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Nancy Pelosi: Impeaching President Trump Would Be a Waste of Time and Energy — TIME

Two days after a group of Democrats made moves to impeach President Donald Trump, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said during a speech that impeaching Trump would be a waste of time and energy, because “he’s just not that important.” Pelosi, who spoke at Hearst’s offices on Friday, said Democrats’ priority should not be removing…

via Nancy Pelosi: Impeaching President Trump Would Be a Waste of Time and Energy — TIME

That may be the most intelligent thing Nancy Pelosi has ever muttered.



Oh my, 5 maybe 6 by now Democrats starting the procedure of impeachment of the POTUS!    They have drummed up charges/points of impeachment, without any proof……..and some are not even impeachable offenses.   He, Donald Trump was not supposed to be POTUS, that is what this is about.   The whiners in D.C. can not stand it a politician and established Washingtonian isn’t residing in the White House.   What they are really trying to achieve with this ridiculous attempt is remove the plunger from the WH before he takes THEM DOWN THE DRAIN.

There is all this excitement now that a few Dem-wits are making their impeachment pitch.   All the left are raising their hopes, excited that the POTUS is going down!

NOT SO FAST.    Their biggest impeachable offense?:  Trump obstructed Comey while he was Director of the FBI and fired him…..to tamp down the directors investigation(s).  We have since learned, Trump had good reason to fire Comey.  Comey covered up Hillary, how much, we can’t be sure, how long, can’t be sure.  YOU CAN NOT obstruct justice against someone who is IN-JUST.  Comey was not seeking justice, he was a tool of covering up.

So, Dems……. as has happened recently, often, your accusations circle back in your own face.   You may find out more than you want.   The Comey story isn’t over yet.    Trump is holding his cards!  He’ll play them when the time is right.   So, march on!



It is nearly midnight Aug. 8, 2014.   I have had 100 views today and 48 of them have been on 2 blogs; both related to the other; “Should Obama be Impeached or Tried for Treason?”  The interesting aspect of this; the blog was from a month ago ……..but still brings this kind of response. Most blogs that old fade away. By the way it is overwhelmingly favoring impeachment.  However, most realize it isn’t going to happen, and the various reasons why; mostly that it would not pass the Senate.

Just an interesting thought…………The most controversial man to ever hold the office of President of the United States is not being held accountable for his actions and unlawful behavior.   His own party can not even defend him.