations such as Breitbart, Obama’s nationwide “folks” won’t receive information on current events.  That is truly a shame, when Islam has made its presence and intention’s so clear to us, we should all be interested in what they are up to, especially here at home.

It appears Americans are becoming uncomfortable with Islam and are beginning to express their feelings openly, banning together.

Click on the link below for the story and videos on the protest in Garland, Texas.


Terrorist threats foreign and domestic


Those who make threats foreign and domestic.

“We will kill non-Muslim westerners” = Islam (terrorists)                           ” Death to America” =  Islam (ISIS/terrorists)

Protesters chanting “Dead Cops”  =  Domestic terrorists??                       “We will kill whites and their children”   = Domestic terrorists                  Black Panthers: “Kill Whites” = Terrorists                                                             KKK:  Terrorists

Is there a difference?

One is foreign, but has members within us.    The others are a part of us.  All enemies within?









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The caption above from Breitbart by Susan Berry Aug. 14, 2014

Islam is like a cancer, it spreads and destroys.  There is preventable treatment, close the borders to Muslims.  This cancer can be destroyed by removing the cells.  The Archbishop is telling us what we need to do, he is all but spelling it out.  We are sleeping with our greatest enemy.

It’s a pretty big task to take on in order to survive, fighting a relentless cancer, a government hell-bent on being politically correct with a twisted agenda and a nation that is slow to rise from its coma.  Will we wake up in time to save our country?

Don’t count on your government, “YOU’LL NOT FIND LEADERS THERE”.



I don’t know that much about Islam and their religious beliefs.   My knowledge is from  what I see from the news (which can be another story), videos, internet and blogs.  I use Google a lot for information that I am not familiar as many do.   I googled Jesus on Islam, this is what I found:

Muslim’s respect and honor Jesus, who in the Quran is called Isa (one name for him).  They believe that Jesus was one of man’s greatest messengers.  His virgin birth is confirmed in the Quran in a chapter entitled “Maryam”.

Muslims also do not believe that Jesus was crucified, that it was planned by his enemies to crucify him, but God rescued him and raised him up to Him.   They believe the likeness of Jesus was placed over another man, and that man was crucified, as Jesus.

From CBN.com on Jesus and Muslim belief “Christ is seen to be a Prophet and Envoy of God of “surpassing greatness” (according to one Muslim writer), but only a man and nothing more. As a performer of exceptional miracles, he was rescued by God from an untimely end, was raised up to heaven, and (according to certain traditions) will come back to earth again–to die a Muslim! He is not the Saviour of the world, and is certainly not God, or “the Son of God”.”

So, like it or not Christians do have some similar religious beliefs with Muslims.   Christians believe in the Bible’s version of Jesus, the Muslims the Quran.

I am a Christian, I have no interest in reading the Quran.   What I learn about Islam I will learn in bits and pieces as I have, by reading other sources.

This brings up more questions, why are Muslim Terrorists so intent on destroying Christians if they believe in the Quran.   Is it because we believe Jesus is our Saviour, and they only believe he was a man with a message?

Why are there always more questions than answers?




The ISIS now tells the Palestinians to be patient, they will come and fight the “Barbaric Jews”.   There is no reason to believe they won’t.  The 72 hour ceasefire is a joke, and one that has probably already been broken as I write.

Watching the Israeli and Palestinian/Hamas war unfold further, with this added threat, it can only escalate.   If the ISIS follows up, they may be getting more than they want and so will Gaza.  I doubt that Israel has shown all their cards.

Americans, are we paying attention?   We take our freedom  and the peace we do have for granted.  We absolutely have an interest in this war.   Islam hates the Americans as much as the Jews.   We have heard the chants “Death to America”, Islam teaches it to their young.   They have struck us before and on our own ground, I don’t need to remind you of the date.  They will strike again…..they have promised as much.  We have loose borders and Obama is tight with the Muslim Brotherhood.    Speaking of the say nothing, do nothing POTUS, he is simply working his agenda.  We are being set up.    Obama wants to lower our daily lives to mirror that of the Middle East.   Islamic terrorists must destroy Little Satan (Israel)  before they can destroy the Great Satan (the U.S.).

How much do we enjoy our way of life in the U.S.?   We take our morning walks in the neighborhood and the parks.  We attend our children’s baseball games.   We go to the free admission St. Louis Zoo, or attend a Cubs and Cardinals baseball game.  We go to our theaters. We go to the stadium or watch the NFL in the comfort of our living rooms on Sunday.   Yes we take it all for granted.   We have what no one else has in the world right here at home in the USA.  We have it because of our Founding Fathers and all those who fought and sacrificed defending our country, our freedom and all that comes with it.  What are we willing to do to keep it?

Obama’s ruling philosophy is cancerous and it is spreading, up to now it has gone untreated.  Unlike “his promises of hope”, we have hope, there is a cure, the Constitution.  Congress has the means to take away his Executive power.

We have come too far as a nation to allow one man and his team divide us.   We need Israel to endure.  God bless America.