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Obama’s new book on “How to Create More Refugees”:  In Syria, Obama just steps aside, allows Russia and Iran to move in.   Refugee numbers will become greater than ever predicted.

U.S. abandoned the zone, leaving the door open for Russia and Iran, apparent butt buddies.  Obama has no clue, is mindless and weak and Putin knows it.   The step parents have moved in and began their abuse.    This isn’t about destroying ISIS………..Putin hasn’t, according to reports, dropped a single bomb on ISIS.   My guess is Obama, was not lied to……some believe he was, that Russia would fight ISIS.  I believe Obama, knew, after talking with Putin, that wouldn’t happen.   Russia is bombing Syria, but not ISIS.

Russia instead, bombed U.S. trained Syrian rebels, while Iran prepares for a ground offensive.   Now that took some planning, an agreement.   Is this in the Iranian Nuclear agreement?

This may very well be an occupation push by Putin, more territory, more power, more slaves………    What did Obama agree to, to stay out of Putin’s way?     Russia has now moved into a region where the U.S. had a presence.

Russia is there, they won’t leave.




Do you trust Iran to honor any deal, any deal?   Have they been trustworthy with the United States?

Only HONORABLE people and HONORABLE nations will HONOR any deal or agreement.    Iran is not trustworthy.   Their mission is to destroy the U.S. (in their eyes the Great Satan).

Iran is a deceiving snake.


Published: April 9, 2015
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 BlackListed News

The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank accepted Iran’s membership on Tuesday, the Iranian embassy in Beijing said.

Director General for China in the World Economy, Li Daokui speaks during a session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011
The Islamic Republic thus became the 34th founding member of the AIIB, which is the main rival of the World Bank, Iran’s Fars news agency reported.The Iranian embassy noted that the AIIB officials had invited Iran’s banking officials to attend the upcoming meetings of the bank.

Fifty-seven countries have applied for membership in the international bank and 34 have already been granted membership.

China is going to invest about $50 billion in the bank to hold about 50 percent of AIIB’s shares.

Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking on Saturday at a forum in Boao on the Southern Chinese island of Hainan, said the country plans to join the AIIB.

Washington’s European allies including Britain, France, Germany and Italy have already also announced they would join the bank, leaving the US isolated, World Bulletin reported.

Other countries such as Turkey and South Korea have also said they would join. Brazil, China’s top trading partner, said on Friday it would sign up.