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WATERGATE! If you’re old enough to remember and too young to know, because the education system failed to teach the history of it………….it is a mild joke compared to the BULL SHIT of today!

OUR GOVERNMENT is as corrupt as any government in the history of the world.

All those 3 letter agencies………….The FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS lead the way in corruption. Criminal activity that is mob like.

I’ve been relatively quiet for quite sometime……………WELL I AM BACK………AND I AM HOLDING NOTHING BACK.

WE THE PEOPLE need to raid Hillary’s house, drag Hunter Biden out on the street from the house the Government is protecting him

in (yeah, he is being guarded because they believe they need to protect him from WE THE PEOPLE)……….they may be right! Then there is the BIG GUY……..JOE BIDEN himself………(Mr. 10% from all Hunter’s pay days with China, Ukraine and Russia). OHHHH! No wrong doing there! Espionage Act? There is espionage for you! But………you know, now Archives has those docs on the Russian Collusion missing. The FBI cleaned their own messes up, just like a mob organization.

We are fully in the middle of a 3rd World scumbag governed country!


Part of that heading is probably true, I am pretty confident it is.   I am speaking of “Liberals, they really don’t know better.”   Why is it they seem to have a difficult time distinguishing between legal and illegal.   Do they know and more importantly understand the definition of each word?  They avoid the words, like they avoid the phrase “extreme Muslim terrorists”.   By doing so they can say and twist situations, which they create, to fit their need, whatever is convenient ‘for them’.   Yes, I am specifically speaking of Hillary Clinton, her running mate and supporters.

They, the Clinton team, make whatever is legally done or practiced by businessman Donald Trump as being wrong, unpatriotic or even illegal; desperately trying to create more scandal.  Donald Trump has a team of professional lawyers and accountants he relies on, counts on to assist in business decisions and yes…….paying taxes.

Clinton won’t say that Trump has illegally avoided paying taxes.  She makes it sound like he doesn’t pay his fair share; that he is cheating, which to the public implies he has done something illegal.

QUESTION:   Do you honestly think Hillary Clinton pays more taxes than she is required by the IRS and the tax codes?   ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Do you think, anyone in Congress, anyone in government pays more taxes than they are required by the law?  NO!   Can you picture Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Ted Cruz for that matter paying over and above what their accountants calculate they owe on any of their tax returns.   Nancy, Harry and Ted would change the laws in their favor if that ever happened.

Who doesn’t use tax loopholes or the laws to their advantage when it comes to taking deductions and paying taxes?   H & R Block, and others advertise they will help you receive the biggest return possible, or payments minimized.  They use the laws and codes to the benefit of their clients.

Donald Trump would be a poor businessman if he did not take the advice of his professional financial advisors.  Is that the kind of businessman we want as president; one that doesn’t take advantage of the laws.

The tax system is not a fair system.   Trump should probably be paying more.  Can we expect him to voluntarily pay more taxes than required?   Would you?   YOU KNOW VERY WELL HILLARY CLINTON WOULD NEVER PAY MORE THAN REQUIRED.    She only twist facts to make it appear Trump doesn’t pay his share as if he is doing it wrongfully or illegally.   I am reluctantly using that term “illegally” because I believe Hillary Clinton has a difficult time understanding the meaning.   You know former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the security incompetent sloppy e-mail user/liar. She doesn’t understand national security or the term risk.  I had to throw that in.

Hillary Clinton accusing anyone of being unethical, corrupt or unlawful, is top of the barrel hypocrisy.   Her every word is swallowed by her followers, without any concern for truth.

Hillary said, Trump was taking advantage of a fixed system that he wants to change.   Well, yes and he and everyone else will take advantage of it until it is changed.  Hillary Clinton has been in a position as Senator to do something about it.   Of course she hasn’t because that system favors her as well.   Oh the HYPOCRISY!  Hillary often accuses Donald Trump of practices she herself has done.   What is wrong for you, is right for Hillary.  She is above us all, or so she thinks.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign prepared Tim Kaine with a whip and chair.   Kaine was the wild lion trained by Clinton’s team……as was evident in the Vice Presidential debate last evening.  Kaine followed the Clinton script, in a disruptive manner similar to Trump’s past style.  Something borrowed, or did Kaine just get too excited to share Hillary’s thoughts and lines.   Kaine like Clinton doesn’t understand the legality of practicing paying taxes according to the codes, something he learned from her majesty.

Another thought:   If Trump has been illegal with his tax reporting and has been audited for the past fifteen years, you can bet the IRS would have come down on him, with penalties or possibly jail time during that time.   Maybe we haven’t heard of any discrepancies because Trump has followed the law.  Something unheard of for Hillary Clinton.

Warren Buffett admits he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, but he still takes advantage of it.

RECORD NUMBER: U.S. Citizens are RENOUNCING Citizenship — What Did You Say?

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via RECORD NUMBER: U.S. Citizens are RENOUNCING Citizenship — What Did You Say?





President Obama and his administration have violated at least 25 laws according to the Committee for Justice.  Among those are:

Obama used the IRS to target conservative Christian and pro-Israel organizations and citizens.

The President has refused to enforce long-established U.S. immigration laws.

Obama lied to Congress about Benghazi and the video that he said instigated the attack on our embassy.

Obama exposed the identity and method of operation of the Navy SEALs team that conducted the operation in Pakistan, thus exposing its members to a lifetime of risk because they have been targeted for assassination by Islamists. A short time after Obama exposed the Navy SEALs’ method of operation, 22 SEALs were shot down and killed in Afghanistan. It is a violation of law for the President or any American to reveal classified military secrets.

Michelle Obama’s family trip to Africa in June of 2011, including a private safari at a South African game reserve, cost American taxpayers $424,000 for air travel alone.  Mrs. Obama brought along both her makeup artist and hairstylist, as well as her mother, a niece and nephew, and her  daughters, who listed as “senior staff members.”

Obama filmed a campaign ad in the White House which is a violation of FEC laws.

These are just a handful of the laws broken by Obama and the administration that we know.   To view the list by the Committee for Justice, please visit the website below.

Clearly this is a man who has no respect for the highest office of the presidency or the American people.  Obama continues to thumb his nose at us, as we standby and allow his criminal activity.  This is how an era of a tyrant is built, an individual put in a leadership position and arrogantly defies those he represents.  Obama will continue to break the law for as long as we continue to do nothing and a gutless Congress remains just that, GUTLESS.