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My mother’s family were Irish (Mulvaney), my father’s side Native American. If anyone should have reparation it would be Native Americans. When can I expect MY check!

Why is it some people in our country always believe the innocent should pay for the sins and crimes of the guilty? You had nothing to do with it centuries ago? Doesn’t matter……… we can probably link you to someone who did own a slave whether they can be located on your ancestral tree or not. And…..are you sure your blood line didn’t actually belong to one of the African tribes doing the capture and selling of blacks into slavery? They could have still found their way here……came and stayed.

Freedom wasn’t enough? I wish we could go back and ask those freed after the Civil War that question.

“Let us pay” should be “Let us pray”. I think we all would be far better off.


Yes I watched CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate last night; if that is what you can call it.   It was more like having Cruz, Rubio and Trump together on a daily, hourly program of CNN with the boys yelling back and forth sharing insults and nobody really hears much of anything.  I don’t normally watch CNN so I can’t give you the name of one of their regular programs, except for that Anderson guy.  No, I won’t waste my time googling it either.   We’ll let Rubio continue to Google everything, let him advise the audience that’s what they should do, to find out about the deals of Donald Trump.   Watch out Senator…….people will do the same of you, we might be surprised to find out some of your trash and closet stuff.   Like that senate affair your suspected………oh I won’t go there.  It isn’t always careful what you ask for, its careful where you direct folks.

Rubio and Cruz tried to make Trump look the fool.  Sometimes he does, maybe often……but then somehow it ends up, ohhhh; he was right.   I understand.

Rubio and Cruz, may not want to attack Trump too much, he has resources and is quite capable of finding facts, facts the rest of us will never know, unless he shares.  Be careful Senators!  I have seen what can happen when Trump has been pissed off…….he finds a way!   See his golf courses in Ireland…….he had enemies there while building those courses but got it done.   Trump does get things done!