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— American Buddhist Net

— American Buddhist Net

I am questioning every part of it! (Arlin Report comment)


Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: A grand jury in Washington, DC, charged five individuals on Tuesday in connection to protests that broke out on Inauguration day Another 209 defendants were indicted on rioting charges earlier this month Police originally arrested 230 people and charged them with felony rioting The US Attorney’s Office said three…

via More than 200 anti-Trump demonstrators have been charged with rioting over Inauguration Day protests — Brittius


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Short list of boycott of Inauguration

The United States election process (Electoral College) that included the entire nation, rather than a couple of regions chose our President, like it was meant to; in other words it worked.   Donald J. Trump was chosen by We the People.   A blue-collar choice, but yet billionaire will step into the Oval Office tomorrow.   There isn’t a damn thing those puss-heads pictured above and the liberal party that Trump disappointed and broke can do to stop it; try as they still will.   They’ll try an impeachment process to rid him from day one.

What do they represent?   Themselves!   What they really fear is their real party (elite) is about to end….. The Washington Circus (filled with real clowns); Wringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s only competition.  After Wringling Bros. leave, The Washington Circus will still exist; unless Trump helps put them out of business.  That is what they really fear.


HOUSTON — One day before Donald Trump gets sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, an apology letter from former President George H.W. Bush emerged online, stating the outdoor conditions would likely put him “six feet under.” “Dear Donald, Barbara and I are so sorry we can’t be there for your Inauguration on January 20th. My doctor…

via George H.W. Bush sends Trump apology note for missing inauguration: ‘We will be with you and the country in spirit’ — myfox8.com

ACT OF CLASS!   He didn’t have to say anything.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deplorables perform at Inauguration?


I don’t really think the scheduled performers at the Inauguration are deplorable.   So, they aren’t a bunch of house hold names like Elton John (I don’t exactly think of Elton as an American entertainer), Garth or Celine Deon (Canadian).   Do we want Beyonce singing and dancing on stage……bouncing her jewels and exposing herself head to ……..toe.   Trump got criticize for speaking of such things.

Lesser name performers fits in perfectly with this Inauguration.    We commoners got Trump elected.   Take as much local talent across the nation that are outstanding but lack the fame……..give them the chance to perform, where others with fame declined; because their feelings still hurt or are just simple jerks.

The media making a big deal, making an issue out of who isn’t coming rather than who is.  As if the Inauguration won’t be successful without Lady Gaga….?    The elite entertainers (I say that loosely), that make a point they will not be there…..its about attention and arrogance.   Guess what, this nation elected Donald Trump without you……we’ll swear him in to office, without you.    Stick to your tours.