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Ohio Gov Kasich: The Lord wants us to accept the migrant caravan; Biblical expert: not so fast! — Refugee Resettlement Watch

Transport all the immigrants to Ohio, to the steps of Gov. Kaisich governors’s mansion.

Ohio is developing in to one of the most migrant ‘welcoming’ states in the nation thanks to its present governor and former candidate for President, John Kasich. But, this is a bit much even for him! For all of you who are sick of the ‘welcome the stranger’ club many leaders of the Religious Left […]

via Ohio Gov Kasich: The Lord wants us to accept the migrant caravan; Biblical expert: not so fast! — Refugee Resettlement Watch



Why are the protester numbers higher outside the U.S. than inside?   The crowds are bigger in Europe than at the U.S.  airports on the travel ban.   Why?   Because the European communities don’t want the refugees/immigrants ……they want to push them to the good old U.S. of A.   So, all this howling at and over PRESIDENT TRUMP!   Wow……a President of the United States that actually puts his own citizens, country ahead of the rest of the world?  Its unthinkable……France and Britain will tell you that is UN-AMERICAN.  The country ban should have been bigger!

Those that don’t know the definition of illegal obviously don’t know the definition of temporary.



What is this solving?

Running away from your problem(s), that solves nothing, wouldn’t you agree?   We’ve all been told that, in this part of the world anyway from either our parents, counselors or a shrink, someone.  The problem will still be there, unless you face the root of it, and counter act…..it doesn’t go away.   Running may be an escape a temporary escape, but the issue, the problem can often follow you.  You may think you are going to a better place.  Have you?  Are you, in a better place if the memories haunt you?

Problems can not go away until you face them, activate a plan and eliminate the roadblock.

Refugees, immigrants, illegal possibly legal, what do they solve?  Freedom? Do they really?   Are they not haunted by their past?  Escaping to a better place, that is becoming more difficult to find.  I do not want to sound like I have a cold heart.   Not everyone is running to escape, some just choose to make a better life; where there is  greater opportunity.    But you walk away from something, someone or somewhere you no longer want to be.

We are all different, different skin, language, experiences, different ideals, governments and cultures.  We have been separated by oceans, borders and yes even walls.   Sometimes we are a good mix, but too often we are not.  Too much influence from one on another can cause more PROBLEMS, when there can be so much misunderstanding.

I am not saying we should be isolationists.   Are Syrian refugees solving their problems by going to another country, wherever that country may be?   Or are they just transferring their problems from one place to another.   Aren’t other problems created?   Terrorists, posing as refugees may have the most to gain.

I am certain this is an age-old question, that will never truly be answered.  I was just sitting here with a random thought.   What are we achieving with all this mass human relocation?

Don’t look to this for your answer!



We, the United States of America are quickly approaching a deficit of nearly 20 Trillion dollars.

Immigrants, legal and illegal alike cross our border daily………..I doubt anyone can really give an accurate estimate, how many thousands/millions annually.    We are now accepting refugees, which is what they are called to make it more of a  humanitarian acceptance rather than immigrants.    Refugees because they have nowhere to go……or immigrants because they have somewhere but choose to relocate.

Whatever we want to label them, they are in fact human beings.   However,  immigrants/refugees are extremely expensive.   They come here with nothing, and we are expected to flip the bill.   The government flips the bill.  That is a false statement……..taxpayers, We the People, it is our money.   Government is supposed to just manage it.   Look where that has gotten us.   We are broke!   We can not afford to cover for the rest of the world, those abroad or those that come here.   There aren’t enough food-stamps to go around………. yet.   Like money I guess the government will just print more out.

There must be a better solution.   Leaving one country for another is not the solution, it transfers and spreads the real problem (s).    Soon the promised land resembles the hell you thought you left.

I am not saying I have the answer, but it doesn’t look like we are searching for one.


AP Photo/Elise Amendola


This article is as much about the Liberal/Democrat mainstream news media as it is about the VP clown above.   Thank you John Nolte (Breitbart News) for reporting truth.

Democrats sure got it good. Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal dares to agree with CNN’s own reporting about European no-go zones, and the left-wing network brands him an anti-Muslim racist. On the other hand, when Vice President Joe Biden stereotypes Somali immigrants as nothing more than a bunch of cab drivers, the media pretends it didn’t happen. The slur is left completely out of their reporting.

Video shows that during Tuesday’s White House summit on generic extremism, Biden actually said of Somalis, “If you ever come to the train station with me, you’ll notice that I have great relationships with them because there’s an awful lot of them driving cabs and are friends of mine. For real. I’m not being solicitous. I’m being serious.”

The Associated Press chose not to report this.

AFP chose not to report this.

McClatchy chose not to report this.

So far I’ve seen nothing about it on CNN — the same CNN that spent at least 3 days doing everything it could to knock Bobby Jindal out as a threat to Hillary Clinton.

Nothing on Politico.

Biden has an ugly history of racist comments. Almost a half-dozen in the last 6 years. Any one of those comments would have seen a Republican destroyed. The media protects Biden, though, by laughing his bigotry off as a joke. Because the media thinks racism coming from the guy they voted for is funny.

As long as you’re a Democrat, you can stereotype Blacks, Indians, and Somalis to your heart’s content. Your White Democrat Privilege ensures the media will lie and cover it up so that you never pay a political price.